Thursday, March 27, 2014

Standard-Examiner: Weber Commissioners Sidestep Nominations, Pick Library Board Member

We guess we need to follow Mencken's advice; sit back and enjoy it, right?
It is certainly within our purview to select any applicant that we deem appropriate... whether they have been forwarded as one of the three names, whether they have put in an application or not. The ultimate decision lies with us, so we can nominate anyone we want.
Weber County Commissioner Kerry Gibson
Weber commissioners sidestep nominations, pick library board member
March 26, 2014
Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
H.L. Mencken - American Curmudgeon
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Some Weber County lumpencitizens are all a-tizzy this week, as the Weber County Commission majority (Matthew G. Bell and Kerry Gibson) follow up on their January 8, 2014 block vote action and "break tradition" once again:
Normally, this would be a bold move for Commissioner Gibson, who stands for re-election this year. The fly in the ointment? Gibson is running entirely unopposed in November.

While the loyal political opposition has generally done a pretty fine job of fielding candidates for our upcoming 2014 Utah General elections; we're nevertheless scratching our heads in disbelief, wondering how they missed the boat on this chewy Commission race, where the potential campaign issues have been rapidly piling up.

Commissioner Gibson is entirely correct.  For the next two years, at least, our our current commission majority will be free to do as they dang well please.

We guess we need to follow Mencken's advice; i.e., sit back and enjoy it, right?


Keisha said...

Maybe it's time to switch from 3 commissioners at large to 5 commissioners, each representing a district of the county.

Angela U. said...

VOTE Democrat in November. Let's deprive Rob Bishop of a government job.

Angelu U. said...

Weber County Commission races are more expensive to file for than a
state wide race. The commission has done a great job of discouraging
anyone to run. The filing fee for county assessor is a whopping $800 a
large sum if a campaign budget is $3000.

Ben Pales said...

We begged for anyone to take him on for a year. No one wanted the task.

Ben Pales said...

Here's the hard and fast truths right now in Weber County. Dems 36-38% Repubs 62-64% in every County race. It doesn't matter one iota what they do on the Commission, they have a blank check because so many people vote Republican no matter what. If this wasn't the case, Amy would of beat him the last time. Until we as Dems are able to get people elected in smaller races, it will not change.

Marco said...

This is what happens when you elect tea-partiers to the Weber County Commission. These two nitwits will be in control of Weber County government until 2016, at least.

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