Monday, February 25, 2013

Ogden City Business Development Division Video: Welcome to Ogden, Utah

Video-wise, the situation's definitely looking up

In the midst of another Sl-o-o-o-w Ogden City news day, we'll direct our readers' attention to a notable Ogden City video tout piece which just caught our attention on the Ogden City Business Development Division website:

Things are definitely looking up, video-wise, since the last time we provided an Ogden City development-topical video on our home town Weber County Forum blogsite, don'tcha thimk?

So who'll be the first to chime in with their very own savvy film critique?


OneWhoKnows2 said...

I thought it was put together well and shows Ogden in a positive tone.  Good job OC.  Rudi, at the end showing the mountain slopes, did you see a blimp or drone cruising over Peterson's property?  (OPD or Business Development possibly)

Bob Becker said...

Ok but let's be fair and recognize that a significant amount if what was shown as evidence of the new dynamic Ogden were Godfrey administration projects that were regularly blistered by posters here on WCF... myself at times among them. The Junction. The Salomon Center. Aggressive recruiting of outdoors related companies like Amer Sports.

Two kvetches: how'd they miss showing flyfishing as an Ogden-based outdoor activity? And no mention of plans for a city owned flatland gondola from downtown to WSU. Somebody was asleep at the switch....

blackrulon said...

Perhaps they should have tried harder to keep Flying J from moving its  headquarters  operation from Ogden to Salt Lake.  It might not be the best place to locate a business if the city can't retain jobs that were once based in Ogden. The move was announced February 12 2013. The city will lose 30 jobs. 

Dan S. said...

As you'd expect from a booster-video like this, there are plenty of exaggerations and the truth doesn't fit the narrative very cleanly. There were crowds on 25th Street throughout the dark ages, for the Street Festival and Pioneer Day Parade, for example. The transformation of 25th Street began a decade earlier than claimed. Ogden still has plenty of empty and boarded-up buildings today. And the Forbes rankings mentioned at the end are really more for Davis County than for Weber. Still, I suppose the intended audience for this video is used to sales pitches full of hyperbole. It obviously doesn't suit me, but that's why I chose a profession where we care a little more about facts.

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