Saturday, February 23, 2013

Standard-Examiner: Two ‘Institutions’ Soon to Bid Farewell to Journalism Careers

An unfortunate and disconcerting "double whammy," as far as your blogmeister is concerned.

Bad news for Standard-Examiner readers this morning, as managing editor Andy Howell announces the imminent retirement of two of the Standard's most accomplished staff journalists, Charlie Trentelman and Dave Greiling.
"Kind of an out with the old, in with the new passing of the baton," says Editor Andy, with carefully chosen words of consolation.

Actually an unfortunate and disconcerting "double whammy," as far as your blogmeister is concerned.

For die-hard Standard readers, these two fellas will be impossible to replace, of course.

Happy trails, Charlie and Dave. Thanks for your multitude of  important contributions to the local lumpencitizen discussion, in which regard you'll both be sorely missed.


Danny said...

Trentelman is in the same mold as the guy who covered Godfrey, what's his name.... Scott Schwebke.

These guys gave the word "lazy" a whole new meaning.  I never realized how lazy someone could be about their livelihood until I got to know these two guys.

I suppose it's hard for a small town paper to find anybody to work for them.  But these two guys, sheesh.

At least for Trentelman, retirement will be something he already knows how to do.

I know it may seem like a cheap shot to say this about a guy on his way out, but holy cow, these guys were LAYZEE.

Monotreme said...

They will be missed. I fear this is just one more nail in the coffin of traditional print journalism.

Bob Becker said...

I'm hoping they can entice Charlie into joining the SE's stable of Top of Utah Voices writers once a month.

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