Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune: Mark Shurtleff Asked Feds to Investigate His Successor, John Swallow

Turns out that it was former Utah A.G. Mark Shurtleff himself who "dropped the dime" on John Swallow
Obviously, I’m very upset by it. I was upset enough to go down and talk to the U.S. attorney and the FBI on a couple of occasions. This is my friend, my chief deputy. Am I [feeling] somewhat guilty? Am I betraying him? But I felt that the proper authorities needed to know.
Former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff
Mark Shurtleff asked feds to investigate his successor, John Swallow
February 11, 2013

Fascinating new information  from the Salt Lake Tribune concerning the ongoing federal John Swallow Bribery probe, as the Salt Lake Tribune reveals that it was former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff himself who "dropped the dime" on his hand-picked successor, John Swallow:
"Right now, the concern is it casts a cloud not only over John and me, but over the whole office." "There are some good employees who do their jobs there and this reflects on them, too," sez Mark Shurtleff.

"With friends like Mark, who needs enemies," as the old saying goes.

"Et Tu Brute?" mutters John Swallow.

Update 2/12/13 1:00 p.m.:  The Deseret News is all over the story too:
Interesting new revelation from the D-News story:
Shurtleff said he understands that the federal investigation is now focusing more on campaign promises Swallow might have made in exchange for donations.
Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones... 

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Blackrulon said...

Even Mark Shurtleff, who has had his ethics questioned, is upset by Swallows conduct. Although since Shurtleff picked Swallow for his chief deputy you do have to question his judgement in his actions.

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