Saturday, December 12, 2009

KSL News: NASA Contractor Laying Off Another 800 Employees

Let Nature take it's course. Nature works. Godfreyism doesn't

By Danny

I don't know if anybody saw this. It's ATK Systems I'm talking about:

Video Courtesy of

That's a total of 1350 relatively well-paying jobs in the "Top of Utah" gone.

As Godfrey continues to ask the city council for subsidies for his big, bloated government and staff, implying things are getting better, the city council should consider reality.

"Reality": The opposite of "Godfrey."

Or, they could vote for more of Godfrey's "spend-o-rama" and look forward to more and higher paid bureaucrats, more dusty vacant lots, and more vacant business space.

OR, they could cut government spending and regulation, and let Nature take it's course. Nature works. Godfreyism doesn't.


Loves Ogden City Politics said...

Look at the bright side. Maybe David Smith will get laid off, thus enabling him to run a slam-dunk Ogden City Mayoral Campaign in 2011.

Pizza Delivery Boy vs. A "retired" rocket scientist.

Gotta say I love the concept.

David Smith for Mayor in 2011!

ozboy said...

I totally agree with the concept of David Smith becoming Mayor of Ogden. However, I doubt very seriously that any one in their right mind would lay him off from his current position. Usually when these large lay offs happen it is the dead wood that gets cut first. David Smith is certainly not dead wood in any telling of the story. Mayor material - yes; dead wood - no.

David S. said...

Thank you for the nice comments.

But my wife doesn't want me to take the pay cut.

Abraham Shreeve you neighbor said...

Don't complain about those jobs, just keep on voting for us republicans and those worker will be better off in the long run. after all this is the best managed state in the whole united states of Mexico.
I wish that I can be as great as all those that took over my jobs.

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