Saturday, June 06, 2009

Godfrey-Examiner Furnishes Mayor Godfrey His Own Personal Guest Commentary Soapbox

Two items: Another puerile and mendacious Boss Godfrey rant; and a link to the agreement which Godfrey negotiated and executed behind everyones' backs

There's more blowback regarding Boss Godfrey's Tuesday city council session meltdown. The Godfrey-Examiner furnishes Mayor Godfrey his own personal guest commentary soapbox this morning, with an accusation-filled and low-grade screed we swear will make our gentle readers' eyes bleed:
Garcia playing both sides of the Marshall White Center issue
We're not going to delve deeply into the issues here this morning however. It's merely the one-sided "he said" portion of a he said/she said story to begin with; and besides, Godfrey's credibility is down to rock bottom, to say the very least. We will make special note however, that contrary to Godfrey's assertions, it's pretty clear from Godfrey's own statements (within this editorial and elsewhere) that the Godfrey Administration did keep both council leadership and the Emerald City community out of the formal information loop, regardless of whatever information Councilman Garcia may or may not have been been privy to.

What we also know is that Garcia has repeatedly and consistently told us that he was generally onboard the OWCAP takeover "in concept," at least until Garcia believed he was being "double crossed" with the zeroing out of the Marshall White Center budget, and that he then blew the public whistle on Godfrey's devious back room negotiations, with his Standard-Examiner guest commentary of May 14, 2009.

So lets get down to what's really important, and try to ignore Boss Godfrey's latest diversionary tactics, wherein he once again tries petulantly to lay blame on somebody else for his own willful deceit. Think about it. If Boss Godfrey had truly wanted to keep the council (and the public) in the information loop, how difficult would it have been for Godfrey and his henchmen to have contemporaneously cc'd the entire council with this entire series of emails and memos? That's how competent business leaders, government officials and professional negotiators routinely conduct business with key stakeholders. Why, we ask, did the Godfrey administration (allegedly) limit these purported emails, memos and meetings to Councilman Garcia alone?

And here's an interesting nuance. Even though the cat was publicly out of the bag by May 14, Godfrey nevertheless continued to conduct his negotiations behind closed doors. Once it had become clear that the council may have been unaware of the the details involved in the negotiations, Godfrey could have easily mitigated the problem, by transmitting these documents to the entire council after the fact. For reasons unknown however, Godfrey apparently failed to to that. Moreover, he could have met with council leadership to bring them, however belatedly, up to speed. Nevertheless he didn't do that either. What about the tactic of issuing a press release, and setting up a forum for public comments? Nope; Godfrey didn't bother with that either.

Considering the factors in the preceding paragraph, we're thus ineluctably compelled to logically conclude that Godfrey was perfectly perfectly happy with the information status quo, whereby the council and the public remained completely in the dark.

And here's the most crucial point. The council continued to remain in the out of the loop even unto the point in time (late last week, as we understand it) that Godfrey signed the subject Godfrey/OWCAP agreement. And astonishingly, council members didn't even receive copies of this agreement until early this week, a full four or five days after Godfrey executed the document.

Ask yourself, folks... who's really doing the lying here? Who really kept the council and public out of the loop? The usual suspect perhaps...? You know... Emerald City's most prolific serial liar? Just a wild guess.

And while we're on the topic, we're pleased to provide a link to the above-referenced document, which we obtained yesterday from the City Recorder's office, and just uploaded to our storage site moments ago:
Management and Lease Agreement
Check it out folks. So far as we know, this is the first opportunity to review, slice, dice and ginsu knife the document that Boss Godfrey negotiated and executed behind everyones' backs.

Have at it, O Gentle Ones.


lessee said...

Godfrey is a chicken shit lying bastard.

monotreme said...

What would happen, just once, if he stopped gazing at his own navel and just listened to the people of Ogden for a while?

I'm starting to believe he's constitutionally unable to do so, but I still have hope. Against all odds, but still.

monotreme said...

Since when do we sign leases and management agreements retroactively? The term of this is Jan 1 2009 to Dec 31 2009. That seems strange to me, seeing as how it's now June 6, 2009 as I check my calendar.

Despite the diversionary tactics, I can see how Councilman Garcia could support this agreement (which says nothing about zeroing out the city's portion of the budget) at the same time as he was kept out of the loop regarding the Godfrey Administration's work on zeroing the MWC budget.

The Mayor's intemperate rant on Tuesday and today's Op-Ed piece notwithstanding, he is (apparently) telling the truth. It's just not the whole truth -- not by a long stretch.

oldtimer said...

I wish some handwriting expert would analyze the Mayor's signature for their opinion of his character faults.

what would jesus say said...

You dont have to analyze the Maors handwriting, all of his nasty traits show very well.

rosco pee ko train said...

How can you believe a gay... I mean a guy who beats his wife.

