Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dan Schroeder Responds to Sunday's Charlie Trentelman Column

Hopefully with the publication of this letter, the Standard will at long last "remove its blinders" and assign one of its own reporters to cover this important story in depth
But what the Ogden Police Department gets from each of us isn’t very much: $73 a year from me works out to 23 cents a day. Would you protect me for 23 cents a day? I’m not even sure I would.
Charles Trentelman - Standard-Examiner
Pondering pepperoni pizza and the price of providing police protection
February 23, 2013
Mr. Trentelman, in any case, is paying considerably more for police protection than he thinks. Besides the $73 share of his property tax, he’s paying roughly another $45 out of his utility bills for police service. The police also get a share of the franchise tax he pays on his other utilities, and of the sales tax he pays on his purchases.
Dan Schroeder - Standard-Examiner Letter to the Editor
Money from Ogden utility bills also helps fund police
February 25, 2013

In response to Sunday's Charlie Trentelman "Wasatch Rambler" column, wherein the Standard's venerable and intrepid "shorttimer columnist" calculates that his own "bargain" share of the cost of Ogden "police protection" amounts merely to the cost of a measly "two family pizza dinners," Ogden City political activist Dan Schroeder contributes the below-linked Standard-Examiner letter to the editor, publicly exposing, for the first time in the Standard-Examiner, the "hidden tax" which Ogden City secretly "rakes off" Ogden City utility fee revenue:
So far the Standard has been "sitting on its thumbs," and has remained completely oblivious to Dan's prodigious ongoing efforts to expose Ogden City's mendacious utility rates boondoggle.  Hopefully with the publication of this letter, the Standard will at long last "remove its blinders" and assign one of its own reporters to cover this important story in depth. These are YOUR hard earned utility dollars, folks; and it's the Standard's journalistic duty, we believe, in the continuing and troubling absence of open Ogden City public disclosure, to dig in and report exactly how city bureaucrats and elected officials ever-so-quietly misappropriate or otherwise mis-shuffle these funds.

So who'll be the first to throw in their own 2¢?


Smaatguy said...

I really get tired with the "protection" aspect of these kind of conversations....it's mostly about responding to situations isn't it?  Nobody is sitting outside my workplace or home "protecting" me from anything...if that happens then I call and it's called responding to the situation.  Just my twist on this....

blackrulon said...

What Dan points out is true. It is difficult to track city expenditures on various projects using only the bare miminum explanation given out by the city. Various departments contribute money to plans and projects using confusing language and explanations of how money is allocated.

Smaatguy said...

Ya mean like how they're gonna fund that fire station redo?

Smaatguy said...

Looks like the app center is getting anther 100k...from BDO retained earnings....what started out as 800k project is now 2 mil....interesting....money falling from helicopters in the sky, makes ya think Ben Bernackster was in town

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