Monday, May 02, 2011

President To GOP Presidential Pretender Donald Trump: "Sorry It Took So Long."

Obama does to "Usama" (formerly Osama) what Geedubya utterly failed to do, and simultaneously knocks the moron Donald Trump (Yomama) outta the presidential race in one "fell swoop."

Got this awesome "text-enhanced" pic off regular reader Wm III's ever-excellent Facebook wall:

Oh My!!! Pretty funny, Yes? Well... delightfully ironic at least, right?

In light of current news developments, this pretty much tells the whole sad tale re the most recent US-generated anti-terrorist World Political Coup, No?

So who emerges the winner from this totally messed up world political story?


It's so complicated! It goes beyond man's imagination, no???

The world-wide blogosphere eagerly awaits our WCF readers' ever-savvy comments on this story, as per usual!

Chime in O Gentle Ones. Feel free to utilise this venue, if you wish, to blow off a little pent-up steam!


althepal said...

Pretty Funny, Rudi! Gotta admit I'm laughing my ass off.

Keisha said...

Hilarious, actually Rudi!


blackrulon said...

Do you think the Donald will demand to see the death certificate?

Hahaha said...

What I wanna see is the birthing cetrificate for the giant beach-blonde rat that Trump keeps perched on hi shead!

Danny said...

Give the guy credit. $100 billion a year or so on intelligence services and they couldn't find the most recognizable face in the world, a 6'6" Arab that we have all seen in clean cut and every kind of beard.

But yeah, Obama made getting him a priority so that did it.

Or did he? Why did they have to blast him with a 50 caliber in the face, then bury him at sea within half a day?

I would have loved to have heard Obama interviewed from prison. I suspect he had lots to say about lots of things.

I suppose they didn't want to hear it. Or maybe, the US political oligarchy decided he was more use dead, so they finally killed him, after letting him live for the past decade.

We either have to admit they knew where he was all along, or that our intelligence services give us crap for what we pay for it.

Noschmucks said...

Don't be suckers, people. Bin Laden was always a CIA asset. The alleged "body" was dropped of the "Carl Vincent" within 12 hours, just to prevent forensic scientists from examining the body.

good_one1 said...

Danny, how did you know it was a 50 caliber, do you have a secret line to the Navy Seals, or just a conspiracy theroy Glem Beck told you about today?

Follow the news and not Fox, they had tracked him, since last Aug, just being through. Bush couldn't get him, neither could Cheney at least Cheney acknowledged Obama and thanked him.

Was that a freudian slip with you wanting to interview Obama instead of Osama in prison, you still sad that the President was elected.

Maybe it took 2 years to build up our intelligence agencies since they were dumbed down during the last administration.

The President watched and participated during this operation with the special ops commander sitting next to him, it wasn't a fly over or a mumbled speach by Bush.

So keep your conspiracy therories for your buddies and don't insult us here.

Althepal said...

Good Ones:

I do believe references to the .50 Caliber head Usama shots have been reported in the public press.

althepal said...

Good One(s)

I do believe references to a .50 caliber Usama headshot have been reported numerous times in the public press.

Danny said...

Of course, I meant I'd like to see Bin Laden interviewed from prison as he grew old - maybe even dressed in a clown suit.

And the prez does deserve credit ... lastly, don't knock Bush and Cheney ... it's like knocking the smell of a pig farm ... it's axiomatic ... everyone knows too well.

But come on. We're supposed to slap backs that after 10 years and trillions spent we finally got Public Enemy #1? The guy couldn't show his face anywhere and not be recognized and yet our hot shots couldn't find the guy, so they say. Sheesh.

And still, why a 50 caliber to the head and a rushed burial at sea? It smells.

rudizink said...

"And still, why a 50 caliber to the head and a rushed burial at sea? It smells. "

Exactly right, Danny. It's certain that there'll be more public speculation about the "wisdom" of this evidence destroying drastic action, once the giddy celebrating about this event wears off.

