Wednesday, February 06, 2013

More Bad Newz for Attorney General John Swallow

More bad newz for Attorney General John Swallow as the reality of his hopeless "defense" sinks in:
Sodden Challenge: Two minutes in an MMA ring with this weakling Swallow is all the lumpencitizens of Utah ask, LOL!

And what say you about all this, WCF Readers, LOL?


Smaatguy said...

Wtfudge???? Swallow says... "To ensure this never happens to me or anyone else, I have also instituted policies in the Attorney General’s Office to make sure the highest standards are followed."

You can't make that up....this shouldn't be going on in the first place polucy or no policy .

blackrulon said...

Mr. Swallow believes in the new policies he has instituted in the Attorney General's Office. But he made certain that the new policies are not retroactive.

blackrulon said...

If what John Swallow did, while a assistant attorney general, is found to be a criminal act and he is indicted will the Utah Attorney Generals office defend him?

littlelordfarquardt said...

Hehe.. Swallow-Johnson..

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