Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 Utah Legislative Roundup

A fairly lackluster performance on the part of our Utah legislature, we'll conjecture

To kickstart our Friday morning Weber County Forum discussion, we'll devote a few paragraphs and provide some links to a roundup of  the 2014 Utah General Legislative Session, which wrapped last night around midnight, starting with this updated legislative summary from the Salt Lake Tribune:
We'll also reel off a few Trib stories which deserve special post-session attention:
    And here are few more, just for good measure:

    On the heels of  yesterdy's Standard-Examiner guest commentary, the Trib reports that "[l]awmakers passed a compromise bill to increase the privacy of voter-registration records. The House and Senate unanimously passed SB36, which outlines prohibited uses of the voter registry, makes changes to who can access voter birth dates and allows people to make their voter information private":
    On the downside. here are several items spotlighting instances where our legislature missed some glorious opportunities and entirely "fumbled the ball," in our never-humble opinion, of course:
    A fairly lackluster performance on the part of our Utah legislature, we'll conjecture;  but what say our Gentle Readers about all this?

    And the floor's open, WCF political wonks.  Is there any important 2014 Utah legislation which you believe we missed?

    Update 3/19/14 7:00 p.m. Top-notch 2014 legislative session post-mortem via Salt Lake City Weekly. "Take a ride with Salt Lake Weekly [columnists Eric S. Peterson & Colby Frazier] as [they] look at the critical bills that made it over the hump, from cannabis-oil treatments for epileptic kids to the controversial Count My Vote compromise bill and more":


    Biker Babe said...

    Biker Babe says:

    We thinks this one got missed: HB20

    just gave LEOs MORE power/leeway in car chases: HB20, passed by a 15 - 13 Senate vote.

    some of the wording: " provides that the operator of a marked authorized emergency vehicle owes no duty of care to a person who is: a suspect in the commission of a crime and evading, fleeing, or otherwise attempting to elude the operator of a
    marked authorized emergency vehicle; or in a motor vehicle with the suspect, unless it is proven by a preponderance of the evidence that the person's presence in the motor vehicle was involuntary and the person's participation in evading, fleeing, or attempting to elude was involuntary;"

    So here in Utah, the LEOs can do anything to stop a suspect
    in the car, without owing any care as to their disposition or outcome - AND anyone else in the car with him/her. LEO can cause the car being chased to the point of driving off a cliff and LEO can go home to supper.


    rudizink said...

    More... Utah is a hotbed of police reform

    Biker Babe said...

    O - I just caught SB36: and about fell out my chair. Shut the BARN DOOR, Martha! The horses just got out!.


    James Humphreys said...

    Two major bills that went overlooked and passed, HB132 and SB232. These 2 bills provide a significant amount of cover and help our youth in bullying, suicide prevention, rape and homelessness etc. Given that gay youth are more at risk in Utah than any other category this is a major win that benefits all children, but helps the most disadvantaged among us

    And all done while the gay bill sequester was in place.... Gotta
    love politics!!!! Been working on the homeless youth issue for 3 years now.

    blackrulon said...

    This session of ther Utah legislature passed a bill for eveyone. Except for those seeking medical care or ending discrimination for sexual orientatiion, or hungry children or those who drink.

    Ray said...

    And of course the big plus for the Utah Realtors Association is agreeing to move the State Prison and allowing development of the 700 + acres of prime real estate. That should go along way towards helping Utah air quality(NOT)!

    BlueSky said...

    Just curious - was the ban on dog breed-specific legislation passed into law? I know it had passed one chamber.

    rudizink said...

    The Legislature passed a bill March 13 to prevent cities from banning
    any particular breed of dog — reacting to bans some cities have against
    pit bulls:

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