Friday, May 13, 2011

Salt Lake Tribune Op-ed: Seven-lane Monsters Devour Communities

Worth a read, since UDOT's dropped its plans for a 7 lane Harrison Blvd. north of WSU only for the present

By Curmudgeon

Interesting op ed column up this morning in the SL Trib. It's by Chad Mullins and it's headlined in the print edition this way:
It's about the seven laning of roads [not interstates] through Utah communities --- much like what UDOT plans for part of Harrison Blvd and wanted to do to all of it --- and the consequences. Worth a read, since UDOT's dropped its plans for a 7 lane Harrison Blvd. north of WSU only for the present. Good column. Worth a read.


rudizink said...

"Urban planning goals and objectives are exercises in futility when they
are negated by transportation highway engineers imposing road
improvement projects on our communities that consider only the needs of

BINGO, Mr. Mullins.


Snoopy said...

So your blog is again up and running again after 27 hours offline.  So what about it, Rudi? will you be moving your blog to Wordpress of Typepad soon?  Howbout it Rudi>? are you total;ly pissed, or what?

rudizink said...

Nope, Snoopy. I've been using Google's Blogspot for over 6 years as my main blogging platform, and have tried a few others for "special projects" in the interim. AFAIC, remains the all-around best blogging platform, even though it has a few hiccups now and then.

JJ said...

Cancer requires rapid blood vessel growth in order for the cancer to grow itself.  Without the rapid blood vessel growth, the cancer cannot grow.

Rapid urban sprawl requires ever more and larger roads.  Without the rapid growth of roads, urbanization stops.

The question is, do you want more population or not?  If so, you MUST have more and larger roads.  If not, then you MUST NOT have more and larger roads.

We know what the developers want.  What does everyone else want?

blackrulon said...

It does seems that when local government is unsure what to do next paving something seems to the the most common answer 

Darrin Morris said...


It seems to me there are a couple of issues you are spinning together.  Population and roads do not depend on each other as witnessed by the most of the large cities in the east.    So in a place like Utah that is chuck full of breeders the choice seems to be more suburbs and more roads or taller buildings.   Not building more and bigger roads isn't likely to stop our Mormon neighbors from multiplying themselves with gusto.

Joanie said...

 How right you are blackrulon.  "They paved over paradise to build a parking lot" or something like that.

rudizink said...

There are more than a few corporatist/fascists in the legislature who've already sold their political souls to the Utah Contractors' Road Building lobby.

Here are profile links to a couple of two corporatist legislators who prefer building seven lane highways instead of schools:

J. Stuart Adams (R)
Gage Froerer (R)

Here's why I'm again mercilessly hammering these two corporo-fascist Utah GOP legislators, BTW.  The SE reels out the latest chapter in their whole corporo-fascist story here:

Transportation funds sought in special legislative session

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