Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Standard-Examiner: St. Anne's in Search of $7M for New Shelter

No doubt about it; we crack ourself up! Are we funny as hell... or what?

Okay, after significant dunning, and by popular request, we're putting up this Standard-Examiner story, which reports that no-holds-barred fundraising will soon occur in connection with BOSS Godfrey's St. Anne's Shelter Project:
It's reported that "Allan and Kay Lipman, of Ogden," "are heading up a capital campaign to raise the rest of the funds."

Just to be helpful, we'll post this important info, just in case "the Lipmans" are reading this. Here's by far Ogden City's most reliable project donor list, AFAWC:
No doubt about it; we crack ourself up... and so what say you about "all dat"?

Added Bonus Query: Are we funny as hell... or what?


rudizink said...

I say, I say, it was a joke, son, it was a joke!


Curmudgeon said...

Tis a good, a worthwhile and a needed project, and people in a position to support it financially should. St. Anne's does a lot of the heavy lifting providing for Ogden's indigent poor, and the demand long ago outgrew what the current facility can handle. I hope the Center gets all it needs, and in a timely fashion, and can begin building soon.

Dan S. said...

I'm still seriously bothered by the proposed location of the new shelter.

As for Trentelman, I understand he was having a bad day.

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