Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nobody In the Mt. Ogden Neighborhood Should Answer Their Door After Dark

Seems that Boss Godfrey may be now working the Mt. Ogden Park neighborhoods after sunset, to sell his East Bench Bulldozer Plan, whilst handing out freebie "Mormon Blessings" along the way

This is interesting. We've learned from several property owners along the periphery of Mt. Ogden Park that Boss Godfrey seems to be "walking the voting precincts," even though an Ogden City municipal election is not imminent.

Reports say that Boss Godfrey has been ringing doorbells and pounding doors along Taylor Avenue (right across from Mt. Ogden Park) after dark.

Here's what's reliably reported to have happened on last Tuesday night:

Boss Godfrey showed up at the doorstep of the wife of an ex-city councilman from the sixties after dark, around 8:00 p.m. (Coincidentally, as Ogden City olde-timers will possibly remember, it was her councilman husband who hammered-through the Malan family Mt. Ogden Park parcel as a donation to Ogden City.)

Like an aggressive door-to-door salesman, Godfrey managed to get his foot in the door that night, and invited himself "in."

Once he was inside, he expounded on the great things he had planned for the Mt. Ogden Park neighborhood, asked this poor woman to support him, and volunteered that Mt. Ogden Park would never be changed "within her lifetime."

Finding out that she was suffering from "health problems," he also mentioned that he was "on the Mormon High Council," and administered a "free" Mormon blessing before he left.

Another little old lady on the street heard a similar doorknock. Instead of answering the banging on the door however, she called the cops. An OPD squad car was dispatched to the site immediately.

We don't know whether Godfrey's door-knocking was interrupted that night by one of "Ogden's Finest."

Nevertheless, we're gonna suggest that nobody in the Mt. Ogden neighborhood should answer their door after dark.

Warning: It could be "the insufferable little lord" knockin' on your door.

And one other thing. If you live in the Mt. Ogden neighborhood, and Godfrey knocks on your door during his apparent door-to-door campaign to build good will for his gargantuan $143 million condo/hotel/golf course boondoggle... we'd love to hear all about it.


flummoxed non-mormon said...

"Finding out that she was suffering from "heart problems" before he left, he also mentioned that he was "on the Mormon High Council," and adminstered a "free" Mormon blessing before he left."

I don't know much about the Mormon Church. But I have to ask whether the door-to-door blessings concept is proper within the Mormon Church.

Doesn't the Mormon Church have some kind of institutional protocol on this?

I think most other churches do.

Astonished Gentile said...

This is a very funny story! And one totally believeable to boot!

It seems to fit perfectly with some local stories which seem very odd, strange and/or "off the wall" to some of us non-LDS folks.

1. At local LDS funerals there are seemingly always those who hang out to make secret offers (on the cheap to grieving family members) for the soon to be vacated family property.
(This is unthinkably rude and low-life behavior for most folks.)

2. A neighbor with a wife, who for decades went nuts (paranoid schizophrenia), due to chemical changes when pregnant, was being threatened with castration by the Relief Society women. These women were charged with annually cleaning up tons of garbage/filth from within the house after long months of shut-in catatonic trances while chemically/mentally unbalanced.

Well, the neighbor, near the end of his rope after a decade of this; sought help from the Ward, and received a Bishop's reference for "professional help". The LDS High Council member "laid hands upon her, gave her his Mormon blessing" and charged the poor man about $500!!

A little lithium levels her out nicely, so all is well now. We neighbors can now shower with unlocked bathroom doors. (re Alford Hitchcock's movie, "Psycho".)

These little anecdotal stories make the Godfrey lobbying after dark seem perfectly within "characater" for some of the local "culture".

Still laughing out loud that any public servant/office holder would stoop to such incredible lows (assuming this is a true account)! And to think that it would seem Godfrey has lived long enough to learn and know just how incredibly unethical, if not immoral such behavior actually is.

The usual "bailout" is always, "Well, it is the same everywhere." Or the ole bandwagon rationalization. Before that one arrives, just let me say this. We have lived in seventeen (17) States and it is NOT the same "everywhere else"! There is much to love about Utah, for certain. But the "uniqueness of much of the predominant culture" does not qualify.

Just say'in...

Ogden Dem said...

Sorry but I find the 'stories' in these posts just too unbelievable - got any proof? Thought not.

BS Detector said...

Here's your problem Ogden Dem...

You can't handle the truth.

