Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sign the Petition to Save Net Neutrality: Urge the FCC to Scrap Their Horrible "Pay-To-Play" Proposal.

You know what to do; do it on the internet, without delay!

Here's a helpful heads-up to our faithful Weber County Forum readers, as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stands on the verge of making a huge mistake which would hand over the internet to just a few deep-pocketed internet players.

We received the folowing text this a.m. from Daily Kos:
On May 15, the FCC will consider a rule that would create a new “pay-to-play” fast lane which would allow big corporations to pay an extra fee to get their content prioritized to users. Independent, grassroots sites like Daily Kos would be left to suffer in an internet slow lane. 
Please, sign the petition to save Net neutrality by urging the FCC to scrap their horrible "pay-to-play" proposal. 
Let’s be clear—this isn’t about better service of streaming video or faster broadband speeds. This is about broadband providers being able to create another way to make additional profit from charging more for access to the internet without any new investment to expand service or speed. 
This would lead to more corporate sponsorship and control over the internet, which would lead to grassroots, independent sites—like Daily Koa—being relegated to the slow lane.

This goes against everything that is great about the internet.
Please sign the petition to save Net neutrality by urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to scrap this horrible proposal.
The same analysis would apply to Weber County Forum, of course.

Keep fighting, O WCF Lumpencitizens!

And needless to say, we've added this online petition to our right sidebar. You know what to do; do it on the internet, without delay.

Over and out.

Kudos to Daily Kos for getting the ball rolling on this..


Bobby C. said...

Signed the petition. Tired of big corps bullying us.

Carol B. said...

F'in bullshit !!! I'm REALLY gettin sick of this kinda crap ..OK !!!? IF ONLY SIGNING A PETITION had any impact !!! Rudi ... DO SOMETHING !

John B. said...

It is really scary how control of most things important are ending up in the hands of a few people. One day you will go the store for a drink and buy a Koch.

BlueSky said...

The most powerful person in ancient China was the gatekeeper at the Imperial Palace. Deciding which sites load quickly or painfully slowly (or if at all) puts an incredible amount of power in the hands of a few. Are you going to read conflicting news accounts if it takes forever to load?

John N. said...

If this isn't a case for getting big money lobbying/donations from corporations the heck out of politics I don't know what is.

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