Saturday, February 02, 2013

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Proposes Un-banning Banners in City Sign Ordinance

Fascinating story in yesterday's Standard-Examiner.  Fascinating we say, because it's possible that our long suffering Ogden Planning Commissission, upon the heralded departure of foamy-at-the mouth projects guy Mayor Matthew "Boss" Godfrey, and following the advent in the near-invisible Mayor Caldwell, may have, in its recent idleness, bitten off more than it can chew.  Here's the S-E article link, O Gentle Ones:
Here's the problem, people.  The existing sign ordinance provides a blanket ban on“a business sign made of fabric, vinyl, plastic, mylar or any nonrigid material.” Significantly though, it's apparent that this ordinance has never been enforced by Ogden City.

Now the planning commission wants to change the rules and make "fine [and flexible] distinctions" amidst and between the above-referenced "nonrigid signage," in the interest of who knows what?

 Sodden query, O Gentle Ones...  We hereby incorporate a photo of some of the currant and existing Ogden signage from yesterday's S-E piece:

Banned?  Or Unbanned in Ogden?

So what about it folks? Who'd like to comment about the Ogden City Planning Commission's view of Ogden City aesthetics?


rudizink said...

Colorful and keenly expressive!  Why would anyone object to this?

HoseB said...

It's simple.  White boys in Ogden hate messicans!

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