Astonished Gentile said...

Ogden Dem.

Don't know about the lead story and Godfey but have to tend to believe it is true based upon two confirmations from little ole women presumably to Rudi?....

As for the funeral dweebs and neighbor behavior/solution, all I can say is I have lived and been friends with the neighbor for twenty years now. And the best thing about him is he does not lie. And neither do I.

You can either believe it or not. Your choice.

"None are so blind as those who WILL NOT see." It is all around you if you simply look and listen.

RudiZink said...

I've interviewed both of these octogenerian women, both of whom I've known and trusted all my life; and I'll stand behind the facts I've reported above.

Whatta need, Ogden Dem"?

Sworn deposition testimony?

Blood oaths?

A signoff from Tom Monson?

Amazing how seemingly tough political wonks like you soften up when "Church Issues" become involved.

Astonished Gentile said...

Me thinks it is because most religions are based upon some facts but mostly require faith (or blind acceptance of what others report or interpret).

Should those who defend one of the more than 800 non traditional Biblical interpretations and fake "religions" suddenly toss out such faith in the "Flying Spagetti Monster"? Such as the Joseph Smith preversion of a stolen fictional manuscript, written in Chicago and plagarized into the Book of Mormon.

If I were taught from birth to adhere to such, I too would be reticent to abandon a life time of "faith" or what some might call brain washing. Whether it be a steadfast belief in "The Flying Spagetti Monster", Islam, or Mormonism, Ra, or ____ or whatever.

For folks like Ogden Dem, you really do need to search your soul (conscience) and question whether any "religion" which claims to be "the only true religion" and exacts a price (extorts) of either loss of family via excommunication, or death to the Infidels, is a valid religion. Is truly worthy of your "faith" in it.

Or if it is just another faux and false religion designed to manipulate and take advantage of good and innocent people for the purpose of paying the leadership immense riches and power over them...the ultimate "trip" for false prophets and evil men.

Curmudgeon said...

Well, guys....

1. If Hizzonah wants to lobby voters, residents to support his plans for MOGC, and he wants to do it door to door, it's his right to do so.

2. No one has to admit him, or agree with him, or even be polite to him [though I'd not recommend rudeness] if they so choose.

3. On the blessings matter: seems to me that, not being LDS myself, it's (a) none of my damn business and (b) the business only of the people actually involved. If the lady involved is LDS and looks upon such blessings as significant for her, it's nobody else's business. Whether such are approved of by the LDS Church is, again, its business, not mine, or the general public's. That part of the story seems to me mostly irrelevant to the Mayor's plans to peddle MOGD and MO Park to his developer friends to build vacation villas.

[Will you folks please stop posting things that force me to defend the Mayor's First Amendment rights? Defending him puts me right off my feed, it does. Right off my feed. Stop it, damn it. ]

Machman said...


Bless your liberal heart for reminding us of first amendment rights and such. You have a "beautiful mind". And understand the angst defending the Mayor's rights causes you.

But, the use of LDS doctrines and practices. The attempted use of "religious" intimidation or manipulation by a public servant (whether to little twit or anyone else) is part of the issue, it seems to me at least.

Something about separation from State, any church goings on... You know the stuff "progressives" like to holler bout and the ACLU gets its panties all in a wad about most of the time.

If the Mayor of Ogden wants to go door to door lobbying for his own plans for development in that area, that is one thing. Unusual...for sure but as you say, within his rights.

But for the Mayor of Ogden to go around advertising he is a "thrice blessed Saint" or High Church Official. And using that nonsense to influence the frail and older (read closer to death) LDS faithful... Well, it strikes me as inappropriate and yes very much relavent to what Rudi has presented.

If the high priest of Ra came to your door and lobbied for man-child sex for all in the North Ogden area proposed for development. And then offered an animal sacrifice or prayer ceremony making it clear the high priest of Ra was omnipotent and you were expected to follow his man-child sex edict for North Ogden, would that be OK?

I know you can argue the feathers off a goony bird. But I think you are a little off base with the "religious" influence argument being strickly his own business. It is, as Rudi says or implies, indeed everyone's business and relavent. At least in my own view.

Just say'in.

Voltaire's Ghost said...

"This is no time to make new enemies." - Voltaire, when asked on his deathbed to forswear Satan

Elder Benson said...

My guess is that it was one of the three wandering Nephites that showed up at the ladies' doors. Otherwise OPD woulda "nailed" em.

