Friday, January 30, 2015

Breaking: Mitt Romney Is "NOT Running For President In 2016" (Wink-Wink,Nod-Nod)

2016 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney: "Down" but definitely not "Out"

Uh-oh peeps.  Bad news for Utah Mormons who believe that the US Constitution is "hanging by a thread." Seems that our indigenous  Utah Mormons' most prominent presidential contender, i.e. Mitt Romney, has "thrown in the towel," regarding the possibility of making a 2016 Presidential election run, (and "fulfilling 'the prophesy'"):'
Not to worry, Utah Mormons!  We're confident that the national GOP's #1 flip-flopper (Romney) will be back in the race, no later than May, 2015, once Tom Monson catches wind of this [wink].

Update 2/1/15 10:00 a.m.: The Standard is carrying this Friday, 1/30/15 A.P. story, which provides some local "flavor":
Tantalizing quotes from Utah GOP Party "boss," James Evans:
James Evans, the Utah GOP chair, said he is disappointed, but Romney is doing what the former Massachusetts governor believes will give Republicans the best chance of winning the White House.
“I happen to think that he’s the best possibility,” said Evans, who led a Utah-based “Draft Mitt” campaign to encourage Romney to run again.
Evans is still holding out hope that Romney could change his mind again and run after all.
“I still think there could be a possibility for him to run if none of the other candidates catch fire,” Romney Evans said. “Maybe everyone will come to Mitt Romney later this year and say, ‘We need you to do this.‘“
It gets "interestinger and interestinger," dunnit?


Ozboy said...

I'm starting to like the Mittster more every day, especially this one!

I heard he was hiking the other day and found some "smart pills" along the trail. He immediately chewed up a handful, took a look at his chances to go from a two time loser to a three time loser and viola he got smart!

But fear not, those pills don't last forever and I think Rudi just might be right - the Mitt will return at the bottom of the ninth after all the rest of the right wing idiots destroy each other in the year long GOP blood bath that I am gonna enjoy.

RebelWithACause2 said...

I was devastated when i heard Mitt was not going to run. He got so cheated out off winning last time by voter fraud. Yes, there was sufficient evidence from those who have been investigating this puzzling development ever since the election of why on the night before the election day he was tied , and gaining,, but by the end of the voting day, the president beat thim by

RebelWithACause2 said...

beat him by some 6 million votes. when you find out that 6.9 people in the United States are registered in more than one state,and at least one million are registered in more than one place in their state,Also,for one example, by using voting machines,( run by Democrats ) which were rigged to print Obama''s name if you pushed Romney's ( zero votes for Romney in 59 districts in Pittsburgh and all votes for Obama could never happen in a normal situation ), In addition, Organized callers all over the country would call registered voters to see if they were planning to vote. The names of ones who were not, were given to groups who would find a substitute to vote.( This would only work in states that did not have photo I.D. laws.) No wonder some of these substitutes couldn't remember their addresses when questioned before receiving a ballot.
.In Minnesota the Republican Senator won , in the first place, but it was close and allowed for a recount. After numerous recounts, each where ballots were found which

Democrats claimed had not been counted , and some Republican ballots were disqualified. the Democrat was
decided to be the winner.So Al Franken became a member of the Senate in time for Obama Care to be passed.
Later, it was discovered that illegals voted, and over a thousand
velons from the penitentiary on absentee ballots , and the win
was only by 361 votes .So, go count.

Danny said...


I don't know about all that, but I'm a Republican, I like Mike Lee and I liked Reagan, and I voted Obama.

It was Romney's platform, his attitude about people and how he made his money that made me vote for the third worst president (Obama) in history (behind Carter and W. Bush).

Let's see if the Republicans commit suicide again, and nominate Jeb Bush, so they can lose again like they did with the horrifying McCain and Dole.

Or they can nominate Paul or Cruz and we can have a Republican candidate somebody wants to vote for again.

Republicans only lose when they run an awful candidate, and even then sometimes the Dem is even worse. Obama just wasn't worse than Romney. That's why he won.

rudizink said...

Cruz??? Surely you can't be serious!

Ozboy said...

It occurs to me that a couple of folks commenting on this thread watches waaayyyyy too much Fox TeeVee.

AWM said...

"Republicans only lose when they run an awful candidate, and even then sometimes the Dem is even worse. Obama just wasn't worse than Romney. That's why he won" ......+1

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