Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Count My Vote Citizens Initiative Wrap-up: Governor Herbert Signs SB 54 Into Law

Added Bonus: Senator Stuart Reid predicts " the birth of a new, two-intra-party system within the Utah Republican Party"

In the interest of wrapping up our discussion of the Count My Vote citizens Initiative matter, we're delighted to follow up our WCF writeup of  March 6, 2014, wherein we reported that Utah State Senator Curt Bramble's compomise bill, SB 54, which establishes a new dual-track system for Utah election nominations, had successfully cleared the Utah legislature, we're delighted to provide links to morning's main Utah media stories, reporting that Governor Herbert has now signed this landmark legislation into law:
Yesirree folks.  It's all over now, except for the wailing and gnashing of teeth, as our current crackpot-laden Utah caucus/convention system yields in 2016 to a parallel direct primary system, a system which we predict will open up the nomination process to "the masses" and ultimately render our current party caucus and convention system virtually  irrelevant.

As an added bonus, we'll link this morning's Deseret News Op-ed piece, wherein our beloved Weber County-based Utah State Senator Stuart Reid, weirdly enough, not only agrees with us, but takes it all to a new level.

Here's the lede, WCF political wonks:
Some believe the passage of SB54, “Election Amendments,” will be the death of the caucus and convention system in Utah. I am not one of them. Instead, I believe it will have far more reaching consequences, not the least of which is the death of the two-party system and the birth of a new, two-intra-party system within the Utah Republican Party. -Stuart Reid
And here's Senator Reid's full rant: 
That's right, folks.  Senator Reid predicts that moderate Utah Democrats will jump party ranks and hook up with moderate Republicans, and that "[t]hese two intra-party factions will replace the two-party system in Utah."  Senator Reid is an expert on this subject, of course.  Who can forget how Senator Reid jumped party lines and nailed his (now lame-duck) State Senate seat in in 2010? Here's the Reid history, via the Standard-Examiner, for those who may have forgotten:
Yesirree.  We fully agree with "turncoat" Senator Reid, this go-round, at least.

There's a first time for everything, we guess.


Angela said...

Hell with that.Utah doesn't need more sheep that can be herded by yapping dogs.

blackrulon said...

Which of the two parties inside the GOP will Stuart Reid join?. And how long will it be before he changes his allegiance to the other party inside the GOP?

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