Thursday, June 11, 2009

OWCAP Ducks Tonight's Marshall White Center Public Hearing

An early glimpse into the anti-public attitude of Godfrey's chosen Marshall White Center private sector management team
"No matter what I say, they will attack me, and I would probably attack back," he said. "There is potential for a dogfight, and I don't feel like being in a dogfight. There is a signed contract. Why do we need a meeting? It's a done deal."

Donald Carpenter
Aministrator, Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership

OWCAP leader says he's not going to meeting on Marshall White future
June 11, 2009

"It's unfortunate," Cook said, adding the city council hopes to use information from the meeting to assist it in finalizing the city's fiscal 2010 budget, which is slated for approval Tuesday. [...]
"It's not done until he has money, and the council hasn't made a decision (about funding for the Marshall White Center)."

Bill Cook
Director, Ogden City Council

OWCAP leader says he's not going to meeting on Marshall White future
June 11, 2009

Interesting new twist in the Marshal White Center story. Far from just throwing in the towel, and acquiescing to Boss Godfrey's back room decision to turn the center over to the OWCAP non-profit, the city council has set up a special public hearing at tonight's 5:30 p.m. work session, to take public comments, as the council considers the Godfrey/OWPAC management agreement, within the context of the yet to be approved FY2010 budget. OWCAP Director Donald Carpenter however has suddenly announced he won't deign to show up for this meeting.

It's apparent we're already getting an early glimpse into the anti-public attitude of Godfrey's chosen Marshall White Center private management team, as OWCAP Director John Carpenter can't for the life of him imagine why the grubby lumpencizens (or the council) should have any say regarding this matter. This brand of petulant behavior doesn't bode well for the future, we believe, if Godfrey succeeds in installing OWCAP to run the center.

Ace Reporter Schwebke has the story about Mr. Carpenter's last-minute council/lumpencitizen snub here:
OWCAP leader says he's not going to meeting on Marshall White future
Needless to say, with or without Mr. Carpenter's attendance, tonight's work meeting is one which steely-eyed Ogden City Godfrey watchers will not want to miss.

Update 6/11/09 4:11 p.m. We checked with gentle reader Dan this afternoon. Notwithstanding his two most recent Live Bogging posts, Dan will be properly taking the night off tonight... to celebrate his birthday with special friends.

We'll chime in right now on behalf of all Dan's MANY WCF friends and wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

In his absense, we're led to believe that Scott Schwbeke will be reporting tonight's work session a in realtime, via Twitter.

This will be very interesting. If Schwebke reports tonight's council work session proceedings in realtime, how will he clear his usual sappy, pro-Godfry reporting, minute by minute, with his Godfrey administration handlers?

We suppose we'll soon find out.

Don't blow it, Schwebke!

Tonight's event, which starts up in about one hour, is bound to be very interesting, fer shure.


Wm III said...

Let's not forget ...

Detective Sergeant Marshall N. White

Ogden Police Department

End of Watch: Friday, October 18, 1963

Biographical Info
Age: 54
Tour of Duty: 15 years
Badge Number: Not available

Incident Details
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Date of Incident: Tuesday, October 15, 1963
Weapon Used: Rifle; .32 caliber carbine
Suspect Info: Apprehended

Detective Sergeant Marshall White was shot and killed by a juvenile who had broken into a home. Neighbors called police after hearing glass breaking and seeing a juvenile enter a house on Quincy Street. Sergeant White and five other officers responded to the break in. He and three officers entered the house and proceeded down a hallway leading to the bedrooms. As they were halfway down the hallway, the suspect came out of a bedroom armed with a .32 caliber carbine. Sergeant White attempted to talk the suspect to surrender the rifle. The suspect fired the rifle and struck Sergeant White in the abdomen. The suspect retreated into the bedroom and the two officers were able to take Sergeant White outside where he was transported to a local hospital. Detective Sergeant Marshall White died three days later from his wounds.

The officers remaining on the scene were able to talk the suspect into surrendering. The juvenile suspect was charged as a juvenile with felonious assault, escape from a juvenile facility, larceny and third degree burglary prior to Sergeant White’s death. There are no reports if the suspect was charged with Sergeant White’s death.

Detective Sergeant Marshall White served fifteen years and was an Army Air Corps veteran of World War II. He is survived by his wife, three sons and four daughters.

Curmudgeon said...

A couple of points come to mind. First, Mr. Carpenter's arrogance [bordering on contempt for the Council] explains why the Mayor finds him so congenial a man to deal with. They share the same attitudes toward the principle of open government [they're agin it, and prefer to work in secret], and they both look upon the Council as an occasionally minor annoyance that can safely be treated with contempt.

