Monday, December 29, 2014

Utah Political Capitol: A Most Sacred Trust – The Line Between Lawmaker & Paid Lobbyist?

"Conflict? What conflict?" Representative Ivory predictably responds

Via Pat Bagley:

"Rep. Ken Ivory has perfected a way to turn his seat in the Utah Legislature into a money making racket. Read this and tell me how our Republican run state isn't rotten to the core":
“I don’t see a conflict,” Representative Ivory told Utah Political Capitol, of course.


blackrulon said...

Rep Ivory wrestled with his conscience over this question. His conscience lost.

BlueSky said...

Maybe Ivory aspires to the US Supreme Court. "Thomas' multiyear failure to disclose his wife's income from various conservative think tanks and activist organizations."

rudizink said...

No problem, BR. Mr. Ivory's "conscience" has no apparent legal representation

AWM said...

I realize this is non value added to the discussion at hand but I can't help but remark in that cartoon Moe is a dead ringer for Gov Herbert....carry on!

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