Monday, December 15, 2014

Exclusive Poll: Majority of Utahns Support 'Count My Vote,' Oppose GOP Effort to Stop SB 54

In typical GOP fashion, the Utah GOP is now charting the course to construct its own "alternate reality"

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According to the latest Dan Jone poll, "Nearly 2/3 of Utahns support giving candidates a path to the primary ballot that is outside of the current caucus and convention system. 
A new statewide survey conducted by Dan Jones and Associates poll finds 62% support the "Count My Vote" effort to allow candidates to get on Utah's primary ballot through a petition rather than navigating the current caucus and convention system. Less than a third say they oppose "Count My Vote," UtahPolicy.Com reports this morning:
Utah GOP Chairman James Evans says he's not surprised by the numbers. "This poll is about the 'high-level' view of Count My Vote," he said. "These answers are not unexpected. Utahns support the idea of Count My Vote."

"Evans says they [the Utah GOP} will be in the field with their own polling beginning next week."

In typical GOP fashion, the Utah GOP is now charting the course to construct its own "alternate reality," it would seem:
"As for the numbers showing Utahns oppose the GOP lawsuit against SB 54, executive co-chair of Count My Vote, Rich McKeown said "It's been remarkable to watch a small group of people fight to preserve a system the majority clearly does not want. It's amazing to see the extent they will go to in order to preserve the status quo."

Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Readers.


blackrulon said...

Right after Mr. Evans consults with the Eagle Forum to obtain the desired result he will release a poll showing that payday lenders are admired in the community

Actuary321 said...

I do find it interesting that Count My Vote would have a bigger impact on the Republicans than on the Democrats yet the Democrats support it significantly more than the R's.

And it would be interesting, demographically, to see what proportions of those respondents are registered voters, likely voters and voted in the last 2 general elections. And how that effects their position on CMV.

Seems to me that in Utah, the Dems want to provide a way for more moderate Rep's to get on the ballot. Do they want that so that they can vote for moderate Republicans or so the republicans that do get elected are closer to their ideological positions? Because I don't really see how the CMV or SB54 thing is going to help get more Dem's elected, unless they think the right wing conservatives might stay home rather than vote for a moderate Republican and then their Democratic candidate will have a chance of getting elected? Cause I don't see how CMV or SB54 has much effect on Dem's. The seem to have difficulty getting 1 candidate in many districts let alone having enough candidates to have a primary.

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