Monday, December 28, 2009

Standard-Examiner Letter: Firefighters Grateful for Standard Subscription

A gentle anonymous benefactor comes generously to the rescue

While not exactly red-meat news, we've come upon something this morning, (whilst extensively googling), which put a smile on out face; and which we believe to be worthy of note.

Remember back in July of this year, when our penny-wise and pound-foolish mayor was cutting "nonessential" expenses (like window washing and newspaper subscriptions) "to the bone," in a comical attempt to address Ogden City's financially embarrassing $2.2 Million Tax Revenue Shortfall?

Ogden Firefighters were left in the lurch as a result of the City Administration's miserly cost cutting measures of course; and Standard-Examiner subscriptions were cancelled for all Ogden firehouses, leaving Ogden Firemen (and Firewomen) little to do but twiddle their thumbs between Leshemville fire emergency calls.

Well.. we found some good news on the SE's Live! Website backpages pages this morning, as we said; and we're pleased to inform our readers about another wonderful display of the Christmas spirit, inasmuch as a gentle anonymous benefactor has generously come to the rescue:
Firefighters grateful for Standard subscription
A Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat to you this morning, Mr./Ms. Anonymous Donor!

Good show!

We never cease to be amazed and humbled (sniffle) by the overwhelmng generosity of the "classy" citizens of our great little blue-collar town, i.e, Ogden.


Jennifer Neil said...

Yay for anonymous donors! I wanted to help do the same, but someone beat me to it ... Rudi, you're right about the FF's needing someting to do in between fires ...


ozboy said...

Makes me wonder why the cheap bastards that run and own the Standard just didn't kick in a few papers for our public safety people. Seems like that is the least they could do considering all the money they extract from Ogden and send back to Sandusky. I'm sure they throw a lot more that six editions away every day.

One more example of what a lousy corporate citizen the Standard is these days.

smoke in the hole said...

I suppose this is important to the FireFighters, inasmuch as the Standard often reports how Godfrey is planning to screw over them next.

Big Growth Ogden said...

Dood. Chill. Its just 400 condos, and a few thousand acres of bench land; and you get a new place to play that quaint and currently trendy past time of golf. I mean, we are talking golf here, right? What are you, anti-growth and anti white-man retirement sport also? Go back to hippyville , smart growth naysayer..

blake fowers said...

The other day I met Jeanette Ballantyne and I thought she was a OK person but her husband was a total twirp. Just thinking out laud.

Supporting Public Servants? said...

One would think that the SE staff would want donate their daily paper to the firefighters. It is it the right thing to do. Given that they chose not to and some anon has to pick up the price tag, I will cancel my subscription to the SE. They don't deserve my $$ or my support.

dump em said...


You have a good idea there, I think I will cancel my subscription as well. Heck, I don't read it much anyway, and my canary died to boot.

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