Rudi didn't mention whether the woman who was healed, by the way. It's certainly possible that she was.

Remember that the three wandering Nephites are shape-changers. Perhaps they merely POSED as Matthew Godfrey, while he was actually home slapping his wife.

Just a thought.

Northern Utah Satanist said...

I wish the Mayor would come a knockin a a proselytizin and a faith healin at my door, alone, on a dark night.

Really; please?

Astonished Gentile said...

Fascinating link Elder Benson!

"All 3 Nephites have taken up residence in Major metropolitan areas in recent times. One Nephite is in Kishiniev, Moldova, another in Salt Lake City, USA, and one lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel. This is because they nowadays like to live near where sperm banks have been established. It is not known exactly why -- but all of the Nephites regularly donate sperm. One Nephite has been reported to have made almost seventeen hundred deposits at one bank in Kishiniev, all within the same day! Mormon scholars believe that the Nephites have received direct communication from the Heavenly Father, even such which is is not known to any Mormon primates, seers and revelators. It seems that the communication commanded them to do is simply to reproduce ad nauseam.

Much of the increased human life expectancy not due to medical advances. It is because the 3 Nephites are in effect 'filling the gene pool' with immortal genes. The 3 Nephites are still polygamous (they were exempted from the official denial of polygamy by the then Mormon primate, Heber J. Grant (1918 - 1945), in his encyclical bull if 1938 . See Deseret News 1/23/38)."

This is fascinating stuff. All fictional bullshit of course. But still amazing crap. And to think there are people who actually believe this stuff is even more amazing.

Pest Symmetry said...

Not to beat on an already dead Mountain Meadows Massacre Child, but:

No belief system is more false than any other; you cant spell "Belief" without the word "Lie".

Next time you use the word belief, whether out loud or within your internal dialog, slap your self, hard.
Beliefs are always false.

Curmudgeon said...


I wish no one would ever campaign [for election or for a policy] on the basis of his or her religion. But most candidates or officeholders do. They nearly all, at every level, "advertise" [as you nicely put it] what church they attend, what faith they hold. It's the voters' job to sift the significant from the insignificant, the proper from the improper, the cringe-worthy tacky from the substantive.

I didn't like it when the Catholic Bishop in SLC denounced the pending health bill. I didn't like it when Jimmy Carter ran as a "born again" Christian. I didn't like it when Lieberman ran for veep as a Jew. I don't like it when religion enters politics at any level, either institutionally or via some candidate making sure voters know he's a devout Mormon in Utah or Baptist in Oklahoma, or Catholic in Boston or Jew in Queens. The results of faith-based voting for the public are nearly always unfortunate.

But there's nothing whatever illegal about it. Tasteless, tacky, and Jefferson and Madison would have been disgusted by it, but it's perfectly legal in the American electoral system. [Sadly, the courts have not accepted "because Curmudgeon doesn't like it" as sufficient grounds to declare the practice constitutionally unacceptable --- though clearly all reasonable people would agree that they should].

It's not illegal, M, for a candidate to say "vote for me because I'm on a mission from God!" [Michelle Bachman recently announced that God has told her to run again as "a warrior for Christ" was I think the term she used.]

Nor is it illegal, nor should it be, for an elected official to appeal for support on a policy by parading his faith to win voters' trust and support. Tacky, sure. But not illegal. It's just a variation on the "values" tactic. ["Vote for me because I share your values."]

We just have to rely on the intelligence and good sense of voters to see through such shameful appeals. Just as they should, and for the same reasons, see through the appeals of those who say "you can trust your retirement nest egg to me to invest because we go to the same church."

Ogdenite said...

It seems a very disturbing occurrence by the mayor has devolved into a mudslinging session against the local church.

Take note local church members. When Godfrey can freely and truthfully flaunt his High Council credentials, his disturbing actions can rightfully be associated with the church.

You done it to yourselves, Reed Richards and company.

dave said...

Mormonism is not a church, friend. It is a cult.

Astonished Gentile said...

"Pest Symmetry"

Try faith in God. Not some false Mormon God of a planet in a far away galaxy, but the one true God. You know, the one the World celebrates His Son's birth on Christmas day...

There is no lie in simple faith.

Parsing words to avoid the truth is a fools folly.

Churches have crosses on top said...

