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"PureHeart" Patterson Indicts Himself... AND the Godfrey Administration

These are not honorable people

By Curmudgeon

There is a remarkable op-ed piece in this morning's Standard Examiner. It is by John "Our Hearts Are Pure" Patterson, Mayor Godfrey's Chief Administrative Officer. It is largely an attack --- a public attack --- on Councilman Garcia , denying that the Administration has engaged in public attacks on "Jesse." [Throughout the piece, Mr. Patterson refers to Councilman Garcia dismissively as "Jesse."]

The main thrust of Mr. Patterson's public attack relates to several gang control ordinances the Administration wanted passed some years ago, during the period Councilman Garcia was head of the Council. Mr. Patterson complains that the Council did not adopt the ordinances rapidly enough. Here's what happened next, according to Mr. Patterson:
A frustrated police official raised the repeated concern about the lack of progress on the ordinances and suggested it was because Jesse had a gang-involved son. I passed that on to Councilman Brandon Stephenson, who confronted Jesse in a May 14, 2007, e-mail. Within eight weeks, after seven months of waiting for Jesse to place them on an agenda, the ordinances were passed.
So, because the Council was taking more time to examine the proposed ordinances than the Administration liked, Mr. Patterson passed on a rumor involving a family member of Mr. Garcia from an un-named "police official" to the Godfrey administration's most compliant shill on the Council, Mr. Stephenson, who then obediently "confronted" Councilman Garcia with the anonymous rumor, and... and what? Hinted that if he didn't move the ordinances to adoption, and damn fast, the anonymous rumor would be revealed? What other possible purpose could there have been to Mr. Stephenson "confronting" Mr. Garcia with Patterson's anonymous rumor?

Two months later --- not two weeks, but two months --- the Council adopted the substance of the gang control ordinances. Mr. Patterson seems fact proud of his whispering the anonymous rumor into the compliant ear of Councilman Stephenson, and offers his passing it on to Mr. Stephenson on the sly as proof that there was no "public" attack on Councilman Garcia.

An anonymous rumor involving a family member of the Council head, slipped quietly to the Administration's most spineless lackey on the Council hoping to move ordinances to adoption more quickly: that's what the Mayor's CAO did. And he's proud of having done it.


"Pureheart" Patterson has indeed indicted someone by his SE op-ed piece this morning: himself and the Administration he works for.

These are not honorable people.


what would jesus say said...

Well well, Curmudgeon has hit the nail on the head, the administration has once agin revealed their M.O. divide and conquer.
Patterson is a known liar, he cheated on his wife and then lied to the council about it. I wouldnt trust anything he said.
The Administration (PureHeart Patterson) in particular, has a track record of planting seeds of doubt among people. He recently planted those seeds with employee groups anbout their elected leadership and negotion representatives.
I wouldnt say they are not "honorable people". I prefer to call it like it is, they are liars and manipulative crooks.
Most people with a brain knows what they are and see the ridiculous high school antics they use.

blackrulon said...

With the Mayors attack on Mr. Garcia at a council meeting, his guest editorial in the paper and todays attack the 2009 campaign is officially launched. The apparent purpose of these attacks is to plant doubt and mistrust. The main theme seems to be that Mr. Garcia is not a willing supporter of all things Godfrey. It will be interesting to see who Godfrey will support as a challenger. Look out for much more underhanded stories and rumors to come.

summers eve said...

There is a book called The Art of War. It expalins that you need to know your opponents weaknesses, and yto use those weaknesses to you advantage. It is what Godfrey and Pureheart are doing, we need to reciprocate.
What are Godfreys weaknesses? Shall we start a list?

former westsider said...

Patterson was run out of West Valley before (dis)gracing Ogden with his presence. Unfortunately most of the articles detailing the situation leading up to his departure are luking in the paid archives of the Salt Lake Tribune website.

Rudi, what's your policy regarding somehow sharing the content of the articles if I spring for the cost of obtaining them?

googler said...

Deseret News has a free archive and covered the story.

Seems that some city officials have integrity deficits.

What a liar said...

And now, for the drum roll. He's married to that assistant.

Ozboy said...

What does it say about a mayor who would pursue and hire a guy this ethically challenged?

