Saturday, December 27, 2014

Salt Lake City Weekly: Prison Follies - The Real Reason for Moving the Utah State Prison is Money, and Lots of it

Keep the Joint at the Point!"... that's our take....
They can't tell you the real reason for the move—money, and lots of it—because that would require telling the truth.
John Saltas - City Weekly
Prison Follies
December 23, 2014

Really, the moving-the-prison idea just stinks. If construction costs are low, then modification costs at the current location would also be low. Just fix the damned thing.
John Saltas - City Weekly
Prison Follies
December 23, 2014

With Utah's 2015 legislative session looming a little less than one month hence, we'll revive our discussion of one 2015 legislative issue which is bound to find itself on the front burner, once the Utah legislature convenes on January 26, 2015. Specifically, we're referring to the pending proposal to re-locate the Utah State Prison.

In that connection we're delighted to present the below-linked December 23, 2014 Salt Lake City Weekly editorial, authored by none other than the ever-savvy John Saltas, City Weekly's publisher, which provides an ideal introductory prelude to the frantic action which we expect to see boiling in our real estate industry dominated legislature next year:
Check it out folks; it's an exceedingly "delicious" and "chewy" read.

"Keep the Joint at the Point!"... that's our take....


Johnny B. said...

Good job Rudi. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

smaatguy said...

Without even reading the articles, it's ridiculous....surely there is or should be a master plan to accommodate the needs over the long haul without moving....much like many schools, businesses and other government agency's the new around the old and then take out the old.....all the main infrastructure remains, the cost of the land is zero, cost of moving is zero, risk of transport is zero....if the excuse is there isn't enough land....go vertical with the buildings....pretty obvious what this is really about just from the surface.

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