Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ogden's 25th Street Surpasses Park City's Main Street As Party Destination

Another feather in the Godfrey administration's cap for sure!

By Curmudgeon

Ogden's 25th Street surpasses Park City's Main Street as party destination.... well, at least in the mind of one SL City bar owner.

In a Salt Lake Trib article today discussing Salt Lake's dropping its "only two bars per block" limit, Del Vance, who owns the Beerhive Pub in Salt Lake, told a Trib reporter this:
During his 25-year stay in Utah, Vance says he never could understand why the state's most liberal city had stricter bar regulations than the rest of the state. "Imagine Ogden without 25th Street," he smiled. "Or Park City without Main Street."
Wow. When thinking of a good time party street in Utah, Vance thought first of Ogden's own Historic 25th Street. The best Park City's Main St. could do was place. Another feather in the Godfrey administration's cap for sure!

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get er' done said...

Ogden is the destination place is because we have the best hooker, just ask any of them that work for the city. pun intended. This is a place that I know that I can take the kids for some hot cocoa after Christmas village.

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