Does our very moral mayor have a major hole in his holy armor?

Do birds of a feather truly flock together?

Do mayor Godfrey and Pure Heart Patterson constitute two thirds of an un-holy trinity?

Would a high priest leader really seek out and consort with a known liar, manipulator and philanderer?

What about the mayor saying "I have the most integrity in the room"?
(I actually heard him say that at a council meeting where his integrity was questioned)

Was that just a particularly low life room full of people?

So many questions and so few answers.

Candy said...

In yesterday paper it said the mayor was going to look into the employee that was double dipping the city and the boys and girls club. Hey mayor how about the police chief that is triple dipping in the city coffers and the state and the federal coffers. Where is the fairness in that?

Namaste said...

People, people...

I think we all have to understand that these local LDS folk are so used to that type behavior - they literally consider it "normal behavior".

Don't believe it? Just ask your LDS neighbors who have not lived outside of Utah and the Mormon bubble of unethical and immoral decision making within that cult.

Many of you are still considered LDS by birth, yet have somehow learned about truth, integrity, and character, generally by having either rejected the local culture on your own or by having lived in other States where the citizenery has an entirely different standard regarding most things.

To all those of you who have and continue to recognize the hypocracy of the "lieing for God" and "the manipulation on behalf of the Saints" at every level...I saluate you all.

For those on this website who have simply moved from another State and thus another standard of morality, I say do not give up the fight for what (hopefully) most Americans still believe in; honesty, truth, uncompremiseing morality, integrity without bent and self-serving interpretations by Bishops unqualified by any mainstream American religious standards, and personal character (not in any way influenced by a Brigham Young or Joseph Smith - talk about philanderers!)

Your voice on local matters is making a difference. Slowly, for certain...but it is making a difference. By displacing what is wrong within Utah with American values will ultimately force changes which can lead to common sense legislation for a change.

Legislation which will stop favoring large Mormon families at the expense of all others.

Legislation which reflects all Utahns desures for ethical behavior on a plane equal to or above the rest of America.

Taxation based not upon special interests but upon fairness for everyone.

Public Schools and private or charter schools (choice) treated equally with regand to our tax money distribution.

Legislation which breaks up Public Municipality and School District unions and their grip on inefficiency at all levels.

Legislation banning heavy handed lobbying from the Utah Realtor Association, the Utah Education Association, and Public Waterworks Administrations.

An independent Ethics Commission separate from elected officials.

I could go on but you get the idea of the changes so despirately needed in the theocratically dominated and run State.

So keep up the good fight. Presistence and tenacity will prevail in the end. And what is just and fair will become "normal behavior" when these poor bastards are shown the door or a jail cell.

Take heart my friends...Ogden Valley just got its first Liquor Store! And for the first time in the history of this State Ogden Valley has more non Mormons than Mormons. Hence the fight for justice over Powderville. Some of you incidentally might consider contributing to the legal defense fund of the disenfranchised (by the Mormon leadership of the Utah State Legislature) residents.

There, I said it! "Yea but", and "what if" it to death in order to obfuscate the real truth if you like. I am certain there are those still so blind they can not or will not ever see "the truth".

Brett said...

Oz Boy raises an interesting question: "Do birds of a feather truly flock together?" I believe they do. Both my mother and grandmother used that phrase when, as a child, I would bring home some unsavory "friends." An end to that "friendship" was the result of their disapproval, and time proved them right. Let's look at who is friends are: Scott Brown, who has had a couple of harrassment suits filed against him, allegedly had porn on his city-provided computer, who has said he would do whatever it took to do the things the Mayor asked him. His name has been mentioned in conjunction with the fires at the Shupe-Williams bldg. and the old hazardous and vacant homes in the river project area; Gadi Leshem, who was found guilty of not paying to the federal government employee federal
taxes that he withheld; Val Southwick, indicted and found guilty of bilking a number of people (including Godfrey) of millions of dollars and the lifesavings of some of them. Godfrey went to his sentencing trial and said that he wasn't a bad man and pleaded leniency for Southwick. Just of the top of my head, I can't of other shady characters with whom he has had dealings, but I'm sure there are more. I wouldn't want my name linked with his!

Curmudgeon said...