There is no such institution nor religious organization which is known as "the church", which locals seem to use to describe the local (and ONLY local) culture or as one says "cult" since its own prophet admits it is not a Christian church.

Folks need to understand that by referring to "the church" it is offensive on its own merits.

Churches have crosses on top and believe in the only Jesus, Son of God. Not some weird Joseph Smith con man variety science fiction cult like fairy tale.

ozboy said...

Astonished Gentile

When you wrote:

"........ just another faux and false religion designed to manipulate and take advantage of good and innocent people for the purpose of paying the leadership immense riches and power over them...the ultimate "trip" for false prophets and evil men."

you pretty much summed up all organized religions since the beginning of recorded history.

And NUS - I'm with you on that one. What a delicious fantasy to have Godfrey show up at my door after dark with no witnesses!

peterball said...

As a recent resident to Utah (4 years) I just want to let you know that outside of Utah, Utah has been described as the USA's only theocracy. Some folks truly believe that the church controls the government. In my 4 years here I have seen little that would change that view.

Morori McConkie said...

Anyone remember the character "Starbuck" from "The Rainmaker?" If there's any difference between that medicine-show charlatan and Godfrey and his snake-oil antics along the perimeter of Mt. Ogden Park, I'll eat my Hat-ful of Rain.

Curmudgeon said...

Well, there are some differences, maybe. Starbuck at least had style and knew how to put on a good show. Hizzonah hasn't and doesn't.

Being an effective CEO of a city, state or the nation is to some extent performance art and requires [let me use the technical term] pazazz. Some have it [Fiorello H. LaGuardia, FDR and Ronald Reagan], some do not [George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Hizzonah.]

ozboy said...


Funny that you should bring up the Rainmaker in comparison to Godfrey. I had those same thoughts back when he was making all his faith based promises about how the new Junktion was going to solve all of Ogden's problems. "Ya gotta have faith Lizzie"

AWM said...

Astonished Gentile: What's your point?..most of the folks posting here don't really care about Mad Godfreys blessing an elderly woman...we care about the underlying story..the east benches open space that the emaciated midget is trying to plow under. We "get" that you don't care for the dominant religion. Would this be an issue for you if Godfrey was a Catholic and tried to perform an exorcism? Get back on point..It's the bench land that's the issue

machman said...

I knew you would come out with something I can agree with eventually.

Just a matter of time and patience.

As much as I could not stand Slick Willie, I would have to add that bottom feeder politician to the with pazazz group. Also the fellow cad, JFK as well...

As for the present Boy President, he is rapidly building his own legacy somewhere beneath Jimmy Carter's.

Curmudgeon said...


As for this: As for the present Boy President, he is rapidly building his own legacy somewhere beneath Jimmy Carter's.

Well, Machster, it's a little early to tell, don't you think? At this point in Dubya's presidency, his approval numbers were in the 80s and folks, particularly on the right, were hailing him as a great president. Permit me to suggest that you're engaging in some wishful thinking [political right version], and leaping to a judgment well in advance of the evidence needed to make one soundly.

Mathew the Rainmaker Godfrey said...

The problem with you naysayers lurking around this blog is "You don't even know what faith is! And I'm gonna tell you! It's believing you see white when when your eyes tell you black! It's knowin' - with your heart"

Anonymous said...

Interesting, my Mayor the Faith Healer.
Faith healing on the fly; pretty cool Mr. Godfrey.

As our field of expertise, that of charlatanry and magick, we can attest to the efficacy of such an action.
Of course, studies prove that those who are prayed over die more often, by a slight margin.

An adept magickian can, using words and gestures familiar and comfortable to the culture-set of the mark: ease pain, lengthen life, cause or temporarily cure insanity, or allow the experiences forbidden or unaccessable by those of limited vision, by the shuffling herd.
Funny though, how people think their Gawds trump others Gawds, or that many Gawds are more nonsensical than one Gawd.
Seems right childish.

You can heal someone using your priesthood; you can heal using your priesthood even better, like freaking superman, if you know it is all made up.

Obama 2012

disgusted said...


I agree completely.

I suspect that Godfrey is about to start a new push on the golf course and park land. He's counting on what he preceives to be a shift in the Council now that there are new members. He will expect to at least get the chance to pass one or two of his agendas before the new members figure out that his word is no good.

We must make sure that the new members get an education of Godfrey's historical dealing and a perspective of how all the moving pieces fit together in his master plan.

Please stay involved in the process and get in touch with the new council members.

