Monday, February 28, 2011

Standard-Examiner: External Security Cameras Coming to 'Real Time Crime Center'

Once again it's proven true that "the only difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys."
Scary. Talk about your Big Brother, it's 'A Brave New World.'

Bernie Allen, local defense attorney
External security cameras coming to 'real time crime center'
February 26, 2011

We're not taking control of anyone's camera system. We just want to be sure it's recording.

Jon Greiner, Ogden City Chief of Gestapo Police
External security cameras coming to 'real time crime center'
February 26, 2011

I wont lie. At the beginning, I thought this is a little hard to believe. But after meeting with UCAID, it's obvious this is well-thought-out. I'm really impressed.

Jess McLellan, IT project coordinator
External security cameras coming to 'real time crime center'
February 26, 2011

Why must I be surrounded by frickin' idiots?

Dr. Evil, criminal mastermind
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

First we heard about Boss Godfrey's "crime fighting blimp"; and now our morning Standard-Examiner edition breathlessly announces this totally boffo anti-crime revelation:
OGDEN -- Attempting a police omniscience seen in only about 20 U.S. cities, the Ogden Police Department is gearing up for a "real time crime center" to be operational soon after its Crime Blimp launches.
The center hopes to eventually be linked with the thousands of private and government security cameras around town, including the city's own inventory of some 200 cameras.
Read the full laughably gut-busting Tim Gurrister story here:
Hmmmm... Once again it's proven true (according to the old ax) that "the only difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys."


Curmudgeon said...

I propose the blimp be named the "Clouseau I."

Tired said...

Now this one WAS done on the Simpsons. Ned Flanders and, I think, Marge were camera monitors and could speak to the naughty citizens of Springfield through the cameras from spy headquarters as they were committing their indiscretions.

I understand the Blimp idea was out of a comic strip. Maybe Godfrey gets all his ideas from cartoons?

ozboy said...

How does this new monitoring center wash with the stories told by Godfrey and Greiner about the new blimp not costing the tax payers any extra money cause it would only take one cop, who was on duty anyway, to monitor it?

Paul said...

It is interesting that Bernie Allen, a very close insider and relative of the mayor's, would go on record as ridiculing one of the mayor's bone headed moves. In the past it seems as though he was out front on supporting every stupid move or statement made by his brother in law. Might make for some interesting conversations around old Ed the patriarch's dinner table on Sunday.


Lets hope the Utah Attorney General's office places cameras at the FNURE and Envision Ogden purported addresses which will allow them to monitor some of Blain Johnson's activities during this investigation. Hey, maybe this is not such a bad idea afterall......

IT Guy said...

Whoa! This whole deal sounds expensive.

It'll cost Beau-coup Bucks to integrate "thousands" of Cameras in Boss Godfrey's "Crime Center."

Trust me. It'll be expensive - really expensive.

Brandon Stephenson said...

I don't care what it costs. If dear leader Matthew Godfrey is for it, so am I!

Curmudgeon said...

Well, there are some positives, I guess. The next time Hizzonah Mayor Godfrey decides he wants to play Jr. G Man and follow a city employee's wife's car all over downtown, he can have his buddy Chief Greiner follow her from the Crime Command Center by remote. Certainly be a plus for Hizzonah, anyway. He'll never have to leave his office next time a city employee's wife decides to campaign for someone else for Mayor.

blackrulon said...

Will Godfrey pressure the city council to pass a law making it illegal to make a obscene gesture to the blimp camera?

Dave said...

This is ridiculous. I live in Logan, and I'm no longer spending time or money in Ogden. I'll drive to Salt Lake first.

Moroni McConkie said...

Dave: Your loss!

Georgia Cracker said...

Hey! Seems to me that Boss Godfrey's BLIMP isn't an altogether bad Idea. Here's how the speed laws are enforced by aerial drones in Lithonia, Georgia, for instance:

GeorgiaAH!Believable-Vol. 1-"Ridiculous Speed Sign"

Okay. Now you "get it," right?

Curmudgeon said...


When I read the story, I too wondered if Mr. Allen was going to get some good notice on WCF. I couldn't recall the last time that happened.

Fredd C. Dobbs said...