Sorry, N, but I don't think this is a Mormon vs. non-Mormon matter. It's a slimeballs vs. non-slimeballs thing. Mr. Patterson, representing the Godfrey administration, went after a political opponent by circulating an anonymous rumor involving the opponent's kid to coerce the opponent. And when he handed Councilman Stephenson that bucket of mud, instead of doing what any decent man would have done --- tell Patterson to do his own damn dirty work, that he wanted no part of Patterson's sordid scheme --- Stephenson meekly accepted the bucket of mud and began to sling it. Whether Stephenson is sufficiently decent to be ashamed of what he did, and to understand why he should be ashamed, I don't know. I sincerely hope is.

You can find people behaving decently in politics, and in their lives general, of all faiths. And, sadly, you can find people of all faiths behaving despicably.

To try to make this an LDS vs. non-LDS matter distorts what happened and why, I think, and raises a false issue when we need to keep focused on the real one.

What will it cost us said...

Sorry Curm I do agree with Namaste and how the Mayor has set up a Mormon Mafia so to speak having most if not all department heads from his circle of ward members. The businesses that he supports also belong to the local wards. The closed on Sunday businesses at the Junction that should be open 7 days a week when kids are out of school and weekends. I'm glad Iggy's is at least open on Sundays.

When Ogden had Gentile Mayors Like Perry in the good old days Ogden flourished. There were street festivals, adult night clubs downtown, movie theatres that the Chamber of Commerce sponsored mattenees for kids. Today's kiddyland atmosphere downtown has put a halt for adult moneymaking enterprises, meaning restaurants and bars.

Look at the businesses in Ogden that have closed since the boy Mayor took office. Some of these businesses have been here over 80 years now gone. Look at the business that the mayor has turned away because it wasn't his idea or a friends enterprise. How much longer do we haver to look at the Windsor Hotel or Star Noodle in dis-repair. If Bruce Edwards owned these he would be racking up fines daily.

Integrity seems to be a bad word at Ogden City Hall. But insiders are afraid of the vindictive mayor and who pays them. Too bad they don't have a conscience and ferret out some incriminating e-mails.

Danny said...

This link above, posted by googler, shows what a slime bag Patterson is.

Graft, infidelity, sleaze, John Patterson covers the bases. Naturally, this slimy character found a home with the slimy Matt Godfrey.

Incompetent even in corruption, and having failed to frame Garcia, Patterson now throws slime at him on behalf of his slimy boss Matt Godfrey.

Slime. It’s what’s always on the menu - for Matt Godfrey.

Jesse, the people know the truth. Godfrey is only hurting himself. Even his supporters are backing away from this sleazebag.

Letter Writer said...

Years ago I wrote a letter to the editor, all completely factual, fully documented, that criticized the mayor's financial dealings.

Guess who replied with two, count them, two letters to the editor?

It was John Patterson.

John Patterson, it seems, working on the city taxpayer's money, is Matt Godfrey's political mudslinger - the guy who goes out and plays dirty so the boss can stay clean.

People like that usually are paid by the campaign of the politician in question. Why must Ogden City taxpayers pay for the mayor to have a personal, political mudslinger?

Danny said...

Patterson States,

"Jesse is the only person that brought his son's gang affiliation to the paper."

Oh really? Gee John, it looks like you're bringing it to the attention of the paper RIGHT NOW.

Gosh, it couldn't be an election year again could it? It couldn't be that Godfrey asked you to do a little race baiting, could it?

I'm sure that Godfrey's hand picked candidate in the race for Jesse Garcia’s seat won't have son who’s a gang member. Hey John, better make sure you work that little tidbit into your commentary. Good John, very good. Godfrey will remember this come promotion time.

Danny said...

Patterson is lying. He knows full well the contract between the mayor and OWCAP is not the issue.

The issue was the mayor zeroed the budget for Marshall White.

That is still the issue. That is what Garcia became concerned about. Note that even now, Patterson still will not address the issue that started all this.

Patterson and Godfrey clearly think they can say anything and have people believe them. People should realize instead, that they can believe noting either man says.

Anonymous said...


Standford University has a electronic link to a free online textual analyzer.

