Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Morning Emerald City News Roundup

Plenty of interesting tidbits in today's Standard-Examiner

For our readers' eager consumption, we'll reel off these morning items one-by-one:

Undeterred by the closing of his flagship restaurant and the imminent departure of his political benefactor from the Ogden political scene, Friend of Matt (FOM) Mel Kemp still sees a bright future for the Ogden-Hinckley Airport, with multimillion dollars in private aviation development purportedly looming on the horizon:
Big changes coming up at the Dinosaur Park, as multi-gazillionaire park founder Bob Marquardt resumes management:
Spot-on SE editorial this morning, on the topic of OPD double dipping, wherein the SE editorial board focuses in on the key operative principle, in a manner most laser-like. Quadruple-dipping Chief Greiner should write down this paragraph (so he doesn't forget it):

If a police officer is not serious about retirement, then their benefits should be delayed until he or she retires. In short, if a lieutenant retires, there should be no double-dipping; a qualified sergeant -- and Ogden has many -- should be promoted.
Read the full editorial here:
Seems everyone in Emerald City recognizes the problem with this double-dipping scam... except our morally and ethically challenged OPD top brass. The question we guess is whether someone in authority, (the City Council for instance,) will ever get around to doing something about it.

The floor's open for your comments, O Gentle Ones. Time to let 'er rip.


Ivory Tower said...

Well, I haven't spent the last 35 years going to crime conferences, so of course I am opposed to double- or triple-dipping by senior officers of the Ogden Police Department.

If I had gone to crime conferences, then I would have learned how to completely and totally milk the public teat, all the while pointing to those Naysayers and Ivory Tower Intellectuals as the force that's bankrupting the city. Sort of a tu quoque argument, except the Ivory Tower Intellectuals didn't marry into a family fortune.

Dan S. said...

As a couple of us have pointed out in the S-E comments section, the airport article contains no actual news. No names, no dates, no costs. Apparently pure speculation.

Mike Brice said...

Isn't there already a bunch of empty space at the airport? Why do we need more?

Curmudgeon said...

Blackrulon summarized the airport "news" [politely so callled] perfectly in a comment over on the SE site. He wrote:

In the future,at a time to be announced later, something will happen. We don't know what will happen, who will be involved, or what it will cost but someday something will happen.

Perfect. He nailed it.

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