Friday, December 19, 2014

Breaking: Lawmakers Snub Governor’s Healthy Utah plan, Recommend Modest Medicaid Expansion

"Merry Christmas," downtrodden Utahns... from the Utah legislature! 

After a frenzied year of scurrying around and meeting with Obama Administration officials, and securing the necessary concessions to activate his "watered down" "Healthy Utah" Medicaid expansion plan,  Crackpot Utah GOP Legislators just "kicked" Governor Gary Herbert "where it hurts" yesterday:
"Surprise! Surprise!," responds one savvy SL-Trib reader. "Just more of the mean-spirited mindset of 'We've got ours, to hell with everyone else.' Disgusting pieces of trash posing as humans."

"Merry Christmas," downtrodden Utahns... from the Utah legislature!

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blackrulon said...

It is not a rejection of Healty Utah. It is legislative leaders celebrating the Christmas season by honoring Scrooge.

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