For giggles and whatnot, I just ran a smattering of recent WCF posts through the cut and paste interface.

I am analyzing the results to say that 2/5ths of these recent posts are the same person.

My suggestion would be to create an account, and give your posts a little consistency/credibility.

That's what Rasputin J. Svengali would have done, surely.

Just sayin`.

Danny said...


Give us the link, smart Alec.

There's nobody else like me. And nobody else can write like me.

Nobody, pal.

blackrulon said...

I am curious about the time frame of not supporting the MWC. When the city found the money to repair the flowrider where did the money come from. Was this expenditure of city funds to repair the damanges caused by faulty design or engineering? Was this money that would have been used to fund the MWC? Was a claim made against the city insurance to cover damages? Were the people involved in the design or installation held liable? Was money budgeted diverted to repair the flowrider?

Danny said...


If memory serves, the contractor did kick in about 25% of the repair cost, so they said. Of course, the contractor is close crony of Godfrey's so who knows what really happened.

But you make a good point. Whether it's fixing the flowrider, paying for Sal Center, finding cash for Velodrome or any other BS Godfrey finds the money - plenty of it. Money for contractor cronies is always available.

When it comes to money for Marshall White or Union station or things people really use and want - oops - no money - we gotta cut it.

The Godfrey Administration is a crime syndicate operating to generate kickbacks for the mayor. Use that premise and in addition to everything making sense to you, you'll find the mayor is also very predictable.


Just funnin' with ya bro. Let's meet. Have your factor contact my factor.

Only One...That's Why They Call Him MONOtreme said...

Don't you mean 40.3723% of the recent WCF posts are authored by the same person, Bobby?

disgusted said...

the news article referred to above

By Stephen Speckman
Deseret News staff writer
Published: Monday, Nov. 11, 2002 10:15 a.m. MST
WEST VALLEY CITY — Dogged by what he called rumors that just won't die, 11-year city manager John Patterson resigned Thursday night.

"I love West Valley City. I don't want to do anything to take away from this community," an emotional Patterson said over the phone Friday. "This has just got to end."

Mayor Dennis Nordfelt said Patterson, who is married, received disciplinary action at an annual performance review Tuesday, during which he was told not to continue an "association" with a former West Valley employee. The woman was Patterson's assistant at one time.

According to Nordfelt, the two were seen in a car Oct. 14 at the Valley Fair Mall. Patterson had been told previously to sever ties with the woman, he said. Tuesday, Patterson received what Nordfelt called a verbal reprimand and "informal probation" that was to last indefinitely.

"He was told he had crossed the line," Nordfelt said.

He said the disciplinary action was taken because several people felt Patterson's relationship was having a negative impact on morale and rumors about it were creating a "lack of confidence and trust." Nordfelt said there was no evidence of any "immoral" behavior and that the relationship was simply too close to be professional. It was affecting Patterson's ability to lead the city, the mayor said.

the rest of the story said...

"We may have been close at one time, but we are not now," Patterson said of the woman. "I wish that people would just have allowed the past to remain there and allow the rumor-mongering to cease and desist."

The resignation is effective immediately.

Both the mayor and seven-year City Councilman Russ Brooks said Patterson will be missed.

"John was kind of like the grease that went to the wheels to get things done," Brooks said. "We're going to continue to move forward. We're losing someone we all had respect for."

Assistant city manager Wayne Pyle will fill Patterson's post until the City Council can find a replacement. Patterson said he will seek employment outside of Utah. He'll probably get a severance package, Nordfelt said, along with next year's salary, which is around $120,000.

The resignation came on the heels of allegations from Utah Legislative Watch state director Claire Geddes that Patterson acted unethically in his efforts to raise money for the former assistant's daughter, a Miss America pageant candidate.

Patterson sent 27 letters on city letterhead to contacts last August, asking for monetary donations. The recipients, some of whom had done business with West Valley City, were asked to donate $500 or $1,000 so the daughter could cover the high costs of competing in the national pageant. Patterson, who has raised money for a variety of charities, raised around $8,000 for the unsuccessful candidate.

"This was not a charity," Geddes said. "It benefited a friend."

Geddes said the state sorely needs an ethics commission with rules that prevent any government employee from fund-raising during company time, particularly with business contacts.

