Monday, May 03, 2010

Breaking: Dem Corroon Picks a Republican As His Running Mate

It looks like Herbert will now go on the offensive

By: History Tells All

OK... hot off the political back rooms:

Peter Corroon has now announced that Rep. Sheryl Allen will be his running mate:
Dem Corroon picks a Republican as his running mate
This is just the ticket that many of us have been waiting for. A Democrat and a Republican on the same ticket together; and it looks like Herbert will now go on the offensive.


googlegirl said...

Peter Corroon announces pick for Lt. Governor - YouTube Video

proud utah redneck said...

I have this question!

Have either Corroon and Allen been regularly attending Tea Party Meetings?



ozboy said...

Good choice Carroon. Allen is one of the most sane and honest Republicans in the whole damn state. Being a Republican with integrity obviously puts her in a distinct minority in these parts.

ozboy said...

OK all you Naysayers - here it is:

Ogden was just named the 2nd most liveable city in the entire US of A by none other than Forbes Magazine!

No doubt it is all attributable to the stupid little esteemed Mayor Godfrey! Without him nothing like this would ever happen.

PS. Forbes obviously didn't consider reckless governmental piling on of obscene debt for stupid projects, nor rampant insider dealing to mayoral cronies.

Moroni McConkie said...

In Curmudgeon's absence, I'll encourage Forumites to note that nowhere in Forbes' scorecard is a gondola.

blackrulon said...

Did anyone from Forbes magazine visit Ogden? What do they base their judgement on? Did having local golf courses help make it more liveable. Did they take into account city debt? Where they they obtain the information they used to make the judgement? Would we have been number one if not for all of the failed plans from the Godfrey administration?

Freedom said...

If you look at her voting record, you'll find she is a closet Democrat. No surprises in his choice.

I don't care what you are....for crying out loud, just be honest about it!

Get a Grip said...

Boss Godfrey is also a closet Democrat too.

Think about it.

The little shit is totally into BIG Government.

Dorothy Littrell said...

I wrote Forbes magazine off 10 years ago or longer as a good source for anything.

It is a terrible source for financial information.

The only reason the moneyed people subscribe to it is to get the annual snob list of the richest people in the world hoping that somehow they may have wriggled their way on to the list.

As usual, Godfrey is rubbing elbows with the wrong people - He must have incredible illusions of grandeur-

Nazis in the Utah GOP said...

"If you look at her voting record, you'll find she is a closet Democrat. "No surprises in his choice."

What bullshit!

Allen has always been a warhorse Republican.

Thanks for your post from the GOP fringe.

Have you done your right wing wacko republican affirmation today?

There's always time today to bow down and pray to the "Republican" whom all you wackos worship":

Adolf Hitler Memorial

Sieg Heil, Herr "Freedom"

tedini said...

The Tea Party Nazi Movement, if it became dominant in American Politics, would basically force everyone to be boot-licking worshipers of that Dead Jew on a Stick from 2000 years ago, force your kids to believe that the world is 8 thousand years old and was created by some angry desert god, have your every pregnancy monitored by the state from the day of conception, and throw you in sinners prison or re-education camps if you are a hot young lesbian thing in a short-short skirt. They also would turn the world over to the Anti-Human Corporations, in the guise of being "constitutionalists". I do not want to be told what to do by Halliburton. Screw these prigs and inti-intellectual morons; there vision of the future does not include me or my ilk, just Gail Rudzika and other White Supremacists.

democrat said...

Godfrey is no democrat... He dismantled the OPD for his realestate buddies! That's far from big government!!!

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