Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Wednesday Morning GOP SB54 Bait&Switch Mini News Roundup - Updated

Republican Party "civil war," anyone?

On the heels of our recent reporting concerning the ongoing GOP SB54 Bait&Switch fiasco, we'll shamelessly (but cheerfully) incorporate the following "mini news roundup," obtained via the ever politically informative UtahPolicy.Com.  Now that the petulant Utah GOP party bosses have filed their lawsuit, it seems that all hell has broken loose amongst and between the competing Utah GOP factions:
Utah's Democrats switch their position on the "Count My Vote" compromise while some GOP lawmakers support the Republican lawsuit against the law:
LaVarr Webb pens an open letter to Republicans who back the lawsuit against the CMV compromise law:
We'll continue to keep you informed, of course, as the developing political firestorm continues to engulf Utah GOP Party Chairman (and "payday" loan shark)  James Evans, et al.

Republican Party "civil war," anyone?

Update 12/2/14 1:00 p.m.: The Standard-Examiner also chimes in this morning on this topic with it's own strong editorial: "Hopefully a federal lawsuit filed Monday by the Utah Republican Party will fall flat on its face, efficiently dismissed by a judge," sez the SE editorial board:
Yep, folks, is a newspaper firing on all cylinders, wethink.

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Ozboy said...

I just simply luvs it when the big old pachyderms go at each other full bore. They are calling each other every low down name they can think of - which of course makes them both right!

Maybe we can borrow a phrase from good old Ali and call this circus show the local GOP is providing "the rumble in the jungle" - Utah style.

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