Machman said...


"Permit me to suggest that you're engaging in some wishful thinking [political right version], and leaping to a judgment well in advance of the evidence needed to make one soundly." Curmudgeon said...

Nope! As you will see next election most Americans are fed up and already sick of Obama and his Czars/radical leftists, and the Democrat agenda. And I am not "political right" or Republican either. I am again an independent and joined by the tens to hundreds of millions of others, including Democrats by the way who feel betrayed.

Enough is already enough from this self-serving empty suit stuck, on himself, at the expense of those he was elected to serve and not abuse.

And the tired old "Hate Bush" mantra is passe and now recognized for what it was. Grotesque hate speech from a mentally ill statist/liberal combine.

Stick a fork in it Curm, as the National Democratic Party is toast...done. Shot its wad. And this... whether the GOP moderates locate their backbones or not. The American people (not necessarily those few crazed incoherent nut cases who hang on this blog) have had a gut full of Obama and those behind him. Mark my words. This bastard is done. And it "ain't too early" to see it provided you have your eyes and ears open my friend.

AWM said...

Godfreys public "stance" (to make Ogden an outdoor mecca(I believe it already is at the local level)is violently at odds with his public "actions". Petersons original plan to partition the golf course and build 400 McMansions in a gated community didn't sell well with the lumpen citizens for obvious reasons. Unless you were in construction or real estate not much on the positive end of this was to be gained by the locals. Now it appears Godfrey is trying out different options of the original plan until he hits on one that receives less public resistance and still makes the amount of money that makes it worthwhile for the people that pull his strings. Peterson doesn't care whether it's 400 houses or a golf complex/hotel. He's driven by the money. How he gets it is irrelevant. You can bet if Godfrey is successful in this endeavor he and close family members will be employed by the folks that have the most to gain by the project(s)once his public stint is finished and he's back on the economy with the unclean masses trying to make a living. SMC had it right "not one square inch of public land from the benches on up should be developed" Why the little rodent can't accept this public stance espoused by those he supposedly serves is beyond. me...Oh I almost forgot..he doesn't serve the public...follow the strings to the money

Curmudgeon said...


You wrote: "Nope! As you will see next election most Americans are fed up and already sick of Obama and his Czars/radical leftists, and the Democrat agenda."

I remind you again that early public appraisals of presidents often tend to be radically revised once their term proceeds further. And I note yet again, as evidence of that, that the public you seem to think has rendered final judgment on the Obama presidency one year into it one year into Bush's term gave him approval ratings in the 80s. They didn't last.

Will Obama's ratings go up, down or stay roughly as they are? We don't know. Not you. Not me. Not anyone. None of us know what events will occur over the next three years. None of us know how the Administration will deal with them. In a few years, we will.

Basing a putative "final" assessment of a Presidential term on its first year has proven, historically, to be an uwise practice.

As for the "next election," if you mean the congressional elections, again, I'd note that historically, in off-year elections, the party that took the presidency and made substantial gains in Congress at the last presidential election loses ground in the the first off year election. Not always, but pretty consistently in the modern period.

I will pass by in bemused silence your apparent belief that the President is a radical leftist.

Machman said...


The President is a weak kneed puppet to the radical leftists and takes Pelosi and Reids leads along with the grotesque perverts and radical statists he has surrounded himself with.

Watching him closely for a year is clear evidence he is in fact an empty suit without scruples nor any convictions of his own. People like "Global Warming for profit" Al Gore and the international felon George Soros pull the strings of this puppet mouthpiece.

If you do not see it - it is becasue either you don't want to see it or just are not paying attention.

The "Executive Orders" he has issued are proof enough the man is a fool and does not have the best interests of the American people in mind.

They will certainly see this just as have the millions I mentioned previously and he will be a one term President, assuming he is not impeached and removed from office prior to 2012.

Hint: count how many times this dweeb says "I" or uses a personal pronoun in his speeches. He is a neurotically sick puppy and more evidence of it will continue to be exposed. The only troubling question is how much damage can he do before we are rescued from him and these statists in Congress. We need a political blood-letting for the next two or three elections ridding Congress of the New Deal FDR statists AND the moderate socialist leaning GOP and the business as usual career politicians with the corruption they now believe firmly is acceptable. It is not... and they are not.

But hey, at least we agree that the current Democratic majority is doomed come Nov. Or I think we do, your passive and stoic cautions not-with-standing.

