Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick Reminder: Ogden Raptors' Home Opener Set for Tonight

Gobs of entertainment bang for the buck

Quick reminder for Ogden area baseball fans. The Ogden Raptors' home opener is set for tonight at the sweetest little downtown ballpark in the land, Lindquist Field. Just to whet your baseball appetites, we'll shine the spotlight on this morning's Standard-Examiner's Digital (paid) Edition 2009 season preview, along with today's Std-Ex "Live" website profile of the Raptors' new manager, Damon Berryhill (don't forget to click on the excellent embedded slide show). For the full team roster, season schedule and other useful info, check out the Ogden Raptors' website.

For those readers who've never attended an Ogden Raptors' game, we'll just say the Raptors provide gobs of entertainment bang for the buck. Seasoned Raptors fans of course already know what's up.

We'll add that it appears that tonight's weather will cooperate for a comfortable night in the ballpark, and that there seems to be nothing pressing in the way of competition on tonight's boring city council agenda [yawn].

So there you have it folks. Let's hear no excuses. We hope at least a few of your will make it over to the ballpark, to support the home town team, which draws more people into downtown Ogden for a typical single game night, than Boss Godfrey's Salomon Center attracts in a week.


Curmudgeon said...

Sadly, the Ogden Raptors still remain a farm club of the Spawn of Satan, Walter O'Malley's Los Angeles National League Baseball Organization [falsely called "the Dodgers" by the depraved, the deluded and the badly brought up]. Doesn't mean people shouldn't attend the games in Ogden. They should. Baseball is the great American game, and far superior to watching ten guys with thyroid problems run around indoors bouncing a ball in their skivies.] But decent god-fearing well-brought-up fans will of course root, as I do, loudly for the visiting teams. [Except of course when the Raptors play Orem since, as we all know, Orem is nothing more than Provo Lite. There is no good and moral outcome possible to a Los Angeles National League Baseball Farm Club vs. Orem game except a scoreless tie rained out after nine.]

So I'll have to miss the opening series. Will be there for later games, though, cheering the visitors on. [Take that, O'Malley!]

saintstephen said...

The O'Malleys have not owned our Dodgers for quite a few years.

The Dodgers are a first class sports organization.
And, 1st place over all of baseball, by a wide margin.

Go Dodgers. Go Go Raptors.

Curmudgeon said...


Yes, the spawn of the spawn of Satan, Walter O'Malley, sold the team. 'Tis a mere quibble, a petty detail. So long as they play under the purloined name "the Dodgers" --- the real Dodgers are of course the Brooklyn Dodgers [moment of silence; bowed heads would not be inappropriate] --- they will continue to be unworthy of support by decent god-fearing ethical people. [I understand our very own Mayor Godfrey is a big fan of the local Los Angeles National League Baseball Organization farm club. I rest my case.]

budmam said...

And only $5.00 for 46 cents worth of beer.

BAT_girl said...

SAINT.........word to the wise, when tangling with Curm over Dodgers NOW and Dodgers/ Brooklyn..........then.

Scuttlebutt is that Curm hails from Brooklyn, once upon a time.

Ozboy said...

Cow pasture pool, invented by the lame to entertain the lame brained. Most boring thing ever conceived of by mankind. If you have seen one base ball game you have seen every base ball game ever played. Sure cure for insomnia.

saintstephen said...

Jus sayin'.

Without disparaging other sports, we will note that Baseball Fans have a higher IQ, by nearly 10 points, than fans of any other televised Sporting Event.

Also, while baseball fans include a slightly higher proportion of persons with Obsessive Compulsive Syndrome as fans, those who actively dislike baseball have been shown to have a far higher rate of Attention Deficit Disorder.

But, whatever.

blackrulon said...

Curm, It has been 50+ years since the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles. A recent book examined the history of the Dodgers moving and laid the real blame on city planner Robert Moses. It appears that this is a major childhood traumafor you along with no christmas pony. If I support the Dodgers will you automatically link me with Matthew Godfrey? While I have no desire to engage in a forum board debate please don't be like the mayor and let your feelings become more important that the known facts of the case. GO RAPTORS

Curmudgeon said...


The book you refer to is a bit of Robert Moses hagiography. Public Television did an expose' on the "it wasn't O'Malley, it was Moses" myth some months ago.

BR, if you persist in referring to the Los Angeles National League Baseball Organization as "the Dodgers," [moment of silence; genuflection would not be inappropriate], I will, with a heavy heart, count you among the sadly misled. But never, BR, never would I therefor associate you in any significant way with Hizzonah, the Mayor [even though he is a known LANLBO farm team fan].