But the article [and kudoes to the SE for digging the story out in advance of the meeting] raises a serious question: is the future of the MWC a "done deal?" Does the Council in fact have no say in the matter? Mr. Carpenter does have a signed contract, as he says. But that contract calls for the city to pay his organization a subsidy of $30,000 a month for the first six months of the coming fiscal year. And it's the Council that is now working on and the Council which must approve the budget for that year. What if the Council refuses to put the $30,000 a month subsidy for Mr. Carpenter into the budget? What then?

If Mr. Carpenter is right, the deal is done, and the Council has no say in the matter and must approve the subsidy, then he's also right that tonight's meeting is pointless. But if the Council does have to approve the subsidy, then tonight's meeting matters a great deal.

We can only hope that when the Council considers the future of the MWC, it takes into account Mr. Carpenter's arrogant contempt toward both the Council and community residents concerned about the Center's future. Should someone with those attitudes be entrusted with operation of Ogden City's Marshall White Center?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like CAP has already been attending the PowerExec Now! seminar with Godfrey and the local real estate flipping crew, down at the Marriott.

Except they forgot powerpoint 7:
Own Your Executive Decisions.

Linda S. said...

Godfrey has absolutely no respect for Ogden's traditions and institutions, and even less for Ogden heroes like the great Marshall White.

Ozboy said...

The council will roll over and give the mayor and his buddy in secrecy everything they want - as usual.

The mayor is miles ahead of the council in brain power and chutzpa. His Machiavellian political skills are unmatched by the council and his ruthless dishonesty will rule the day every day until and unless the council somehow miraculously grows a pair.

Ultimately it is the citizens of Ogden who pay the price for his perfidy and the council's lameness. It is unfortunate that there are only three people of wisdom and integrity on this seven person council - all women I might add. Until the voters of Ogden change this basic arithmetic we will not see anything different from this morally bankrupt city administration.

Will said...

Mr. Carpenter is looking for a non insignificant city council handout. the least he could do is show up at the meeting which has been set up at least partly for his benefit, and perhaps learn to say "please" and "thank you".

Anonymous said...

Are any of the male persons on the council in "good physical shape"?
Or are all these decisions about a recreational facility being rubber stamped by those who cant even make it to the car without huffing and puffing?

If we are going to have this town be !Adventure City Ogden! we should have some city council members who look like they could take off their money belt and go rock climbing.
Not a bunch of pasty, over weight, sleep apnea befuddled fat cats?

monotreme said...

Ogden City would be in a lot better shape if Mayor Godfrey would spend more time helping his son earn Merit Badges.

Tom Tooter said...

Yeah RJ! Lets jump on those lazy fat guys on the council! Because, we are certainly granted such svelt vixens in Jeske and Wicks! hubba hubba!!

Tooter is a Goober said...

Amy Wicks, the Ogden City Councilwoman who was just elected the hottest female official in Utah

Whatsammata Tom Tooter? ya's don't like hot women?

Lionel said...

I think Mz Wick's election as the "hottest female official in Utah" is at least a year old, certainly not "just elected"

In any event, she is one hot, and intelligent, council woman. In fact one former council man with a taste for fine women referred to her (strictly in private) as "The Smoldering Volcano!"

He certainly didn't get any argument from me! Yes indeed, we do love Amy for many reasons. First and foremost she, in her hotness, is a very fine representative of the people of Ogden - just brimming over with brightness and integrity. Her only short coming in my opinion is that she doesn't reach over in council session and smack that lying little bastard Godfrey in the chops.

democrat said...

Just remember who has done this krap to you come election time!!!

TLJ said...

An election that cannot come soon enough

David S. said...

I find it interesting the number of times lately that a Geiger or a subordinate of Godfrey's (see Patterson's comments on SE Twitter) is making a point that Godfrey is not a liar.

Well, what about his claim, and Patterson's, that they had $2M private money raised for the ice tower? Nobody believed them at the time. How does one account for Godfrey and Patterson's statements, other than it was a lie?

And in the case of Marshall White, it seems Godfrey had a meeting to assure residents that the center would stay open and operating as-is, just under new management. Surely this was a lie.

And what about the claim that Godfrey wanted the golf course committee to be independent, and he therefore refused city council participation, all the while he knew he, himself, was a member of the committee? Moreover, the committee recommendations mirrored the water study, which took it's baseline assumptions from Godfrey a year prior. Surely, the golf course committee, as well as it's claimed independence, was a transparent fraud.

The list goes on. Now, Godfrey is called a liar at almost every turn. Why not?

BTW, I saw Dan S tonight enjoying his birthday - just happened to be in the same place at the same time. A real happy bunch they were. Godfrey's characterization of some of them as gloomy, lurking naysayers, it seems to me, is another falsehood.

Strangely, at the same locale, at another table and entirely by accident, was a former WCF favorite blogger, who has been silenced by Godfrey's intimidation. He is missed.

