Friday, December 11, 2009

More Truth Revealed Again in the Standard-Examiner "Letters" Column

We do hereby declare this day to be Dan Schroeder Day!

For those who missed it the first go-round on Weber County Forum, check out today's Dan Schroeder's hard-hitting letter, wherein this gem of a regular WCF reader/contributor again properly criticizes the Standard-Examiner in the hard-copy edition, for it's, shall we say, the Std-Ex's "Soft Approach" to the ethical breaches in Boss Godfrey's tyrannical Ogden City Government?

Here it is again, for regular readers who've forgotten, and especially for new readers who've googled Weber County Forum just today:
Many ethical breaches in Ogden
This one definitely deserves a reprise.

Given Dan's most excellent earlier contribution to the WCF blog today... we do hereby declare this day to be Dan Schroeder Day!


Sue said...

Thanks, Dan, for all the effort you put in for our community!

Rasputin said...

It is obvious that the city of Ogden suffers from the same sickness that all of Utah suffers from. Too much of one party with no give and take compromise politics that would help protect the pubic from the inevitable excesses. Take a look at Washington DC, they are running amuck with our tax money because there is no effective force to say stop! It is a clear example of the dangers of one party rule.

Stan said...

All hero's need a good bad guy to establish their heroic status. If it were not for our very own "bad guy" Godfrey, Dan would not be a hero at all, unless of course he started going after all the other low hanging political fruits we have here in Republican Utah.

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