Sunday, May 29, 2011

Standard-Examiner: Construction on Ogden River Townhomes Could Begin in July

An upcoming June 14 RDA meeting will also provide an opportunity for public input

More hype for the "nine years in the making" Ogden River Project, as this morning's Standard-Examiner announces that the Ogden City "RDA, made up of the city council, will consider a development agreement June 14 for the sale of the land to Salt Lake City-based SouthRiver LLC for construction of 69 townhomes and retail space...":
The above-referenced RDA meeting will also provide an opportunity for public input:
Mark your calenders folks, and chime in on this subject now, if you like.


Dan S. said...

Rudi, are you sure you're not mixing up the two different developers? Today's article is about the area east of Grant, currently owned by the city, not the area west of Grant which is mostly owned by Leshem or his associates.

In any case, I'll be surprised if construction really begins in July. There are quite a few hurdles to get over first.

rudizink said...

You may have a point there, Dan, as it appears that there are two separate developers jockeying to ink development aggreements, SouthRiver LLC, and Millrock Capital.  I've thus "whittled down" this morning's article to eliminate the  confusion.

Ozboy said...

Are there two different outfits competing for the same parcels, or is it two proposals for two different sections of the river project?   It seems from the above comments that it is the later, however just wanted to get it straight in my pointed little head. (see my new picture above!)

So if it is two different hustlers - er developers making two different proposals, it raises the questions, (in that same pointy head) -

Are the two plans compatible? 

Will they blend together and make one larger nice river district that the town can be proud of?

or will it be a mixed abortion with no continuity - a future slum if you will? 

And is the absolutely horrid idea of building high density rental housing still one of the two proposals?

Disgusted said...

Millrock is the apparent controller of the master agreement for the river project (or what some are already labeling the project "Bend over Ogden") and they are the ones asking for the downsizing variance in the ordinance.
If they (Millrock) get the variance, I would have to assume that it applies to all developments under the master plan and as such this project (SouthRiver), that falls under that master plan, referred to in the paper today would have the rights to only build to those minimums should the variance be approved.
I should also mention that Millrock said without the variance they may not want to be involved in the project thus putting political pressure on the RDA board to be the heavy should they require the project be built to the original size standards. Godfrey will crucify them in the paper as having jeopardized the project should they not go along with the variances.
It will be interesting to see if the RDA board has the guts to hold their ground to see this project develop into something that will bring new people to live in this part of Ogden that can support the downtown businesses and restaurants; to complete the envisioned development of our downtown or if the RDA board crumble under the political pressure and let this area develop into low cost housing that will only benefits the low cost rental apartment building owners.
Thus it seems that the high density apartment projects (or call them whatever you want on the front end, i.e. condos or townhomes) are going to be the first projects on the river project, thus I fear setting the picture of things to come.
I wish I had more confidence that our City Council / RDA board members were going to do the right thing.

Disgusted said...

RDA board should ask the SouthRiver developer what the minimum square footage will be of the residental units that they intend to build. Will the residential units be built to a minimum of 1,100 sq. ft. or will they be opting to build to a smaller size based on a potential variance. Will the developer promise to build to the 1,100 sq. ft. size even if the smaller size variance is allowed.

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