Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon News Roundup

Hog-tied with personal business, your blogmeister neglected to post a new WCF article this morning. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shame, shame, shame. etc. To salvage this situation, here's our however-belated Tuesday Afternoon News Roundup. (Better late than never, we guess):

1) Looks like at least one Utah nutcase legislator is ready to push through legislation requiring "mind reading" (From the "deceased founding fathers," no less):
Gotta hand it to the SLTrib Editorial Board for putting it all "in perspective."

2) And for those who've been left out, please be sure to navigate to this Std-Ex Story, wherein SE Readers are going hog-wild, so far with upwards of 156 reader comments posts!
It's gotta be a new record for the SE message boards. Suffice it to say that enraged Emerald City Citizens refuse to be be left out of the "blimp" discussion.

3) And in this remarkable piece, the Gray Lady herself (The New York Times) engages in a little navel-gazing:
Nobody's perfect, Right?

That's it for now from your Blogmeister. If you can't get into a discussion of the above-suggested topics, please consider this an Open Topic Thread.

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There must be a way to "test drive" this blimp and just before the next elections seems like the perfect time to take it for a free spin. With that in mind, how about GPS monitoring devices on all candidates, people who fund raise and other pre-election campaign workers along with USING the blimp to insure a fair and legal election process. Had this been available in previous elections, the Utah's Attorney General's office might have collected the evidence needed to put away the FNURE and Envision Ogden perpetrators. Blain Johnson's line "I don't believe I did anything wrong" could have possibly been refuted between the blimp and GPS monitoring. I wonder if campaign signs would also be safe with this new procedure?

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