George K said...

What a hypocrite! Does Godfrey have Alzheimers or is he so wrapped up in his self that he doesn’t think he ever did anything wrong?
I think he knows that he has screwed up big time and he knows it. I’m sure that his stooges, Stephenson and Johnson, have kept him abreast of what the Council is doing to check mate him.
I recall about a year and a half ago Godfrey met with the Council and promised that he and his staff would come up with several routes from downtown to Weber State. Meanwhile he was in negotiations with UTA to use the $47,000. of federal money that had been directed to UTA earmarked as transportation funds for Ogden. Plans were being made to use that money for a gondola study. Before August was over, Godfrey and UTA signed such a contract!
Godfrey’s attack on Council member Garcia is an attempt to take the heat and attention off him self.

Brett said...

It is a little disconcerting to see an adult, let alone the leader of our fair city lose his cool so completely! Then the immature little runt is proud of his loss of self-control. What a sicko!

Godfrey is repeating history! This is what he does all the time -blames someone else!

Hey, Godfrey, there you are - "the pot calling the kettle black" again!

tell the truth Mayor said...

When you said in your piece in the commentary, and I quote the mayor."It is not right or ethical for an elected official to play these kinds of games. In the past, we have sat quietly while this kind of thing transpires. We have now decided that we have a responsibility to the public to let them know when these kinds of things are taking place. I will face the wrath of some of the city council members for exposing this kind of behavior but the people of Ogden deserve to know the truth."
I wish that he would live up to the truth of being honest in his dealing with his fellow man. Case in point when he let a PAC use the high adventure center which is owned by the taxpayers, for political purposes he broke the law and should turn himself in to the police for enforcement of the law. Come on Mayor where is the accountability of your stewardship? Get real and do what is right mayor.

Candy said...

There is no way that He will do that.
He is a coward and a hypocrite. So do hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

"...and you can sure that the hyeanas could care less".

"Now, if you will direct your attention just off starboard, you will witness the tiny and powerless inhabitants of Lowbrow, engaging in an activity known as puffery, a curious acquired trait whereby these small and quite lazy creatures seem to think that they deserve more from their tribal leaders than they themselves are capable of exhibiting:

[Cue monkey noises]

...he is a coward and a hypocrite, so do hold your breath...the mayor is a wife don't have to analyze the Mayors handwriting, all of his nasty traits show very well...lying little matty...Godfrey is a chicken shit lying bastard...the pot calling the kettle black again...

"Kids, it makes you want to join right in, and and wallow in the mud, doesn't it? And, parents, these are the adult dominant of the feces throwing species. Can you imagine, if they had a day care, how ill behaved their offspring might seem to a mature, adult, thinking and feeling human?"

"Wait, don't dwell too much, we want you to enjoy the rest of the tour"

[general laughter]

"Now, on the port side, and through the trees, witness a fully grown male Black Adder, known as a trousersnake, watching you through his beckoning eye...yes, here is a creature whose pot is definitely blacker than his kettle..."

Danny said...

If memory serves, Godfrey initiated a campaign of slander against Jesse Garcia the last time Garcia was deciding whether to run for city council.

So what do you say, Jesse?

Are you gonna run FROM Godfrey?

Or are you gonna run FOR city council?

Snobs Bore Me said...


And what are you? A high and mighty judge?

Anonymous said...

Boring people become bored easily.
The truly dull tell will also take the time to inform you of their bordom.

You bore us not at all.
We find you all quaint, and kinda funny.
In a three stooges sort of way.

Bill C. said...

RJ, your reference incorporating daycare and trousersnake, are you revealing something unconsciously? Is it hereditary? Do you wear a trenchcoat often?

Anonymous said...

Of course we were referencing, as do all of you; we reveal much with every gesture, every word.

And, you give us a chance to expound on our favorite topic:
our children.

So, we were a defacto "mr. mom" for 15 years of our wonderful lives.
Our home could have easily been mistaken for a daycare, any afternoon.
The local Mormon MIA girls playing Slip and Slide on our prominent front lawn comes to mind.
Our daughters, now happily married with children, studying business at the U of U, or living in a posh resort in Saint George, could attest as to the experience of being raised in Logan by those such as ourselves.

As for a "trousersnake", yes, we are not of your cultural milieu. No, we do have different beliefs sets as regards the topic of SEX than those individuals of the western 20th century.
Yes, we were raised primarily in Malibu California during the 60's. Go figure.

No, we have not worn a trench coat since our early Gothic lifestyle days in 1982.
Yes, that was us in the black combat boots, bright green hair, big smudge of grease paint under each eye, black trench coat, and lingerie-clad sweet young things, playing "shocking" music at premiere theater venues across the nation.

And, as for what might be heredity, and which is nurture, you would have to ask a life science person.
We know as little as possible about life science; we don't even want to know what western white men call various flora and fauna, let alone which DNA makes us Different than most.