Dhitman said...

I am impressed by the way the whole thing was resolved. It removed a modern day Hitler without massive casualties and this guy and his followers would have made any kind of a trial a circus.

The world is a better place without Ben Laden and justice was served. I didn't notice anyone calling Obama a cowboy for this
moment of justice.

Curmudgeon said...

Google B:

No, a "witness" to the "death" did not say it was "bullshit." I went to the tape, and watched it. The only thing the guy described was the noise of copters, the sound of shooting, some explosions, some fires he saw from the neighborhood. Then he added that since he hadn't seen people going into and out of the house much, he didn't believe OBL was there.

If that's the best the skeptics can do for an "eyewitness" claiming "bullshit," they've got nothing.

rudizink said...

Wrong again, perfessor!

Bullshit = LIES, dontcha think????

oldguy said...

I must be reading different accounts then some of you are - where the hell did you come up with the 50-cal BS? Also, the "witness to bin Laden's death" sounds like another crock of crap. One thing is for sure controversy and BS makes the wheels turn at most blog sites and WCF isn't any different.

rudizink said...

A .50 cal. head shot has been mentioned numerous times in the cable media.

Different strokes for different folks though, no, Old Guy?

oldguy said...

Gee rudi, or Rooster, Ididn't realize that Seals carried 50-cal. heat. I thought these guy's moved fast - seems sorta like overkill. Anyway, I've heard "two in the left eye", "one in the eye and one in the chest", "hiding behind a woman", "armed", "unarmed".....etc.,etc.,etc. Hell, it's no wonder us oldguys can't keep up with the bullshit and the conspiracy theorists! Oh, and btw, I noticed on fb that our friend Charles called BULLSHIT on you...just kidding, right and lighten up Charles.

oldguy said...

How do you know that legitimate forensic scientists didn't examine binLaden? Seems they verified his DNA, or don't youbelive that either

rudizink said...

Yep, Old Timer, it's sad that career reporters like Trentelman have such a friggin' bad attitude about bloggers like me.

Here's the Bullshit Trentelman posted on Facebook, and it makes me feel bad, inasmuch as I'm a generally "easy to get along-with typa guy":

Rudi/Trentelman Facebook Exchange

No problema though, actually inasmuch as WCF continues to enjoy unprecedented success.

Still it's unfortunate to observe that we in the blogosphere are perceived as "threats" by some of the old dinosaurs in the print media.


Danny said...

I just saw this.

Politico reports: "The White House backed away Monday evening from key details in its narrative about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, including claims by senior U.S. officials that the Al Qaeda leader had a weapon and may have fired it during a gun battle with U.S. forces.
Officials also retreated from claims that one of bin Laden’s wives was killed in the raid and that bin Laden was using her as a human shield before she was shot by U.S. forces...During a background, off-camera briefing for television reporters later Monday, a senior White House official said bin Laden was not armed when he was killed, apparently by the U.S. raid team."

It sounds like he was murdered with the intention of defacing the body, then he was buried at sea. (Why else, how else, do you shoot somebody with a 50 caliber - have you ever lifted a fifty cal rifle? It's heavy - not something you'd run around inside a house with.) At this point one wonders, as noted yesterday, just how much of the official story spun by the administration will continue to unravel.

The administration will release their official photoshop image this evening at 8:22 local time.

oldguy said...

In the interest of keeping up I did some checking on new weaponry used by the Seals and they use more than one 50-cal. weapon both tactical and sniper rifles - lots of range and killing power and thats the business they're in. Long story short, I stand corrected.

rudizink said...

Good goin', OG. That's the spirit!

yeabuddy said...

Sorry it took so long to get you a copy of my birth certificate.....I was too busy trying to hide the fact that I recieved government money so I could attend Columbia University as an immigrant.....

Googleboy said...

A witness to Bin Laden's 'death' says it's bullshit

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