Friday, December 12, 2014

Salt Lake Tribune: Mike Lee Could Be Vulnerable If Count My Vote Changes Stick

Mike "Shut-down-the-government" Lee's in deep political trouble, wethinks

Tantalizing Salt Lake Tribune story, focusing on the upcoming 2016 General election, through the lens of Utah's new SB 54 dual-track political nomination system  Here are the key paragraphs:
The first crop of candidates to go through Utah’s new nominating process in 2016, if it holds up in court, will include Gov. Gary Herbert, the four Utah House members and — perhaps most notably — Sen. Mike Lee.
Herbert, according to a new poll, won’t have any problems. He’s got a 74-percent favorability rating.
Lee, though, does appear more vulnerable.
A slight majority — 52 percent — view him favorably, while 45 percent have an unfavorable impression, according to the poll released this week by the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University. Nearly one-third of those have a strongly unfavorable perception.
In fact, Lee’s overall approval rating of 52 percent is a substantial improvement from a year ago when, on the heels of waging an intense budget battle that led to the federal government shutdown, Lee’s favorability was at just 40 percent and 56 percent had an unfavorable impression, with 43 percent strongly unfavorable.
Check out the full Robert Gehrke story here:
Lee has of course been jumpin' through hoops and workin' like a dog to patch up his rock bottom approval ratings, in the interim since he and his pal Ted Cruz shut down the government in 2013:
Some politicos are still speculating about the real political motivation behind the Count My Vote movement however, according to Mr. Gehrke's story:
"To me, they just have an end game for a particular election cycle," [Utah GOP Chairman James} Evans said, although he wouldn’t name Lee specifically. "Everyone needs to ask the question: What else is going on here?"
Others are more direct.
State Sen. Scott Jenkins, R-Plain City, who is committed to undoing the nominating changes in SB54, thinks the changes are squarely focused on ousting Lee. If SB54 survives, he said, he expects former Gov. Mike Leavitt, one of the founders of Count My Vote, to challenge Lee in a Republican primary.
So whaddaya think, folks? Does U.S. Senator Lee still have a giant "kick me sign" affixed to his back, despite our Utah electorate's obvious short-term memory deficit?

Our take?

Yep! Mike "Shut -down-the-government" Lee's still in deep political trouble, wethinks, notwithstanding ongoing Utah GOP shenanigans.

Remember what momma taught ya's: "You're judged by the company you keep." And moreover, while Utahns might be a mite "forgetful" from time to time, that still ain't quite the same as political amnesia, is it?


Johnny B. said...

I'm afraid, I'm very afraid.

Marko said...

Great post, Rudi! Check out the "pic," where this numbskull Cruz, flashes a smile to his Senate "toadie," Mike Lee!

Ozboy said...

Great editorial Rudi - thanks.

Hope you keep the WCF spotlight focused on these two bozos, as well as the three stooges on the WCC.

Seems to me that there will be plenty of future drama flowing from the two.

They will write the script if you can get it down in English!

blackrulon said...

The Eagle Forum and extreme candidates could be in for tougher selection if the SB54 changes stick.

Danny said...

So you prefer Leavitt to Lee? It's as I said. The real reason for count my vote is to return Utah politics to the control of the crony network you claim to despise, and to make their money once again the controlling force in state politics. Count my vote was always about Bennett and his cronies losing that primary to Lee.

rudizink said...

I prefer ANYBODY to Mike Lee, Danny.

blackrulon said...

I prefer my U.S, Senator to be responsible enough to make his mortage payments.

blackrulon said...

Would that be the same Mike leavitt that was one time favored by the likes of the Eagle Forum? The nsame Eagle Forum that helped to elect him? he didn.t change his political outlook. The far right went craziy and mad with power.

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