Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 Emerald City Election News

One interesting Ogden City website informational item worthy of discussion... during the currently disturbing and ongoing Boss Godfrey/Emerald City/Utah red meat political news lull, we've learnt about this:

Our Ogden City IT Department informs us that our upcoming 2011 Municipal Election "will be conducted once again by the Weber County Election department." Here's the gist:
Your Vote is Your Voice—Be Heard

The City is gearing up for municipal elections to be held this year. In an effort to save taxpayer dollars, Ogden City is partnering with Weber County and their elections staff; we will be consolidating 52 voting precincts into 15 or fewer official polling locations. Exact sites will be posted as soon as they are determined. The General Election date is November 8, 2011.

The public will vote on four positions in November: Ogden City Council representatives for Municipal Ward 2 and Ward 4, and At-Large “C”, as well as the position of Ogden City Mayor.
We're wondering whether this information is discouraging... or not.

Here's what happened the last time the Weber County election department ran Ogden Municipal Elections voting:
Should we be worried? We dunno yet.

Your blogmeister will definitely be having a conversation with hiz most bestest GOP buddy RICKY HATCH (our brand spankin new) Weber County Clerk/Auditor), however. If anyone can keep it all on the straight and narrow the next go-round... Ricky can.


Ozboy said...

I still think the little wizard is sandbagging and fully intends to run again.  What else would he do for a job?  Who would hire him with his record of arrogance and the long string of loser projects with his finger prints all over them?

So if the Wiz is in the race and it is being conducted by the same folks who gave us the last one, then you can bet your sweet petunia that there will be dirty tricks galore.  We may even be so lucky as to get another entertaining rendition of the Bobby G head butting follies!

rudizink said...

I'm with you, Ozboy.  You can never trust anything Godfrey sez when his lips are moving; and I won't count him outta the mayoral race until the final date for write-in candidacy declarations has lapsed.

blackrulon said...

The bitterness over the last mayoral election still lingers. If a FOM  is in the general election will tricks to diaqualify voters still take place? Will the election judges be better trained?.Will county election officials answer questions and concerns of challenged voters or will silence be the respons?. What documents will be sufficent to prove your identity at the polls? Because of consolidated voting precincts what will be the estimated wait time to cast your ballot. A clarificatiion and better training should be mandatory before the primary and general election.

Malibu_Ken said...

My question is for Rudi?

Why do you keep saying "we"  in your little hate ogden site?
You don't even live in Weber County county,  let alone in O'town.

Answer?  Someone in the administration gave you aserious brush off, way back when,  and you are still being a bitter little bitch about it.
Just call the blog:  Davis County Forum of Ogden Haters.

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