Monday, March 17, 2014

Deseret News: Caucus Meetings This Week Give Public a Chance to Get Involved

Roll up your sleeves and get on over to your caucus meetings, O Gentle Ones! Experience the sheer joy of "grass-roots" politics, for once

Amidst all the hullabaloo concerning Senator Bramble's Senate Bill 54, which, as of January 1, 2015,  will establish a dual track, hybrid Caucus-convention/Direct Primary Utah political nomination system, we're reminded by the Deseret News this morning that Utah is still bound by old caucus/convention procedure.  That's right, folks. This week is Caucus Week in Utah.  Here's the lede: 
SALT LAKE CITY — Many in Utah have mobilized to increase participation in neighborhood caucus meetings, in what may be the last election under the state's current system.
Senate Bill 54 — a bill allowing those who gather enough signatures to become candidates without attending a party caucus or convention meeting — takes effect on Jan. 1. This year neighborhood caucus meetings will move forward as usual: Democrats will meet Tuesday and Republicans will meet Thursday.
Read the full story, Weber County Forum political wonks, wherein DNews reporter Whitney Evans provides all the "particulars.":
As an added bonus, the the DNews also provides this handy caucus system "primer," for the enlightenment of those readers who may be unfamiliar with with our still-operational caucus/convention system.  It's a pretty decent thumbnail overview of  the current system, although some of the embedded links are, shall we say, less than optimally functional. 
For those political wonks who'd like to cut to the chase, and quickly find your caucus location, here's caucus search link which actually works:
Roll up your sleeves and get on over to your caucus meetings, O Gentle Ones. Experience the sheer joy of "grass-roots" politics, for once.

And remember, WCF political wonks:  If you sit this week's party caucuses out,  Utah's 2014 General Election nominations will likely be again decided by the usual claque of political extremists and crackpots.

You know what to do;  do it on Caucus Night.


CMB said...

LOL I had a guy come to my door to let me know that the Republican caucus was coming up. I said Oh ok but I'm not a republican. He said oh then YOUR caucus is on xx-date. I said I don't care I'm an anarchist.

Never seen anyone skedaddle back to their car that fast LOL

Ben P. said...

Tuesday night for dems
For locations.

blackrulon said...

Anarchist or Democrat, neither one believes in organization.

blackrulon said...

Reading the comments on caucus meetings and various letters to the editor in the Desnews it seems that the Eagle Forum/Tea Party faithful hate the compromise bill eventually allowing a second path to the ballot.

Biker Babe said...

Where's the Green Party Caucases?


Bob Becker said...

Wasn't that a Will Rogers quip? "I am a member of no organized political party. I am a Democrat."

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