Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Plans for 5 Million-gallon Water Tank

Preparations for the construction of Boss Godfrey's controversial 5 million-gallon 36th Street concrete water tank will start next month

Just to kickstart this morning's discussion, we'll zero in on this eye-opening story in the Standard-Examiner, wherein Scott Schwebke reports that the administration is moving full steam ahead toward construction of Boss Godfrey's coveted 36th street water tank, which many Ogden residents believe will be the next key step toward the launch of an ambitious administration plan to bulldoze and redevelop Ogden's heretofore pristine east bench:
OGDEN -- Preparations for the construction of a controversial 5 million-gallon concrete water tank at the top of 36th Street will start next month.The first step in the $2.8 million project will include clearing of brush and additional site preparation, City Engineer Justin Anderson said Tuesday.Work on the tank will be completed in summer 2011.
In a mind-bending display of administration alternate reality, City Engineer Justin Anderson says, with an apparent completely straight face, that he is "unaware of any planned development along the foothill."

Anderson obviously doesn't get out much, we guess; and unlike those of us who've been following this boondoggle over the years, he evidently reads neither the Standard-Examiner nor Weber County Forum. Hard to believe that this Boss Godfrey boondoggle somehow slipped by our otherwise sharp-eyed City Engineer.

Although the administration boasts it's saving $700,000 on this project, we'll never really know how many taxpayer dollars (bonded taxpayer dollars) could have been spared, if only the council and administration had looked at other less costly alternatives or asked for a second engineering opinion.

Alas, that's not how it works here in Emerald City, where our conflict-averse City Council remains mostly asleep at the wheel, and Boss Godfrey ultimately gets dang near whatever he wants.


Curmudgeon said...

Ah, Rudi, Mr. Anderson is playing word games. He said he's unaware of any planned development in the foothills to be served by the new tank. Much has been proposed by way of foothills development [recall Mr. Peterson's proposed up-scale vacation villa development for Mt. Ogden Park and the adjacent foothills properties, designed to attract all those people making millions in real estate development in Phoenix and Las Vegas. Oooops.]. But none is as of this moment actually planned. Hence Mr. Anderson's comment is technically accurate. We can charitably call it naive --- or dissembling if we don't want to be charitable --- but technically accurate none the less.

There she blows! said...

Take a drive to the top of 9th street and check out the water tank volcano MINI-ME and his water boys just finished putting in place. It looks oh so natural, especially with the erosion trails being gouged into the side of the dirt dome they buried the tank under. The resulting wash-out drains down the street clogging the gutters with mud and debris.

MINI ME is an acronym for Matty Is Neurotic Insecure Mean and Egotistical

OneWhoKnows said...

Justin Anderson is a very compedent and honest person, but as you say, he's only following his marching orders from above. This new tank is sorely needed because of increased capacity, better pressure distribution and replacement of the two failing old ones. What the city does with the new one under present leadership is the problem, not Mr. Anderson.

Danny said...

To One Who Knows,

On the contrary, Justin Anderson is a liar.

He is fully aware of the intentions of his master, Lord Godfrey, to put condos on the bench.

When Anderson parses his words to conceal the truth, he is no better than his master.

Worse, perhaps, is that Anderson is also a coward who will not tell the truth, and who lies for his pay.

Also, as we await the end of the rotting corporate system, filled with Demons like Godfrey and their Stooges like Justin Anderson, we may want to read the words of 86 year old Richard Russell, who has been publishing Dow Theory Letters since 1958.

We Won't Recognize America

I would suggest we won't recognize the world. In many ways, that will be a good thing, in time.

RudiZink said...

Bingo, Danny!

Russell, octogenerian stock advisor, with a wealth of experience in advising his subscibers over the years, has been telling his readers over the past Month to GET THE F*** outta the stock market.

I'm out. Howbout the rest of you?

Danny said...

Hey wait a minute, Rudi.

Isn't that off thread?

For what it's worth, I didn't say I was out of the market.

I may be a little short here and there. Maybe, maybe not. But I'm sure not long.

Not really buying gold either. Not yet.

Back on topic - Justin Anderson is a bad man - do not trust him.

OneWhoKnows said...

Very cleaver, but wrong. If you knew the individual rather than listen to all the bullshit thrown about, you might take a minute before you make your judgement and see the big picture. Had you worked for the city and been involved in the engineering discussions, maybe just maybe you would realize that Godfrey is the bad guy and leads them all to his every whim. Does that make all city employees bad people or only people that need a job to feed their families. I stood up and told the mayor he was wrong and I'm no longer there. I still think Godfrey is a weiner that should go to jail, but that's just me and a couple of hundred others. We all have opinions, but you are wrong on this matter.

RudiZink said...

LOL, Danny! If you're only shorting these days, I'll take it that you're firmly "out of the market."

Danny said...

One Who Knows,

Actually, I know people quite well who know Justin Anderson quite well too.

What you say is true about Godfrey - he threatens those who work for him and demands they do as he tells them to do, including lying when he tells them to. And I mean lying in all it's forms of calculated deception.

To lie is wrong. To work for a man who you know is a liar who forces you to lie is wrong. It is taking money for doing wrong.

So you see, in defending the liar Justin Anderson, you have simply pointed out that he is doubly bad.

Assuming Anderson is competent as you say, what good is it, when you admit nobody can trust anything that comes from him?

Thank you for the inside information, that nobody in Ogden City government can be trusted.

history tells all said...

Ok, Every one.
The new tanks are to replace the two million gallon tanks that the city just had refurbished about 15 years ago. They are still in excellent condition. The only reason the little guy is doing this, is to build the new golf course hut.
The great big problem is that South Ogden city owns a portion of strong canyon water, which flows into a pipe line right though the area that the new hut would be built. Does the little man even know that.
Then just how much money is it going to cost us in moving those pipe lines. So here you have it the truth of what is really going on here, and don't let Godfrey tell you other wise. One more thing is how much of a kick back will Godfrey get for his campaign for doing this contract with company that is going to build the reservoir?

Rob garner said...

I'm on the road and as such I can no respond in more detail but I will say BS with regards to the need of the new tank. Additionally the city will end up spending $5million that it does not need to spend to end up with a system that will not improve the city's water supply and delivery system.

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