All in all, a nice bunch of people undeserving of the scorn some of them have received by the mayor and as printed in the paper. It seems we have yet another lie.

monotreme said...

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Curmudgeon said...


?? What lady? What protest?

monotreme said...


Mayor Godfrey and his minions protesting their truthfulness. Or truthiness, at least.

Curmudgeon said...


Ah, ok. What I keep being reminded of when I see their posts is Nixon's famous [and famously false] insistence that "I am not a crook." He was.

Bill C. said...

I have to tell you, this issue could not have been handled more poorly than it has been. What exactly was the reason for the secret and hurried signing of a very poorly written contract? The only one I can see is that now the mayor and his administration have removed a responsibility that they have neglected totally since he first took office.
All Patterson offered were future promises based on hearsay from third parties about all the neat things that owcap might be able to do, sometime in the future. The contract will not change, recreation will disappear from the facility. The original purpose of the facility is now officially DOA. Rather than a win-win solution for all the stakeholders there will be a significant number of losers, and the orchestrator of this injustice is too cowardly to face them, field their questions and make his case. Truth be told, he's been trying for this outcome for nine years, all these future promised good things could have been attempted long ago but weren't important enough to waste an effort. It's rather obvious that these folks aren't the right fit for his interpretation of what this place should look like, now they're not his problem. Another public amenity passed into private hands with no consideration of the people it was created to serve.
Lying little matty gondola godfrey is a morally bankrupt dishonest coward and this is a shining example of that fact, but he don't care. In his mind he won.

Ozboy said...


It is not lying, it is called telling flexible truths. Our dear mayor is a master of it.

I do not mean to cast dispersions on the Mormon Church, but if you dig around in the dusty corners of its history you will also find precedence for a concept called "Lying for the Lord". Perhaps High Priest Leader Godfrey is finding justification for his frequent and blatant lies therein?

Or maybe the little feller doesn't even know when he is lying.

Given the following description I snagged of the net, and which the mayor seems to fit very closely, perhaps he is a Pathological liar:

A pathological liar is usually defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. Pathological lying is often viewed as coping mechanism developed in early childhood and it is often associated with some other type of mental health disorder. A pathological liar is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused - it is done to get one's way). Pathological liars have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. A pathological liar often comes across as being manipulative, cunning and self-centered.

Louise said...

the following was in the Standard on 3 June - by "Strange Days". It is a partial list of the recent lies of Hizzoner da Mayor:

Mayor Godfrey lied about crime statistics.

He lied about where he was going to build water tanks.

He lied about giving up on a flatland gondola proposal.

He lied about trying to sell Mt. Ogden park to his developer friends.

He lied about the River Project.

He lied about bringing a Wal-Mart to downtown.

He lied about where the money to pay for the Salomon Center is coming from.

He lied about the American Can building.

He lied about the ice tower and the velodrome.

He lied about using a city-owned facility for political events.

He lied about FNURE, a shadowy non-entity that gave money to his cronies' campaigns.

He lied about his own campaign finance.

Now he may or may not be lying about communicating with City Council regarding the shuttering of the Marshall White Center.

So why should we believe him now?

What will it cost us said...

Comment moved to new article

momba said...

I am amazed at the amount of angst Svengali can cause amongst the knee-jerkers. Obviously, they have no sense of satire. They probably think that Swift penned a children's cookbook.

Anderson isn't a Godfrey-ite and to make such an assumption shows knee-related blindness. Give the men a chance (Svengali and Anderson)!

How can we reasonably discuss ANYTHING when people keep lobbing flaming cocktails into the discussion?

Oh wait! Maybe I'm missing the satire in the knee jerkers. Hmmm... Let me think this over. More later!

momba said...

Back to the original discussion. I remember being proud of my community when it established the Marshall White Center. It recognized the service of Officer White AND the real need to provide a valuable asset to traditionally neglected parts of our town.

If we can help the rich (read: The Junction) we can certainly continue to provide a community center at the Marshall White Center. To say we cannot afford one means we cannot afford the other. Hypocritical on the part of the administration, I would say. I seem to remember that the INTEREST on the Junction is more than the entire cost of the MWC.

Godfrey should admit that his bad administration of our community assets is the cause of his wish to wash his hands of the MWC. As someone has suggested previously, getting rid of his "(bad) advisors" would go a long way for paying for his mistakes.

Please, City Council!

Call him on this outrageous abuse of power. He should not be allowed to get away with this complete disregard for a valuable community institution.

captain jorts said...

just let me stick a golf club up mattys little pussy ass as long as you put money on my books in jail

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Dude, that is not right.

The Lovely Jennifer said...

RJS, thank you. Captain Jorts needs to walk the plank.

Mono, What lady?

monotreme said...

Lovely Jennifer:

See comment to Curm above. No lady, but I wanted to get my Shakespeare quote right. Professors are watching.

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