Thursday, May 13, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Ice Tower Project Gets the Ax

Public Services Director Lowder politely declines to describe the failed project as the dumbest proposed boondoggle in the Godfrey Administration's ten-year history

There has been a lack of funding to come in because of the bad economy.

Jay Lowder, Ogden City Public Services Director
Ogden's ice tower dreams melted?
May 13, 2010

May I be the first to propose that we change the name of the ice climbing tower to the Fortress of Mayoral Ego? I think we're getting some valuable insight into deep-rooted psychological issues here.

Gentle Reader Monotreme
The Fortress of Mayoral Ego
April 10, 2008

The Standard-Examiner reports this morning that on Tuesday night the Ogden City Council unceremoniously dumped Boss Godfrey's hare-brained "Fortress of Mayoral Ego Project" from the Ogden City 2011-2015 Capital Improvement Plan.
Ogden's ice tower dreams melted?
Ever-loyal Godfreyite department manager to the end, Ogden City Public Services Director attributes this action to "the bad economy," politely declining the opportunity to describe this knuckleheaded project for what it really was... possibly the dumbest proposed boondoggle in Boss Godfrey's ten years at the Emerald City mayoral helm.

As the smoke clears on this now deep-sixed project, only a single lingering question remains, or so it seems to us:

Will Godfrey crony John Gullo be demanding his $63 thousand donation/bailout back? Or will he be content to let this tidy sum permanently disappear down the Ogden City money hole?


Curmudgeon said...

Dan S. has this interesting comment on the story over on the SE site:

"It's too bad they didn't stick with the original plan of just setting it up in the winter, in a park, as cheaply as possible. Perhaps the operating costs still would have been prohibitive over the long term, but it would've been worth a try. That was Jeff Lowe's original intent and he made it clear to me last year that the idea of moving the tower downtown, and operating it all year, came from the city administration.

Sounds about right to me. A possibly viable idea for seasonal recreation in an Ogden Park turned into an un-sustainable bloated boondoggle by the Administration instead, which then collapsed of its own dead weight.

A friend of mine says often of incompetent administrators he has to deal with, "these guys could screw up an anvil." That came to mind in re: the Godfrey Administration as I read Mr. Schwebke's story this morning, and Dan's post.

Dan S. said...

Thanks, Curm.

Upon reading Rudi's quote from Monotreme, my thoughts jumped immediately to the velodrome. Its price tag is ten times that of the ice tower.

By the way, I'm about to head up to the top of 27th Street to pull more myrtle spurge. If anyone out there can help, meet me up there and bring work gloves!

OneWhoKnows said...

Lowder doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. Being loyal to the whims of the administration got Patterson to sponsor this retard to a position of incompency. That's the kind of people that runs the show there now, but it assures the mayor no questioning from his remaining staff. The blind leading the blind. Too bad, so sad! The 2012 elections are coming and they all will be out of their jobs. Hooray

ozboy said...


If it were only so easy to replace these clowns at city hall. Perhaps the next election will be known as the one where the great slumbering electorate of Ogden finally woke up and got hip to the insane clown posse that runs the place, I hope so, but I doubt it. This "wait till the election and we will shed the little incompetent creep like a snake does it's skin is the mantra that all us "naysayers" were chanting before the last election, the one that Godfrey won inspite of his dismal record and compulsive lying at the helm.

Moroni McConkie said...

Oz: A temple recommend covers a multitude of sins.

ozboy said...

Elder McConkie

My Rabbi has been recommending that I go to Temple for ages now. Are you telling me that with his recommend I can sin all I want for free? Are you sure that I have been carrying this pesky guilt around for nothin!

Danny said...

I wouldn't be opposed to the original idea of putting the existing ice tower hardware outdoors in Big D park.

But it will not be proposed for several reasons.

1. It will not allow the city to go into debt, thereby generating fees and interest for Godfrey's banking scum.

2. It will not be a major public construction project, generating profits for Godfrey's construction scum.

3. It will not need to be "managed", and will therefore not generate jobs for Godfrey's parasites.

In other words, putting it in Big D park, while potentially a good idea for the public, will not meet the overall objectives of Ogden City, namely, to support the Godfrey sleaze machine.

The Velodrome, on the other hand, would support these goals. Therefore, Godfrey will continue to push it.

cogran said...

I will repeat what sane people have been saying about !AVENTURECITYOGDEN!, ever since Cris Petersen bitch-cornered Matt Godfrey and gave him his build-it- and-they-will-come marching orders:
If someone wants to bowl, get all of your fellow bowlers together, and build yourselves a damn bowling alley.
Don't ask me to pay for it; I don't bowl; most Ogden citizens do not bowl.
The same goes for other temporary sports trends: golf, shuffle-board, cricket, tennis, ice climbing towers, etc.
You want one, you build it, with your money.
Don't tell me that these private-amenities should be a part of the city infrastructure.

This makes me a naysayer, or so I am told by the current administration; I proud of that label.
Along with being a naysayer, I also am one of the only people I know who are carry 0 debt, a 100% fiscal conservative.
My nation, however, consists of persons in defacto servitude to their banking overlords, all the while telling the government that they want Washington to practice fiscal restraint.
Poppycock. You are all mostly fiscal liberals, lying to yourselves.
But, your children know of your hypocrisy, they watched you spend more than you made for decades.

Build schools, roads, and contract for my garbage to hauled away.

Speaking of stinking garbage, when does the campaign to unseat the Boy Mayor begin?

Danny said...


Godfrey would argue that if he and your tax money does not get involved, the bowling alley or what have you, would not be built and moreover, "nothing would happen."

This, in spite of the fact that virtually all economic activity in Ogden happens with no involvement from Godfrey or the government and in fact, happens in spite of them.

But the parasites that surround him and feed him need your money. Since they are too incompetent to convince you to give it to them voluntarily, they ask Godfrey to coerce you into handing it over, and he gladly complies.

In that sense he is right. In terms of forcing your money from you and into the pockets of Godfrey and his cronies, without him, nothing indeed would happen.

very skepticle said...

If Gullo acts like he did when Little Bobby Geiger got him all excited about a measley $500.00 campaign contribution to Dirk Youngberg when he ran for council, Gullo will be screaming like a little baby, wanting his money back.

Very skeptical said...

Cogran, would you say that mountain biking, rock climbing, trail running and hiking are "temporary sports trends" in the same category with golf, shuffle-board, cricket, tennis, ice climbing towers and bowling?

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