Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breaking: Bob Bennett Declares He Won't Run a Write-in Campaign In the June Primary

So far as we know, the Standard-Examiner is the first amongst the Utah media to report this blockbuster story:
Bennett won’t run as write-in candidate
Here's the word from the old geriatric swayback's mouth, hisself:
Bennett said his constituents and colleages urged him to run as a write-in, but he decided against it.
Bummer, huh?

Okay WCF readers... here's the final tally from the poll we put up several days ago:


Here at Weber County Forum we always love a good political scrap.

Too bad we're not going to get one of those in the Utah Senate race this year, we guess.



Dan S. said...

Sigh. It seems that my fate is to be right, but to be in the minority. :-)

words matter said...

Hey waittaminute, Rudi. Bennett merely said he won't run a write in campaign during the June primary. That doesn't mean he won't run one in the November election.

Stephen M. Cook said...

It always concerns me when there are obviously thousands of citizens who would make a better representative, than the one picked as the nominee in the primary processes.

Sending someone to Washington to represent Utah, simply because he is wearing the cool-haircut of the year: the "tea party nutjob", really does a disservice to most conservatives who have read history, know politics, and can reason their way out of high school.

It is one thing to get all knee-jerk because your party got soundly trounced in the last general election; it is another entirely to claim to want to "take back america" by espousing some Utopian and utterly unworkable far crack-pot ideology, and expect the nation to actually thoughtlessly follow you off a cliff into a set up for the end of the Republican Party.

Political parties do eventually go away, you all realize that, right?

Danny said...

Picking up from an earlier thread . . .

DJI is at 10,000 now after hours.

Last week, people said that 1000 point fall was due to a fat finger, a computer glitch, or whatever.

Well so here we are at about the same place we were then.

Hey, maybe it's that the market is actually headed for a crash, and that was just the beginning.

Maybe it wasn't computers that did it, but people.

RudiZink said...

That's right, Danny. And Gold is down right now, according to my Kitco real-time ticker, to 1183.

Where the hell are people going to park their money, as we move outta the eye of the economic hurricane and back into the economic high winds, I ask?

Obama shares, maybe???

Yeah... That's the ticket!

Danny said...

It seems as always, that where one must place his money changes moment by moment.

I think when it is all said and done, simply preserving cash will be very valuable.

Hyperinflation may be in the offing, but deflation seems to be on tap for now.

And it seems that the forces that were running up the market may be exhausted.

May be.

I think they will exhaust if they aren't already doing so. And when they do, it will be the end, really the end, and really, really bad.

I've always been an optimist. But we are living in interesting times now.

googleboy said...

"Now, here’s our 6th warning …

The Dow’s 1000-point “flash crash” of two weeks ago was NOT a fluke! Nor is today’s 376-point slide in the Dow!

These events are lightning bolts that strike deep into the market’s core … and that help light up the path ahead for anyone willing to look":

Our SIXTH Warning: Dow in Danger!

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