Ben Franklin said...

Funny how people who are not capable of carrying this honorable President's school books, or who have lived lives that would disqualify them from even running for president, or basically just are ordinary Joes sitting on a couch after work, these are the ones who belittle him as though he was some sort of unaccomplished Bush. Sad state when a president is overwhelmingly elected, and he doesn't even get out of the gate before a small group of closet bigots, authoritarian-worshiping control freaks, and warmongering sour-grapers gets dissed like politics were some jr. high school corridor gossip cabal. Please, write more pathetic knee-jerk Eagle Forum drivel after you have accomplished 1/10th as much with your little back-woods teabagging life. Arch Conservative are straight-up losers and hypocrites, whether they win elections or not.

Flunked English said...

Obama is a Nancy boy.


Anonymous said...

It is amusing to read this back and forth between Curm and Machman. Curm comes across, as he always does, with sound reasoning and intelligent rationale, while Machman continues to give us nothing but this totally stupid and warmed over right wing nonsense that he recycles from his gurus - Limpaugh, Hannity, Savage, Coulter and the rest of the fear mongers. Really a one sided contest even though Curm obviously operating with his hands tied behind his back so that he doesn't make Machman look like the total fool he is.

Mrs. Weatherspoon said...

I like Obama because he is a liberal christian, and I support moving into the future with less contentious nations, less ugly stupid people, more wildly wildlife, less gross out pollution, we need a negative economic growth rate, less greed and more sharing, and more Jesus.
My man Obama also stopped raiding the marijuana grow ops in cali, and is looking toward making America less of a place where 1 in 100 are locked up. In the supposedly evil progressive euro country's their is less crime and more health and politeness. America lost its way during the red scare and nixon vietnam stuff, those same idiots are constantly trying to come back and do their fear everyone speeches and all the other nonsense. most people of most nations are totally peaceful. it is the business men who are now making war and buying entire countrys.
Republicans believe the exact same things Satan does, except they keep saying Jesus. Jesus would not recognize even recognize them.

Independent voice of reason said...

I love it! These incoherent baffoons like "Ben F., & Anonymous" can only attack the messenger because they can not stand the message.

Stand by for Nov. 2010 and we shall see who is correct about the National rejection of Obama's hero worship of FDR and his New Deal policies. I can't wait!

Even black Americans are being grossed out by Obama and his policies. Check out Star Parker's column "Back on the Plantation", read Michigan Senior Senator, John Conyer's on Obama. Basically get you head out of your own ass..."Ben F. and "Anonymous". You dumb turds are skipping around still chanting "Hopey, change. Hopey change." La La La. While most of America is registering its disapproval of your messiah with poll numbers consistently showing the largest freefall in approval ratings in American history.

Keep attacking Machman. You idiots are nothing if not entertaining.

Amazing - just amazing! said...

Mrs. Weatherspoon,

Not even a "liberal Christain" sits in the pews listening to and saying "Amen Brother" to a "Reverend Wright" yelling out "God Damn America!!!"

"We need a negative economic growth rate?" ect, ect. I would have to conclude you need a brain transplant!

age of enlightenment said...

Saying God Bless America is identical to saying God Damn Everywhere Else.
God bless the world.

AWM said...

Age of Enlightenment: Until there are more uniformed members of other nations buried on American soil defending "Our" freedoms then there are Americans buried in foreign lands defending theirs I'm OK with asking God to bless "US" just a little more than the rest of the world.

AOE said...

How wonderfully self-serving and Satanic of you. Satan obviously loves america best!

Machster said...

AWM, Age of Enlightenment, Mrs. Weatherspoon, Anonymous, "Ben Franklin", these are all pseudonyms for the same sick F___k troll. Only the blogmaster can keep these pond scum sucking dweebs at bay. Rudi must spend thousands of hours trying to do just that but it is impossible to catch them all.

I for one very much appreciate your sober and mature comments.

AWM said... need to use the vernacular of the peasantry to espouse your points in a public forum... Rest assured, I'm only posting under AWM. Lastly AOE, 124K of my countrymen and counting didn't make it home to our shores. Not sure how that fact is self serving to me...I'd rather have had them back alive.

ozboy said...

"Ben Franklin" said it best eleven comments back.

I suggest everyone back up and read it again, it is very well worth the time and effort.

Thanks Ben, you absolutely nailed it.

Independent said...

