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Standard-Examiner: Jon Greiner/Hatch Act Redux

Plenty of good lumpencitizen common sense is displayed on the SE editorial pages this morning
The problem was that if you take, use, oversee, and deal with federal dollars, the feds get to make the rules. If you don't want those dollars, the rules don't apply. You do want them, you have to follow the rules, especially if you're a chief of a police department.

Standard-Examiner Guest Commentary
Column on Hatch Act was off the mark
May 2, 2010

This appeal will further waste money, which Ogden really can not afford and it ranks with the passage this year of several bills by the state legislature that will end up in the courts, and which the state of Utah will lose. As much as we don't like it, federal law trumps state law, and it would be much more realistic and economical to grasp that point sooner rather than later.

Standard-Examiner Reader Letter
Appeal of Hatch Act ruling will further waste money
May 2, 2010

Sensible John Thompson guest editorial this morning, springboarding off last Tuesday's guest commentary, wherein regular Standard-Examiner guest contributor Neil Humphrey had groused about the federal Office of Special Council's recently zealous Hatch Act enforcement in the Jon Greiner matter:
Column on Hatch Act was off the mark
One thing we really appreciate in Emerald City's perennial political candidate, John Thompson... his uncanny ability to drill down the the essential facts and principles, and to not allow himself to get distracted by the collateral B.S.

And while we're on the topic of Jon Greiner and the Hatch Act, here's another sensible SE reader letter with a similar argument, which also appears on this morning's editorial page:
Appeal of Hatch Act ruling will further waste money
Plenty of good lumpencitizen common sense is displayed on the SE editorial pages this morning.

What a shame that we find none of this in Ogden City Hall.


FED UP! said...

You must not have read the lead editorial in today's Standard extolling the new Arizona law re illegals as being racial profiling or you would not have made your comment about the common sense editorials in today's paper.

The Arizona law does not promote racial profiling.
I suggest that you read the law again. And today's lead editorial-

What Arizona passed gives Arizona law enforcement the tools they need to crack down on the illegals pouring into Arizona who are trashing the state and killing Arizona citizens in the process.

Get Real! we are being overrun with illegals as well - only no one has been shot in the process - yet - unless you count the drug smugglers who continue to mess with our law enforcers.

I am all for Utah passing similar legislation!

googlegirl said...

OUR VIEW: Arizona's awful law

googlegirl said...

Pretext stops and racial profiling after Whren v. United States: the New York and New Jersey responses

Traffic Stops and Roadblocks

native citizen said...

Google Girl- I am very interested in your approach to handling the influx of illegal aliens.--

Are you advocating that we just let any and everyone into the US? No other country just allows any and everyone in..

In l986 Congress passed laws that were supposed to control this problem but the Feds have never enforced those laws and never will -

I resent those of you wanting open borders to continue to change the makeup of my country without U.S. citizens being allowed to vote to change our policies.

Tell us who you are - And what is your agenda? You may be the head of La Raza for all we know--

ozboy said...

If you really want to know just how far and devastating this illegal immigration problem can become, just look at what happened to the Indians with their lax immigration policies.

For further proof, look at the problems caused when that wave of illegals - in this case the Spanish - let the Mormons immigrate illegally to their territory in what is now Utah.

Seems as though "illegal" immigration has been inherent in man kind since we crawled out of the cradle of humanity in Africa.

Draw the Line said...

Sorry guys but a lot of you want it both ways. You want the feds out of your life and yet when the problem is in your face you want to delegate the job to someone else. Fact is there are many mexican american people that are legals and there are a lot that are not. If they are here illegally, we need to ask then to leave.

How much more big government do you want? You want an equal number of INS agents as police officers? You sound like union people. Let's let the police cooperate until the number of illegals comes down.

Besides doesn't the the fact that they are here illegal fall into the responbility of police action. Are police not supposed to fight illegal actions?

Googleoogle said...

Native Citizen

Tell us who you are - And what is your agenda? You may be the head of the American Nazi Party for all we know--

Tom said...

Interesting links Googlegirl, thanks.

I was especially interested in the "pretext stops" and "road blocks" sections.

About five years ago I was on my way to Bull Frog at Lake Powell and just after I left Hwy 6 onto I-70 I encountered a major traffic road block operation being conducted by the UHP and local police. I was towing a boat and there was some question on the legality of the boat trailer not being properly registered as the state the boat was registered in didn't require a trailer license, only one for the boat. The officer in control had me wait on the side of the road while he radioed headquarters to clarify the issue. It ended up taking him over an hour to get the answer back and allow me to go on my way.

During that time I observed close to a hundred stops by the police of passing motorists where they ran makes on them. This was out of many hundreds of passing vehicles on that Interstate. The overwhelming majority of those stopped, checked out and in lots of cases actually searched - were dark skinned people. My observation was that although the vast majority of passing motorists were white, the bulk of those "hassled" were brown.

Chico Esqualia said...

One world now; one people, no borders, no nations.

Fear creates borders. When the Real Aliens show up, this earth is going to look to them like a bunch of kindergärtners, arguing over a corner of the sandbox.

Humans are not nearly as cool as they think they are; Americans, even less.

Danny said...

For what it's worth, I think they should tell the Mexicans in this country to go home. If they stay, it will be in jail.

(Mexicans and Americans of Latin descent are not the same thing. Learn the difference.)

And I believe in profiling. There are many types of profiling. If you are looking for a white man in his 20's, you stop people who look like that. If you are looking for Mexicans, you stop people who look like that.

How can you enforce the law if you don't profile?

In the meantime, say goodbye to Hollywood Video. Thank goodness the economy is in recovery. At least that's what the media tells us - the same media that never sees anything coming.

Bye Bye Hollywood Video

A Humble Public Servant said...

In reviewing the Arizona Law, it appears that the standard examiner has joined the demagoguery in linking it with racial profiling. In the law it state race NOT BE USED to establish the reasonable suspicion to detain anyone. Clear as day. Yet there are those that wish to be disingenuous and claim that is what it does.
The plain truth of it is that Arizona enacted a law that federally has been on the books for decades. The lack of enforcing that law has brought the highest kidnapping rate in the nation to Arizona. Arizona is the gate way for drug smugglers into the US and the violence that comes with it. Hence the murdered rancher and the police officer shot just a few days ago by Illegal Alien Drug Smugglers.
The ironic thing is that Arizona has become a source state for Utah’s illegal narcotics and that enacting this law will actually help limit the flow of illegal drugs into Utah and the violence that the illegal aliens bring with it. The Standard Examiner Editorial Board need to just read their own print to see evidence of this:

These are just a few of the articles that have been printed in the last few months. Remember the central Utah Police Officer shot and killed by the illegal alien? Remember the murder in Huntsville where an illegal alien stabbed a girl to death and then fled to Mexico?

A Humble Public Servant said...

A blogger on this site made mention of this in 2007.

Phil. G. said...

Jesus would remove all borders, and show you how to get along with each other. You are all children of the lord, and borders are evil. Borders restrict everyones freedoms.

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