Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kickoff to Another Weekend Open Open Thread

Zero Red Meat News in Emerald City this weekend; so we'll just set up an open topic thread

Due to the dearth of Red Meat News in any of the still-surviving traditional (newsprint and ink) Northern Utah traditional print outlets, we've decided to set up an open topic thread, which is something we haven't done in quite a while. Here are a few items we found this morning, during hours of intense and news-hungry googling, just to kick off the discussion:

1) With all the rain in Ogden in what increasing seems to be developing into the the climate change version of the year the world had no summer, you kind-hearted souls who harbor young children and canine pets as part part of your families need to look out for toxic mushrooms. Protect your kids and pets. The weather has been unseasonably wet, which creates the ideal culture for poisonous mushrooms. Watch out! Young kids and pet canines will gobble them up, and possibly suffer fatal liver and kidney failure shortly thereafter.

2) The Standard-Examiner editorial board today basically argues that Ogden City should soak up every dime of Obama federal stimulus money that it can get. We completely agree with this. Of course Bill C. has already raised his own objections.

Perhaps the best solution will be for Ogden City to aggressively pursue these grants, under the careful supervision of the grownups on the Ogden City Council, of course.

3) The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the Head Honchos of the UTA appeared yesterday before the US Congress, requesting that Congress should cut the red tape, and allow percipient projects, like Ogden's Streetcar Project to settle into a better and more intelligent"fast track."

We won't hold our breath as to whether any of this will mitigate Boss Godfrey' stalling tactics; but we do like the fast track idea.

Remember.. this is an open topic thread...

Don't let the cat get yer tongues....


Danny said...

I say if you have a dog that likes to bark, you should take some of the mushrooms growing in your yard and mix them into your dog's food. This is often an effective cure for barking.

Here's an open topic item. You know how federal officials and officials from around the world are saying the recession is ending? Well, here is a list of some things they've said, and when they said them. How does their track record look?

But hey, we should trust the government. Only they can save us. Never mind that they are never right.

Zero Credibility

Curmudgeon said...

Good deals: look around Ogden for a yellow handout --- I found mine at GFC on Harrison --- touting things to do in Ogden this summer [Art Fest, Disney Train, Pioneer Day Parade, Rodeo, comic at the amphitheater, Friday Gallery Stroll, etc.]. It's put out by Ogden City and the Pioneer Day Parade Committee. Lists events through July. [Oddly, there's nary a mention of the 4th of July or any Ogden event on the 4th anywhere on it. I guess the people who put it out figure folks in Ogden aren't very patriotic. But I digress....]

Attached to the flyer is a free pass... one free ticket... to the Union Station Museums. Can't beat that deal. Free. If you have visitors coming to Ogden before the end of August, pick up a couple of flyers and add Union Station to where you take 'em. Or use 'em yourself if it's been a while since you've been there.

And I think free tix to Raptor home games are still available at Micky Dees around town.

It's all within reach....

norm said...

I'm still looking for them free tickets to Godfrey's lynching. Will settle for free ones to his tar and feathering. Might even pay some for either.

Rafiki said...


That was border line rude. Unless I missed the satire.

It is a beautiful day I must say.

This Sucks said...

What the hell is this?

Star Noodle Bldg Ogden Utah (Youtube)

And who is the fatass moron who's narrating and has now totally destroyed the Star Noodle Parlor?

Thaine Fischer?

Danny said...

That's a great vid.

The guy narrating it asked the city for permission to put a bar there - those were his big plans.

But Godfrey did not support this guy. I would assume this was because they did not give Godfrey the required "campaign donation" and therefore did not show they were a "partner in Ogden's renaissance."

Word is they would have paid up - they just didn't have the money.

And speaking of not having the money, here's this article. Whew. I'm sure glad the recession is over. (That was sarcasm.)

June 16 – Bloomberg (Caroline Hyde): “As many as 14% of investment grade European companies will be unable to meet their cash requirements in the next 12 months even as bond issuance is at record levels, according to Moody’s… For high-risk, high-yield companies the situation is worse, with as many as 20% failing to have sufficient cash to meet outflows…”

googleboy said...

