Saturday, April 16, 2011

Salt Lake Tribune: Fire Waddoups

Members of the Senate majority might be well-advised to put out a help wanted sign for a new president

Hmmm... It's not just the Standard-Examiner who believes state senator Mike Waddoups is clueless. The Salt Lake Tribune also lays into "the incredibly callous" Utah Senate President this morning:
The Trib editors sum it all up thusly:
It is that cluelessness about those in circumstances less favorable than his own that should clue other members of the Senate majority that they might be well-advised to put out a help wanted sign for a new president.
Are you listening, Weber County Senators Christensen, Jenkins and Reid?


OneWhoKnows said...

After we fire him, he's NOT seating next to me on the couch. I do have my ethical principles and I can't be seen with a arrogant pud such as he. Never trust a man that doesn't drink and never have him tell us that he knows what's best for drinkers. My opinion is that he's a LAZY RETARDED BASTARD that needs to be put down.
I do feel better now.

Poole said...

Yeah, fire him; out of a cannon into a pile of steaming legislation.

Dorrene Jeske said...

I have a question: If he's fired as President of the State Senators, who would take his place? Scott Jenkins? He's the Senate Majority Speaker and a cousin of Godfrey. Don't know that he would be much of an improvement.

OgdenLover said...

It sometimes feels like everyone in city and state government is related to Godfrey.

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