And, we were a tour guide at Universal Studios Hollywood during the early 80's.
Which makes us at least familiar with tourists, and guiding them through a fantastic world of plastic and dreams.
And trousersnakes.

Anonymous said...

Did we say our children werre our favorite topic?

We must add: discussing ontological anarchy, and the implications thereby.

what would jesus say said...

Rudi, are you alright? Do I need to do a drive by for a welfare check?

what would jesus say said...

Cute link to your name Azathoth.

Bill C. said...

Back to the real topic. Mono, it's quite a stretch to state that the mayor may be telling the truth, even apparently.
If I'm not mistaken, Jessie doesn't even belong in this conversation. Sure he's interested in the outcome of this and may have been appraised along the way, but he has no authority to launch or decide the details of the transaction. How could he know what would be done on the administrations behalf? I sincerely believe him when he says he had no idea that the new budget had zero for the Marshall White Center. None of this really matters.
What the issue is, the mayor once again has hid the facts, and most certainly lied to all those that have inquired along the way. He is the one responsible for communicating to the Council, he lied to the senior swimmers and knew full well that this entity had no desire to run the current recreational programs. It's the same old deceitful clandestine approach he always tries. Just like the skippers bullshit golf course plan tied to the secret water project and streetcar hijacking, all designed to enable some rationale for a useless and assinine gondola to exactly no where that does nothing but allow the further destruction of our open space and diminishes much of what the people of of Ogden now all ready have. A beautiful public golf course and open space with good trails.

Anonymous said...

Not to stay on topic or anything, but.

This is why we need hardball politicians on the city council.


We need environmentally-forward looking, fiscally responsible, and able to out maneuver these corrupt big-city styled developers, and old-mo-money, politicians.

Jesse Garcia is an honorable man who we would support for state office; however, the entire city council has been getting walked all over. Even the sharpest two of the bunch have a difficult time with Godfrey, not because he is smart, but because he is willing to cheat to win.


When we get a fluffy bunny mayor, perhaps we allow boy and girl scouts on the council.

But not this year.

Ozboy said...


I generally enjoy your posts. I find a lot of your wordsmanship entertaining and thought provoking. However, I am rather puzzled by your repeated use of the term "we" when you appear to be referring to yourself. Could you explain your rationale for that as there are a some of us out here who attribute that usage of "we" to the effete and phony, and surely with your life experiences and obvious intellect you are not that - are you?

By the way, I spent a number of my formative and halcyon years in LA (Hollywood and Laurel Canyon) around the same time you did.

Anonymous said...


We despise most of our own posts; our sense of humor continually suggests the deletion of the bulk. Serious Business.

As to the use of we rather than I?

We apologize, perhaps belatedly, for any irritation caused by our use of standard Chaotic grammar, which tends to avoid most concepts of "being", and uses "we" instead of I, in celebration of the legionary nature of the personal multi-mind.

We are of the minds that belief in a single-self stems from the religious monotheistic cults having a single god; a virulent meme set, single-god allows for a strong organization, and gives the overlords maxim control of the sheeple.

Our eye is not not thus afflicted; we selected another belief-set, due to our antinomian sense of humor and iconoclastic bent: belief as situationist tool, rather than one being a tool of ones own fixed beliefs.

And as for us; some philosophers and psychologists bemoan the disintegration or fragmentation of the self in the contemporary world.
We however, as psychonauts and transhumanists, celebrate this development.

Scary stuff, living on the edge of an epoch. Fucks with ones head.
The wheel turns, all is grist; slouch onward, rough beast.

the lovely jennifer said...

Unbelievable stuff = mayor godfrey's rants and finger pointing and equivocating and prevaricating; although it has been going on for such a long time ... that he resembles the sociopath when he takes no resposibility or exhibits no remorse for what he has done. 51% of Ogden voted for him? That is scary.

Ozboy said...

Loverly Jenny

Only goes to show you that 51% of the people of Ogden are "Sheeple". (See Svengali's post above).

And Sven, there for a while I thought I was the only dualist in town! You do seem to see the world through your own peep stone - one polished by the LA experience. I love it, have you ever thought of starting your own religious movement? Godfrey did and seems to be working out for him.

Tired of RJS Gibberish said...

"We despise most of our own posts; our sense of humor continually suggests the deletion of the bulk."

Good point, Sven.


Anonymous said...


Was the election that close?
We were not Ogden residents that year.

Tired and Bored:

Have you considered working out?
We understand copious sunshine and vigorous exercise will alleviate the symptoms of those thus afflicted; afflicted with fail.

The Lovely Jennifer said...

RJS - the election was that close, give or take a percentage point. I tried (tho not very hard) to find the exact results. Rudi might have the true results archived somewhere.


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