Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Air 2d Worst In US

The SE tones down the headline for its searchable online news edition

By Curmudgeon

I picked up my dead-tree copy of the Standard-Examiner this morning to be greeted with this wonderful headline:
By Ra, there's a headline to warm the cockles of an Ogden Development Office headhunter, trying to sell Our Fair City as a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts --- so long as they don't breathe much, that is.

When I went to the on-line edition, though, there was a different headline on the story. On-line [and so searchable from out of state] the head line read:
Not quite the eye-grabbing impact of OGDEN AIR 2ND WORST IN US, is it?

But when the legislature meets, the Usual Suspects will gather in Salt Lake and give the usual speeches about the damned environmentalists with their communistic/socialistic whining about having clean air to breathe which will, the legislators intone on cue, "cost jobs and cost money." And after the speeches, we'll get the usual raft of "message bills" introduced targeting environmentalists instead of getting environmental legislation that might actually help matters.

I wonder how many jobs are lost and money to Ogden by headlines like this morning's in the SE? I wonder how many other cities, pitching businesses in competition with Ogden will include the SE headline and article in their presentations. I'm damn sure Ogden won't in its presentations.

Red Air Alert day today, by the way. The Utah Legislature's Republican Majority recommends breathing as little as possible until tomorrow at the earliest.


capitalist said...

Comment bumped to front page

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon

What with the putrid air in the state when the Legislature meets for 45 days starting in January, and now bad air in December, it is a miracle that the Pretty Great State of Utah gets any winter visitors at all.

choose an identity said...

Human stupidity and greed will continue until we are all fed soylent green, in little filth camps outside golden temples to the stars.

Nasty greed virus; capitalism;its a planet killer.

democrat said...

Get rid of the Republicans and it won't smell so bad.

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