Saturday, March 08, 2014

2014 Utah Legislative Update: Full Medicaid Expansion Dies in Committee

"Conservative" ideology again "trumps" financial prudence and common sense

Via a sharp-eyed and alert friend of Weber County Forum:
Wonk alert. Tragic. Senator Gene Davis's "Accept the Full Medicaid Expansion" SB272 effectively died in Committee on a 2-1 vote late yesterday afternoon. A Senate Committee heard the common sense, Democratic proposal that would have brought life saving, already paid-for health care to 123,000 Utahns. Sad, sad, sad day. Ideology wins over people.
For those reader "keeping score," be sure to take note that Weber County's own State Senator Allen Christensen (R) - District 9 is one of the two committee members who voted a thumbs-down on this bill, a fact which we're hoping all Weber County political wonks will remember well, the next time Christensen stands for re-election, claiming to represent the interests of "financial prudence."

By way of background, and to bring everyone up to speed, Standard-Examiner heavy-weight columnist Don Porter skillfully articulated and distilled the common sense argument in favor of this bill only last week, providing an essential, financially prudent rationale which the Senate committee "conservative" majority neverless ignored, thus depriving Utah State Legislators of the opportunity to debate the full "merits" on the House and/or Senate floors:
Yep, that's right.... Utah again demonstrates that it's the "Best-managed State in America", as a measly two "conservative" (so-called) legislative committee members succeed in taking one demonstrable financially prudent health care measure completely off the table.

And the beat goes on... as Utahns blindly persist in voting for candidates simply because they sport the "magic" "R" behind their names.

Sad, very sad, indeed.

Update 3/10/14 7:23 a.m.:  Most excellent morning graphic via the Trib's Pat Bagley:


Pamela B. said...


Lisa said...

Well, folks, remember in November- for some legislators, it is okay if poor people die, just so we make a point about how much we hate the govmint and Obama. I consider such people to have blood on their hands.

John B. said...

I seem to remember this turd was a doctor or dentist. If so you would think he would know how much good healthcare means to ALL people.

blackrulon said...

It is somewhat easy to forget that those legislators against expanding Medicare have health insurance that the state pays for.

rudizink said...

That's right, BR. And any Crackpot Republican Utah Legislator who serves in the Utah Churchislature for ten years gets Utah taxpayer paid medical benefits for life.

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