Cameras in high incident areas can greatly assist in the justice processes, both as an aid to defense and as a prosecution tool.
Many of my favorite cities worldwide have cameras installed in public locations, many of them also monitored in "real time".

It would be funny-not to wake up as a mostly law abiding Trece local, and have a camera staring mostly right at your moms house, or some such.
And then you notice that blimp over Patterson...

I'm going to hear an argument from one mob to the effect if I was not breaking the law, there would be no worries. Go on, Hoover, dig through my sock drawer.

I want there to be like 20 laws total, excluding tax code and whatnot, and I want those 20 laws enforced quite sternly. This whole secret-police for the sake of civic control thing does not sit well.

Curmudgeon said...

The Godfrey/Greiner blimp seems to be drawing a lot of negative comments both here and over on the SE comments site on the story. I find it interesting that some of the folks who see a dangerous threat to civil liberties in the blimp did not see a similar threat to civil liberties in the Ogden gang injunction. Both the blimp and the injunction I think diminish protected liberties in the name of security. The two issues seem related to me.

On Wednesday morning, at WSU, the Utah ACLU is doing a program titled "Constitutional Rights In The Balance: Challenging Ogden's Gang Injunction." It's free and open to the public. Presenting will be Darcy Goddard, legal director of the Utah ACLU, and David Reymann of Parr Brown Gee and Loveless. The program is co-sponsored by the "American Democracy Project" and WSU Convocations.

It will run an hour, time for Q and A included, and begins at 10:30 AM. Right in the middle of the work day, I know, but if you have the hour free, it might be interesting. It'll be held in Ballroom A on the second floor of the WSU Student Union building.

Curmudgeon said...

Damn. Seconds after I posted the comment above, the SE put up an article about the WSU ACLU program that includes a lot more detail. You can find the SE story here.

utah's house ranked in the bottom for educated legislators said...

anyone looking at our legislators' sponsored bills? Boy it is pretty great that mr. peterson beat neil. juvenile fingerprinting is very important. So is left hand turn penalties.

also check out g froerer's proposed legislation. theraputic schools?

citizens need to look and see what these morons are doing.

utah's house ranked in the bottom for educated legislators said...

and look at turncoat reid. he also is sponsoring some very important legislation. utah code absolutely needs the terms "monies" and "moneys" to be changed to money. i really don't know what we would do without him. what a waste of space.

got down sit on a bench said...

Yea Jeremy is just Greiner's bitch, that is where all his bills are coming from.
do you think that UTA will use cameras to catch the mayor again ripping off the taxpayers. and try to ride for free. the last guy that boa babca guy tried ridding for free and he had to resign so now Godfrey should have to resign for trying to ride for free.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Curmudgeon said...


Too early to say on Mr. P. We'll have to take a look at his voting record when the Republican legislature is done doing damage for this term. I'll be looking at how he voted on several bills: (a) Noel's "environmentalists can't file suit unless they post a mega-million dollar plus bond first" bill. (b) Bill to double the sales tax on food (c) Bill to make school board elections partisan. And a handful of others, particularly any backed by the Utah Association of Realtors. His having introduced a left turn bill isn't nearly enough evidence on which to draw conclusions yet about his performance this legislative term. When it's over it'll be time enough to decide if this should be his first term... or his last.

Jessica said...

There was actually a piece in the SL Trib not too long ago about how the freshman legislators (which would include Mr. P) are actually the ones doing much of the better work this session and are proposing the more sensible bills. Hopefully, they won't get corrupted over time as their influence may grow. A LOT of bills this year in Utah being proposed, and a LOT of terrible ones. It only seems to get worse.

Will We Have an Honest Mayor? said...

Just had a thought -- wonder if the blimp will catch Godfrey's private arsonist on camera and will the crime center be ordered to ignore it? I wonder how the evidence will be destroyed since it can't be bull-dozed and demolished. As usual Godfrey didn't think things through. If it makes Godfrey to do things legally, maybe it won't be such a bad thing.

blackrulon said...

SMC- Anything thought to be left leaning, whether driving, turning or political opinion is to be punished in Utah. I am surprised that the legislators/tea baggers aren't considering only funding the right traffic lanes.

Lou said...

Does anybody know if the blimp has been launched yet?  I haven't seen it.

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