West Valley City attorney Paul Morris and assistant city attorney Rich Catton, who teaches an annual ethics session to city employees, including Patterson, looked at state law and decided Patterson had done nothing illegal. Catton said the law reads that a government employee should not seek or solicit gifts of substantial value if it would tend to improperly influence a "reasonable" person in how they faithfully discharge their public duties.

Blaine Carlton, a partner in the law firm Ballard, Spahr, Andrews and Ingersoll, received a letter from Patterson. The law firm has helped handle city financing matters in the past. The firm itself was unable to donate, but about $300 was raised after Carlton sent e-mails to employees of the firm.

"If you feel like contributing," Carlton said he told the employees, "that's great. If you don't, that's fine too."

Geddes said she had no intention that Patterson should be fired or resign. And Patterson said Friday he was prepared to weather the fund-raising storm. Only after rumors resurfaced about his relationship with the pageant candidate's mother did Patterson consider resigning.

"I just regret that anything I may have done in the past, that people have not allowed to die, would surface and cause any kind of disgrace to come to West Valley City," he said. "I don't want that to happen."

Patterson is credited with helping to bring to West Valley City the E Center, Hale Center Theater, Family Fitness Center and, most recently, a $10 million 20,000-person capacity amphitheater. The former Smyrna, Ga., city manager also had a hand in increasing the West Valley City police force from 102 officers to 187 and in helping to restructure city debt for a more firm financial footing.

Brett said...

Comment bumped to front page

Curmudgeon said...

Comment bumped to front page

Curious 1 said...

OK can Patterson or anyone prove that Garcia's son is involved with any gang, police report, what proof or is this just slimy rumors. What kind of mischef has Pattersons kids or Godfrey's kids gotten into?

To mention this twice in an article for an ordinance passed over 2 years ago is just muck raking at the worse. Maybe the citizens and voters can see through this kind of politics.

Geiger has a police record for stealing a political sign last election and yet he is one of the chosen buddies of this administration.

I don't see any pure hearts anywhere in city government or Ogden Politics.

Anonymous said...

Patterson functions as a Political Operative, similar to GG Liddy, Rahm Emanuel, and others of note I could name.

They get things done.
If you agree with what they are doing, they are the silent heroes of many a Haymarket, a Stonewall, a Policeman's Ball, or the usual government-contract number fudging/hotel break-in.

monotreme said...


Mr. Paterson may aspire to that league, but like his boss, he's strictly small potatoes.

Liddy and Emanuel are both intellectuals, and incredibly charismatic as well.

That's what makes them dangerous when you get on the wrong side of them.

Mr. Patterson, on the other hand, is just a third-rate hack. In any other city, like Smyrna, Georgia or West Valley City, he would've been discarded like yesterday's fishwrap.


Curmudgeon said...


G. Gordon Liddy is an intellectual?

What color is the sky in your world, Mono?

monotreme said...


G. Gordon Liddy is smart. I don't agree with him, but he's smart.

Curmudgeon said...


OK... shrewd may be a better term, but I won't quibble. However, being smart does not, by itself, make someone an intellectual. The term connotes something more than just that, I think.

googlegirl said...

G. Gordon Liddy

monotreme said...

You're right, "intellectual" was a poor choice of words.

Still, I don't think Messrs. Patterson and Godfrey are in the same league as Liddy or Emanuel, regardless of the sport being played.

Bill C. said...

Hey, you guys left out the fact that in the police report the officer states that they were having sex in the car. This is no small detail, Pattersons defense never ackknowleges that the relationship was that intense.
I wonder if he keeps tabs on her whereabouts vigilantly now?
It's interesting that everyone speaks so glowingly of our men in uniform, especially our public figures, yet when ever they file a report, an eye-witness account that involves an official, no one trusts them. Godfrey's slapping his wife in a patrol car, Patterson's clandestine,vacant area of the mall parking lot boinking his office subordinate, gotta wonder.

Stupid is as Stupid does said...

Godfrey is such a punk he has to have Patterson fight his battles for him.

It's obvious these two gays are racists!!!!

By the way I wonder if Godfrey will call the Chief and have him follow him around, after all he pissed of all the hispanics.

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