Go Visitors! [Except Orem.]

PS Never wanted a pony.

Dale C said...

Mr. Curmudgeon,

While I understand your affinity with your beloved Brooklyn, the Dodgers have been in L.A. for a half-century. They remain, still, the Dodgers although the zip code changed. The team still retains their bitter rivalry with the ever-hated Giants.

And, while the mother church of Baseball still remains in Cooperstown, NY, surely it's next best shrine is at Chavez Ravine. If you've never allowed yourself the pleasure of enjoying a Dodger dog, a bag of peanuts, and a beer at Dodger Stadium, then you're missing out on life.

Even my children will tell you that you can get quite an education at a Dodger game, especially if you're sitting near the visiting bullpen.

Mr. Curmudgeon, it's time to let this hatred with Mr. O'Malley go. I realize he hurt you, but you've missed out on 50 great years of baseball, with the greats like Don Drysdale, Sandy Koufax, and who could ever forget the fairytale home-run by Kurt Gibson?

Dodger Blue is Dodger blue, Mr. Curmudgeon. It sounds like you and it are long overdue for a reunion.


blackrulon said...

Curm, with all due respect to someone with your long memory I think you are in error. You seem to be a fan of geography i.e. Brooklyn more than the actual baseball team. Sports team are above all a business and they change operating locations often. Has anyone cheered for the Staley Bears recently or the Cleveland Rams,Boston Braves,Minneapolis Lakers,Ft.Wayne Pistons, or the Baltimore Colts. You remind me of a long passed uncle, he knew he was mad at people but he couldn't remember why. GO RAPTORS

Keisha said...

In defense of Gentle Curmudgeon, who in all other respects always seems cooly rational, this strange Dodgers/O'Malley obsession seems totally out of character.

Maybe he's just having a little fun on WCF, and pulling everybody's chains?

What say you all about this?

Ya think?

John Kinsella said...


You just lost all credibility (if you had any to begin with?). I would love to see you stand in there against someone who can really mix it up. You know, hurl one in there at 101 mph, and then follow it up with a little 73 mph slide-piece...lame? I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't enjoy sitting at a baseball game, cracking some peanuts, enjoying a cold beverage and the company of friends while watching our true pasttime. You have no soul.

P.S. It's baseball, not base ball. All one word. Enjoy your game of chess tonight.

saintstephen said...

For the record, the season opener was well attended; it was eventful, with lots of people-watching and beers-drinking going on, some notable first game gaffs by the Raptors 3rd baseman, and a sound defeat at the hands of arch-nemesis and offense cudgel, the Orem Owls.

Sheesh, Provo; O-Town should just smack these sunday school boys around on general principle, that pansy city down south.

Curmudgeon said...

Glad there was a good crowd.

The nice thing, SS, about rookie league ball --- or any minor league ball, for that matter --- is that whatever the players have got, you get. All the time, every time. Because none of them want to be there. They all want to move up. What they've got may not be that much, but whatever it is, they bring it. Every game. Every time. I like that. [It's not that way in the majors anymore, alas.]

Looking forward to the real season --- when visiting teams other than Provo-Lite come in so I can root for them --- beginning next week.

RudiZink said...

"The nice thing, SS, about rookie league ball --- or any minor league ball, for that matter --- is that whatever the players have got, you get. All the time, every time. Because none of them want to be there. They all want to move up. What they've got may not be that much, but whatever it is, they bring it. Every game. Every time. I like that."

Exactly right, Curm... and just the kinda thing I'd expect from a man like you, who truly loves America's most genuine pastime.

Time to bury the hatchet, Mr. Curmudgeon. You're a diehard baseball fan; and we have a great rookie league baseball team and recreational attraction right here in your home town.

It's time, I think, to burn off those fifty year old resentments.

Maybe you should march around town like I do, with a genuine wool Dodgers' cap bearing the Raptors logo.

I spent most of my young adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area, BTW, where I watched MANY Giants v. Dodgers games in awe.

Never once in those times did it EVER occur to me to hate the Dodgers.

All I wanted at the time was to see the Giants get better.

And at various times, they did.

Time to bury the O'Malley baseball hatchet, Curm.

The LA Dodgers are the Ogden home team affiliate now. And they're even closer than Brooklyn.

saintstephen said...

That was a topic last night; most of the team are rookies, which in the pioneer leauge means that was the first time most of the team had ever been payed to play baseball.