Bloomberg: Record Corporate Bond Sales Fail to Ease Cash Gap, Moody’s Says

Danny said...

How will it end?

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance." -- Cicero – 55 BC

How'd that one work out?

Anonymous said...

I liked the art shown during the last 10 seconds of the star noodle parlor viddie.

An urban anthropologist should have photographed and documented the "mess" that was down there. Judging by the self-righteous smirk of the man who describes its uniqueness, it was a legendary grotto of past Ogden skank.

Probably a treasure trove for Outsider Art.

Rafiki said...

Off Subject:

I am bothered by this new use of my/our night sky. Why should we citizens of Weber County have to accept a beam of light flying over our heads so a club can drum up business?

The club should at least pay a sort of tax - we'll call it a advertising on public property tax.

Who's with me and we'll take it to the council.

Ozboy said...

"This Sucks"

The guy didn't look like he had a "fat ass" and didn't sound like a "moron". What gives with that?

He sounded to me like someone who had good intentions with the old Star Noodle building, including putting the iconic sign back up. What's wrong with that?

It is sad that for whatever reason the project has not moved forward and the building is now a complete eye sore - sans the great sign. That sign incidentally was featured a few years ago in a National Historic society magazine article on America's greatest neon signs. I don't recall the mayor bragging about it however.

Hopefully some day the building will be restored, put into use and have the sign back up. If it is Thain Fisher who does it I am all for him.

By the way, Ogden's only liquor store for many decades was next door to the Star Noodle. You actually had to have a "liquor license" to buy a bottle of gin there clear up into the 60's.

dan s. said...

Actually Thaine Fischer donated a little over $2000 to Godfrey's last campaign.

what will it cost us. said...

Fischer is an out of state investor that could care less about historical buildings and just wants to make a buck here while the mayor gives the city away. Same with Sue Wilkerson another big mayor backer the cities real estate broker, tear it down and build new.

Fischer should of bought into the Junction and the restaurants there that have liquor permits. He will be searching for a long time to find an investor for 25th street property with the current economy. He is pretty dis-appointed in the mayor not helping him out I'm sure.

dan s. said...

Off-thread: On the front page of today's S-E is a big article about Admiral Jeremy Taylor, who was one of the finalists to fill the city council vacancy two years ago. Could he be preparing to run this year?

blackrulon said...

The video link on Youtube first ran on city-owned channel 17. I imagine that the owner believed that this was the same as city sponsored entrance for all of his plans. The mayor did not help him by supporting a change in the amount of clubs/restaurants allowed per city block.

Curmudgeon said...

Don't suppose there's any chance of getting a temporary facade up on the place, is there? It really is an eyesore now.

Wm III said...

"It really is an eyesore now."

It's no different than any of their other properties they refuse to improve ...

Ed J said...

Don't forget he's the "marketing director" for the association on
25th street that he has damn near single-handedly bankrupt.

disgusted said...

the city should fine the owners of the building for leaving it in its current state of dis-repair. just like the city fines residents for not mowing their lawns.
as for the owners of this building as bill c pointed out they are ppc the same people that own lots of run down property in the downtown area. thay are flippers and they are buddies with godfrey. why else would they be able to leave their property in the current state of dis-repair.

Abrose Bierce said...

Admiral: That part of a warship which does the talking while the figurehead does the thinking.

Popeye TSM said...


Pretty funny, however I'm not sure how accurate it is. I always heard that if they gave a warship an enema they would have to go through the Admiral first.

Ccrandalls said...

I dont think he is too disapointed, Fischer has made a living on the tax payer with the Ogden City loan fund.  Of which not one penney has gone for what it was applied for.  All to his pocket... Not one penny has been paid back.  Mr. Fischer is a liar, don't believe me ask any of his investors.

Blackrulon said...

The city does not censure or fine FOM for violations. The bootjack property located at the Northwest corner of  23rd & Harrison is a weed infested lot.

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