Monday, April 04, 2011

Charlie Trentelman: Custom Ordered For a Slow News Day

How evil is Boss Godfrey, actually?

By: Curmudgeon

Charlie Trentelman has a blog column up over at the Standard-Examiner website entitled:
And he's drawn some replies. Some of them interesting.

Just FYI, hehehh.


blackrulon said...

This is just another example of the S-E and their hired help adhering to the papers line. The S-E has avoided any check of Godfreys claims or record for years. Now that he claims he is leaving office they are again defending Godfrey and insulting the citizens who have questioned his goals and motives. They should do a factual check of his claims and promises agsinst the reality of what has occured.

tom said...

"Is Mayor Godfrey really that evil?"

The short answer is - yes.

Jake the flake said...

Wait until you see Bischoff. He makes Godfrey look like a Boy Scout. This man is a developer's dream in office. He is ready to work his magic on Ogden if he gets a chance.

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