Monday, June 01, 2009

Good News for Ogden City: Crime Was Down in 2008

Kudos to Chief Greiner and the rest of Ogden's Finest

By Monotreme

Crime in Ogden was down in 2008, according to preliminary statistics released today by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI):
Crime in Utah - Preliminary Report
Violent crimes declined from 574 in 2007 to 395 in 2008, a 31% drop.
Property crimes declined from 5708 in 2007 to 4437 in 2008, a 22% drop.

Using the 2007 population figure for Ogden (82,702), the crime rate for violent crimes dropped from 6.9 per 1000 residents in 2007 to 4.8 per 1000 residents in 2008. The property crime rate was 53.7 for 2008, and total crimes reported to the BCI (violent + property) 58.4 per 1000 residents.

Utah BCI statistics have been the most reliable source of Ogden crime data over the past several years. (FBI statistics have tracked closely with the BCI statistics, and have not been released yet). Numbers released by Ogden City have not been as reliable.

It is likely that these numbers represent a real drop in crime. Perhaps the drop is due to increased policing in the gang unit. I just read the numbers, and am not a police officer or administrator, so I don't have a good speculation for the reason.

As a citizen, however, I am happy that crime is down in Ogden. I applaud Chief Greiner and his department for their dedication to public safety.

Editor's note: See also WCF's earlier published Mono's Crime Analysis Series. The crime situation in Ogden is happily now apparently changing for the better, according to the latest preliminary BCI data.


Dan Schroeder said...

Please see this article from last September to put these new numbers into context.

In particular, we should recall that there was a disagreement between the BCI and FBI over the 2007 numbers. If we use the FBI's lower numbers as our baseline, then the decreases between 2007 and 2008 were much less.

And if we use Godfrey's 2005 or 2006 numbers as a baseline, then violent crime in Ogden has actually increased since then.

I'll be interested to see a detailed breakdown of the new numbers.

Ernie the Attorney said...

Perhaps the BCI should monitor white-collar crimes, like Godfeys's 2007 election fraud.

By any meaningful measure, elections crimes are way up in Ogden.

I'm not buyng this crap said...

"It is likely that these numbers represent a real drop in crime."

Perhaps Greiner and the rest of Godfrey's sychophants just fudged on the latest reported data.

This last "realistic' reported scenario seems most unlikely and implausible, given Godfrey's pathological penchant to lie, even in cases where telling the truth would be better.

Ozboy said...

Yep Ernie, crime is down all over town - except on the ninth floor where it continues to run rampant.

Anonymous said...

We differentiate various crimes according to who was the alleged victims.

A criminal perpetrates a crime on another criminal?
Not a crime worthy of note.
It is part of the rules of the game they play.

A criminal perps a crime on some John Q. Citizen?
Serious business.

Abusive husband beats up Sandra Dee?
An abusive husband beats up Skanky McShrewdrunk?
Bad manners, but not a crime.

AS for Mayor G and the Little G'frees?

monotreme said...

I will be happy if they just report the crimes accurately, and quote the statistics that they send in, not the ones they want to see.

For example, it's still an established fact (everywhere except in Mayor Godfrey's Alternate Universe and at the S-E) that while he ran on a platform of decreased crime during his administration, that crime had actually increased.

that's the truffhh said...

The only reason crime is down is because of the Sheriff's Deptartment not because of Chief Greiner the weeeiiiinnner!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Mayor Godfrey single handedly thwart a bike thief from stealing an unsecured bike from the mayors own front lawn?

I wonder what the disposition of that case was?

Mr Haney said...

Did the percentage of decline in crime statistics get superimposed over the real estate decline statistics?

Just wondering?

History is truth! said...

Crime in a head lock?
Boy Godfrey should look at the 1000 block of capitol st when it comes to drive by shooting. The missionaries apt was shot at and had to move out then a guy got hit the leg. Boy I'm glad that crime is down in Ogden.

Rafiki said...

I feel safe riding down town on my bike. I also feel safe riding the parkway as far west as it will take me.

Will I one day be attacked? Maybe, but people feeling safe is very important part to having a healthy community. If these stats give people strength then I say good!

Let people get out of their houses and out on the streets. This will help make our world a safer place by having healthy strong people out and about.

Be the change you want to see in the World.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Rafiki.

Just back from Dee Sports Park;
a fine morning for some kids playground action.

One method with which people "lose their neighborhood to crime" is to hide inside watching reality programs.

J. Mitchell said...

"a fine morning for some kids playground action."

Hmmmmm, care to elaborate on that one G Gordon?

Anonymous said...

Um, taking my son to the playground?
Your "hmmmmm" suggests you have an unhealthy interest in children, Mitchell.
Care to elaborate on that?

J. Mitchell said...

Well RJ, you didn't say anything about taking your son to the playground, you merely reported on it being a fine morning for kids playground action. It did sound a little off center, like maybe you had an unhealthy interest in children.
Glad that isn't so. As for me, nope, I have liked women in their thirties - every since I was 13.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

How about you all pull your head out of the dirt. What about the two Ogden City Police officers that were busted for DUI's. One of the officers hit several cars, tree's and so on. their punnishment is to be sitting home with PAID leave??? come on; they didn't even go to jail??? I have been personally involved without accidents, beeing very polite to the Harrisville Police and went straight to jail. I wasnt paid to sit at home until my case; which was the first time, while I awaited my sentence. so why do Police officers get special treatment when they break the law? this is an outrage and shows how unfair the laws in Ogden utah really are.

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