Help! Please! Can Oz, or Mrs. Weatherspoon, or Ben F., or Curm or anyone out there help me understand what the current Obama administration has actually done that most Americans would agree is good for the Country?

I want to cheer them on but am having difficulty trying to nail down any positive accomplishments after a year.

Seriously can you help?


AWM said...

Independent: Guns and ammo sales are through the roof...

Independent said...

OK..Guns and ammo sales are through the roof. I have definitely helped with that one.
How about:

-Transparency...CSPAN cameras, ect.?
-National debt?
-Bipartisan cooperation?
-Foreign relations?
-North Korea?
-International relations?
-Global Warming/Man-made Climate change?
-Cap and Trade/Environmental improvements?
-JOBS, Unemployment rate?
-Mainstreet Bailout?
-Wallstreet Bailout?
-Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac?
-Weekly partying at White House?
-Domestic Security?
Homeland Security?
-Gitmo closure?
-Transfer of Constitutional rights to KSM and the four other 9/11 terrorists?
-Executive Order reversing Reagan's 12450, which afford diplomatic immunity to the International Criminal Courts and Interpol?
-Golf and Basketball promotion?

If I missed any categories please help out and add any that most Americans really feel good about whether Dem or Repub.

Really, I do need to know what all those who think Obama is doing a great job to please help me understand why. Or at least help me have a more positive perspective relative to the current administration.

Don't be shy Oz, Curm, Bill C., Mrs. Weatherspoon, anonymous, and all of you gentle fellow bloggers.

AWM said...

Independent: Well played...well played indeed... I have nothing more to offer.

Curious said...

The silence is deafening!

AWM said...

Curious...i'm betting there is at least one out there right now beating on the keyboards to form a measured reply...wait...wait...wait for it..

non-affiliated said...

I don't think I can tell the difference anymore betweeen the two self serving parties. Neither party is any better than the other party once they get in control than the other.

Both parties are all about pork barreling and posturing.

We need term limitations, campaign spending limits and possibly a third party.

It's either that or a revolution.

MM said...

AWM, While we father was an Army Medic during WWII. He was killed near Leipzig, Germany 12 days before the war ended in Europe. My brother and I grew up poor and without a father.

My room mate, Pat Bogard, was killed during the Vietnam War. His body has never been recovered.

We served and fought and some of us died trying to do the right thing for people oppressed and abused and tortured and killed by tyrants and oppresive socialist governments.

It seems many on this blog either have forgotten about that or have somehow found excuses to hate America and those who have given their lives defending their right to say in one way or another they hate America.

I thank you AWM for your comments and unshaken patriotism.

Teabagger Echo Chamber said...

Public Employees Service Union member said...

Transparency and Accountability: Contrary to campaign promises to increase transparency and accountability, the Obama Administration has announced plans to rescind union accountability and financial transparency regulations implemented by the Department of Labor (DOL) during the Administration of George W. Bush.

So if you are a Union official you won't have to account for your salary or just about anything else! Now THAT's a good deal isn't it?

These regulations make union officials more accountable to union members and deter fraud and embezzlement. The DOL has convicted hundreds of union officials over the past eight years. Rescinding these forms will facilitate fraud and harm union members.

Aw shucks! Not so good after all....

The difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg said...


Nice way to repeat Faux News talking points from, oh, April 2009.

This is a local news/discussion blog (see the title: "Weber County Forum") and no one has enough time or mental energy to refute those who simply parrot dittohead sound bites.

Go get some relevant material to discuss and then get back to us.

Superman said...

Mr. Cook,
Please do not bring my good name into the fray. For when I am called upon to drive my golf cart faster than a speeding bullet, leap tall condominiums with a single bound, be more powerful than a gondola to Malan’s Basin, change the course of canyon streams and trails, and bend steel to construct mansions along the golf course fairways I don’t want to have my good name tarnished by association with all of you anti Mormon bloggers who know all, hear all, see all and do nothing. I will continue to fight the never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way without stooping so low as to attack ones beliefs for I am Kal-El son of Jor-El from Krypton. I will lead the charge to do what is right and let the consequence follow that being to ensure our east bench sanctuary and natural habitat is not destroyed.

Goose Cooked said...

"This is a local news/discussion blog (see the title: "Weber County Forum") and no one has enough time or mental energy to refute those who simply parrot dittohead sound bites.

Go get some relevant material to discuss and then get back to us."

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