Thursday, March 06, 2014

Salt Lake Tribune: Deal on Count My Vote Gets Legislative OK

Thanks and congrats to the Utah lumpencitizens for enthusiastically embracing the petition and forcing the legislature's hand

Encouraging news in the Count my Vote citizens initiative matter from from the Salt Lake Tribune:
Despite grumbling and constitutional doubts, the Utah Legislature sent a deal to Gov. Gary Herbert that will overhaul the process for choosing candidates for office and bring to an end Count My Vote’s ballot initiative.
"I don’t argue that this policy will be better than the caucus-convention process," said Rep. Dan McCay, R-Riverton. "The vote today is not whether you like one [nominating system] over the other. … Your vote today is ‘do I preserve a history at the same time I grab the future?’ That is this bill."
While the bill, SB54s2, lets parties keep their existing caucus-and-convention system for nominating candidates, it also allows aspiring officeholders who collect enough petition signatures to go straight to the primary ballot.
Feast your eyes on the full Robert Gehrke story here:
The bill is now headed to Governor Herbert for his signature, which looks like a fait accompli, judging from his remarks on this subject:
I applaud their efforts of trying to find a compromise that protects the convention-caucus system, which I’ve been a big supporter of in the past, and yet provides opportunity for a general primary and a different pathway to the ballot," Herbert said before the Legislature’s final passage.. 
Brace yourselves for a sea change in Utah politics, as these monumental changes to the nominating process take effect, beginning with the 2016 Utah General Election.

We'll chalk this up as a rare victory for the democratic process in Utah, folks.

Thanks and congrats to the Utah lumpencitizens for enthusiastically embracing  the petition and forcing the legislature's hand.


James F. said...

Lets watch and see if they don't go back on their word next session.

John B. said...

He has a point.

Bob Becker said...

A mixture of commonplace folksy observations, election-loser whinings, libertarian flavored angst, much of which is undercut by his final point .... " but MY politician is different! Vote Ron Paul!" Though Paul's penchant for neoConfederate advisors and contributors goes oddly uncommented upon by the Judge.

James said...

Bob....typically misguided and misinformed. But, that's what we read your comments for - the amusement of your ramblings.

rudizink said...

I agree, James. Yellow dog democrat Bob Becker's political observations are always interesting and clever

blackrulon said...

Whyat if he has asked these type of questions and had his rant when he made one of his numerous appearances on the O'Reilly show or the Sean Hannity show?. It is convenient to blame his firing/non show renewal on his outburst but low ratings are what eliminated his show. The afternoon talking head, Shepard Smith, often asks similar questions and contradicts the Fox News line but Smith is on no danger of being cancelled. But then again Shep Smiths ratings are much higher than those for the Judges show.

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