Thursday, May 20, 2010

Powder Mountain Update: The Mysterious and Heretofore Secret "Powder Mountain Memorandum of Understanding" Is Now Online

For the moment at least, we'll let Frank C. set the pace

Quick note for WCF readers who are following the Powder Mountain Corporate Landgrab Debacle. On the heels of our 5/17/10 WCF announcement that the Weber County Commission has calendered a VERY Important June 1 Meeting on the topic, we now learn from our friends at Ogden Valley Forum that the Commission has now posted, wonder of wonders, the below-linked mysterious and heretofore secret "Memorandum of Understanding" document right there on the County website. We accordingly invite our readers to have a look:
Binding Memorandum of Understanding
We haven't had the time today to even slightly digest this information; but for those readers who'd like to make comparisons, here's a link to the page on the County website, dated December 10, 2007, wherein the developer's pre-litigation original proposal is set forth, along with the 19 point recommendations of the Ogden Valley Planning Commission. Howbout this for a little trip down memory lane, eh folks?
Powder Mountain Rezone - Planning Staff Report
That's it for now, gentle readers.

Don't hesitate to get back to us with your own comparisons and analyses though, people.

And as an added bonus... here's some analytical material and commentary, in raw form, which we already received on this topic from Gentle Reader Frank C. via email earlier today:
Frank C. comments 5/20/10
For the moment at least, we'll let Frank set the pace.

Have at it, O Gentle Ones.

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Biker Babe said...

um ... is that MOU s'posed to make any kind of sense?



Frankie Machine said...

Frank C. hits the nail on the head. This is all from the leveraged position of the Powder Mountain perps.

The big lie is the Weber County Commissioners think they are going to be seen as hero's for "saving" the hostages in Powderville by giving the Ogden Valley away.

Because the "bargaining chip" used by the Powder Mountain perps is based on an illegal law (HB466) that denied the homeowners equal protection under the law,it has no credibility with the voters up in Ogden Valley and we will make sure the facts are apparent to all Weber County voters in this election year.

Voters will be reminded that these same commissioners appointed the infamous conflict
of interest person to the Ogden Valley Planning commission just prior to the Powder Mountain
petition submission. We will be sure to remind the voters that when the commissioners were asked about the conflict of interest issue, they stood mute and would not even demand that the conflicted appointee recuse herself from any Powder Mountain votes.

Time for a change said...

Zogmaister must go. Zogmaister has acted as a shill for the Powder Mountain interests since the issue started.

Zogmaister has ignored the input from Ogden Valley residents on almost every issue. She tried to blame the Huntsville Town Council for the incorporation move by Powder Mountain until it was pointed out that the preparation of the the extensive incorporation documents had to be accomplished and signed long before the Huntsville Town council voted to oppose the Mega resort.

Zogmaister is incompetent and pro developer without regard to how it affects homeowners and Ogden Valley.

Boot her out ----- Vote for Drew Johnson

Galileo said...

Zogmaister has shown her true colors on the helicopter issue too. When it was discovered that the helicopter was flying without proper permits in Ogden Valley, she single handedly made sure they got a temporary waiver to operate instead of asking him why they did not get the proper permits. It might have been sensible for Zogmaister to set an example for those that operate without proper permits to make him wait until the permits were obtained.

She also never asked the Ogden Valley residents how they felt about this service flying over their homes. She is the self appointed business/developer protector as long as it isn't flying over her own home.

One Who "Nose" said...

The Weber County Commission (all Republican) has obviously heard from their real estate development campaign contributors.

Watch the Commissioners nod out periodically during the June 1 meeting, and then vote to approve this flaky MOU, notwithstanding how many citizens speak out and glare down on them from the "peanut gallery."

Don't count on any Utah Republican to listen, Weber County citizens.

Trust me, "the fix is in."

Sadly, they're all real estate industry whores

OgdenLover said...

That's an insult to whores.

Dorrene Jeske said...

This post is not about Powder Mountain, but the very good editorial by Doug Gibson regarding the "Concealed Weapons" training classes being conducted by Representative Curt Oda and his team.

As an attendee and graduate of one of Rep. Oda’s Concealed Weapons Training classes, I want to confirm that the classes are conducted as he describes. I took the class more for the education than for obtaining the license because owning a firearm was frightening to me. After taking the class and a disturbing incident after a city council meeting, I decided I wanted the CWP and a small pistol.

During the class which was over six hours long, we had the opportunity to learn some self-defense strategies, how to safely handle a firearm and a chance to shoot one on the shooting range “to get the feel” of a gun. Different types of hand guns were available to handle and shoot.

The responsibility of owning a gun was drilled into us and was so impressive that I wondered if I really wanted that responsibility with the legal consequences.

Years ago when my boys wanted to own guns, I attended the “Hunters Safety” classes with them. Both classes offer excellent training in the safe handling of guns and I heartily support them.

I want to thank Rep. Oda for the opportunity to attend one of his concealed weapons classes and for the self-defense training we received. It was because of this training that I had the confidence to purchase a small Lady Wesson 38 caliber hand gun. Along with the training though, one must practice shooting his/her gun and become comfortable with it. Also, Rep. Oda has offered the graduates of his classes, the invitation to attend another class to refresh the training concepts. Thank you, Rep. Oda for providing such excellent training!

Dorrene Jeske said...

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