I like minor league baseball because the players are hungry.

The games delicate balance between the poetic and the 100 grit is better weighed by players who, like you say, are desirous of upward mobility.

RudiZink said...

"The game's delicate balance between the poetic and the 100 grit is better weighed by players who, like you say, are desirous of upward mobility."

Let me be the first to compliment you Stephen, for a very elegant and poetic "turn of a phrase."


Wm III said...

You know it's still ok to root for and love the Raptors and still hate the frickin' Dodgers ...

I've found that as the kids I've grown so fond of here in Ogden make it to the show, I hope they have great individual stats but I still hope the Dodgers get their ass kicked ...

Go Raptors ...

btw ... Mannywood? No, Mannydid!

Curmudgeon said...


Should you be at a Raptors game and see a fellow approaching middle age [with hair that passed "grey" and proceeded to "white" a while ago] wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers baseball cap --- with the classic Dodger "B" in white on the front --- cheering for the visiting team... well, that'll be me. [There can't possibly be two of us in Ogden.]


Once in a while, I revisit your site ... don't you all get tired of negativity ... don't you get tired of slander ... don't you get tired of resisting change ... don't you just get bloody tired of running down everything and everyone who might have an idea. I look once every six months, and Jeez, the same stuff is there. Get a live, gang. The world just might pass you by.

Curmudgeon said...

Dear Producer:

Don't you get tired of the "naysayer" meme? Every time you pop in, there it is again. I'm sure you can think of something different if you put your mind to it. Try. I'll be looking for it in January when next you visit us.

Goonga Galoonga said...

Hey Curm,

When the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to LA did they take their players with them or did they start a whole new franchise with new players and everything? Next question is why did they move?

I'm just asking because the only Dodgers I have ever know are the LA Dodgers. I'm aware of the Brooklyn Dodgers but they were way before my time.

My point is if the Brooklyn Dodgers did take their entire team, players and such and moved to LA, then they are still the Dodgers. It's just a matter of geography. True fans follow their team regardless of where they call home.

Curmudgeon said...


You wrote: When the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to LA....


The Brooklyn Dodgers are, of course, lost in the subways of the Borough of Churches, from which they shall someday emerge and return to their people. Verily I say unto you that of Ebbitts Field truly it is written "if we rebuild it, they will come!"

That so many believe, as you do, that the Los Angeles National League Baseball Organization is in fact "the Dodgers" speaks volumes about the sorry state of American education.



I actually think that Ogden is a wonderful place to visit. So ... when I do come back, would you all be my guests at a BLOG PARTY ... I would love to meet you in person and put faces to these names. I know some of you from my brief visits, but I really do think that there is a reality series in DESPERATE BLOGGERS ... come on, gang ... let's do it.

Ozboy said...

I suppose the "Producer" dood didn't get the word that he, and his two bit and bankrupt sponsor in fame, no longer have much credibility here in the land of Oz. Their curtain has been pulled back, people have seen them as the big BS artists they seem to be - yet the one so full of himself that he called himself "Producer" doesn't seem to realize it yet. I guess some folks just never get the word!

Now seems to me if da "producer" really was a producer with great talent and vision - and I have no doubt that he is - he would be scrambling to tell the true insider story of how a fast talking LA carpet biz hustler conned a bunch of people out of a lot of money over a considerable period of time, including a gullible and hubris driven young mayor of a town in the hinterlands, and how the big LA hustler was able to use the mayor's naivete and arrogance to his own advantage while he laid waste to an older part of the small town that had a nice river meandered through it. The story has a nice sub plot in it where the protagonist - da hustler - runs a scam on and in California State and ends us in a long and costly dance with the prosecutors. Also possibility of some nice long Bankruptcy Court scenes. Could be some great tear jerking interviews with some of the victims who have lost life savings, people who were kicked and scammed out of their homes, banks that were left holding the bag. Lots of drama potential here for a serious "producer".

A producer who was really on the ball could even use a lot of the contributors to this blog as story consultants! The folks here are not the subject of the real drama, they are witnesses to it and could be the source of some great story angles.

disgusted said...


could it be that you returned here because there are no more studios wanting to produce another razzie so youre bored and have nothing to do.

could it be that there are no more hand out coming from the ogden administration to make rap promotional videos to hire police officers.

or could it be because that deep down you realize that the american spirit to fight for what is right can be found on this blog as opposed to just rolling over and accepting what is wrong.

admit it you get inspired by our detemination to protect our way of life.

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