Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tuesday Morning Emerald City News Roundup

Plenty of Ogden-centric news in the Standard-Examiner and Tribune this morning

Quipping that "[m]y transmission doesn't have a neutral," Boss Godfrey announces his ambitious plan for the final nine months in office, adding that he will step up his workload over the next nine months, leaving us all to wonder if you're going in the wrong direction and you step up your workload, where, exactly, do you wind up?
Eight long years since the commencement of the Ogden River Project, the Ogden Planning Commission will finally get around to considering on Wednesday whether to recommend that the city's Redevelopment Agency Board adopt a proposed project master plan:
Odd editorial in this morning's Standard, heralding the beginning of the 2011 Ogden Mayoral race, and touting outgoing mayor Godfrey's chief weakness, self-centered hubris, as if it were a positive trait:
And speaking of the mayoral race, we learn from the Standard this morning that former Weber County Commissioner Ken Bischoff has thrown his hat into the ring:
And last but not least, Ogden based Senator Stuart Reid tells the Salt Lake Tribune "he voted against repealing a controversial open records law for one reason: To protect private communication that staff attorneys warned was subject to public disclosure," leaving us to wonder whether he missed Paul Rolly's Saturday column:
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Ray said...

If your looking for a laugh this am check out Ogden's freshman Senator Stuart Reids comments on HB 477 in todays SLT article.

GRAMA » Ogden Republican has 'zero hope' working group will find solution.


The Salt Lake Tribune

Stuart Reid says he voted, against repealing a contro­versial open records law for one reason: To protect private communication...

Staight party line BS from Reid.

laughing larry said...

Godfrey said while work on the field house may not start before his exit from office, he's confident the next mayor will see the value of the project.

"If it makes sense and it's good, why would someone not want it?"

HAHAHA! Therein lies the rub.

RudiZink said...

Referring to this morning's grubby SE editorial... I'm guessing this Godfrey kiss-up job was written by Andy Howell, and NOT the SE's highly talented Editorial Page Editor Doug Gibson.

Doug's editorials stand out for their lean and craftsmanlike efficiency.

Somebody else, somebody less craftsmanlike wrote today's rambling editorial... Andy probably...

This isn't a knock on Andy, BTW. What a shame it is that experienced journalists in SE management have to continually kiss the asses of the Suits From Sandusky

Dan S. said...

Reid has loudly proclaimed that he's not fit to serve as an elected official.

Can't we have some kind of competency requirement for legislators?

Bill C. said...

Dan, unfortunately it's the voters that probably need competency requirements. One look at our State gov, at every elected level and it glares at you. Though I still won't excuse the arrogance and hubris, these elected official have zero respect fo the folks that vote. Some folks abuse their pets, yet the poor animals continue to love them. They know no better. Same could be said for running with an "R" in Utah.
Godfrey must have actually been telling us something about Reid back when despite all the risks and baggage that came when Patterson fell in West Valley, he had to replace Reid, no matter what the consequence.

AWM said...

There are currently 177 replys @ the link to Reids comments/story as to why he voted for HB 477 twice. To say that he's being brutalized by the responders for his stance on the bill would be an understatement! I hope folks remember this at election time.

Mr. Christopher said...

It is hard to imagine anyone less suited for the job of Mayor of Ogden than Ken Bischoff. His trail of destruction as a County Commissioner is clear. His good old boy type of approach including allowing his son to develop property in Ogden Canyon that no one else could get permission to develop.

Wake up everyone, this is a guy that has no ethics or bottom. The County citizens are just now finding out how he used the Weber County Planning group as his messengers to deliver favors for his developer pals.

He opposed ethics reform and any public input that was contrary to his core agenda. He is the worst of the type of politician that we all have learned to hate.

AWM said...

In his announcementthat he was going to run he stated @ age 71 he still has "gas in the tank". I'm betting he's running on fumes and hopefully he'll vapor lock before the election.

AWM said...

Bischoff is 71 years old...with 8 grandchildren..and he wants to run for mayor of "High Adventure Town" USA?...I'm betting there's not one thing in his garage with a Black Diamond, Mamut, Dagger or Patagonia label on it..and is clueless what MSR stands for. And what's driving him are "CONTINUED POLITICAL ASPIRATIONS?" @ his age? That statement alone should cost him the election. What little time he has left on the clock he should spend with his grandkids. Utah has enough geriatric career politicians clogging ths system.

Voter said...

Bischoff? Gimme a break!! We had plenty of him as a commissioner.

Curmudgeon said...


We agree Bishoff would not be a good choice for Ogden mayor, but it's not because of his age. We've seen his work [politely so-called] on the Weber County Commission and that's more than enough to disqualify him in my book.

But if he were 71, healthy and demonstrated that he had the best grasp of Ogden's problems and the best slate of effective solutions, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. Doesn't matter a damn how many kids or grandkids he does or doesn't have, doesn't matter a damn if he skis or goes sno-mobiling or rock climbing or prefers to curl up with a good book in front of the fireplace in his off time.

It isn't his age that disqualifies him. It's his record in office.

AWM said...

Well Curm..I knew this was prob coming and agree to disagree with you...The Utah median age is 27.1 and the median for Ogden is 33.7. Bischoff is almost "FOUR" decades older than the average resident of Ogden. His basic value and thought process was shaped by events that most of us didn't experience in our "lifetime" let alone in recent memory. Just sat through a very interesting training session on generational differences and his age group is so far off the map compared to what the current 3 most junior generations are used to that this gap reminds me of the last few minutes of an otherwise totally forgetable movie "No Country for Old Men" were the main protagonists realizes that the world has changed and what he remembers and hold dears is no longer relevant in this new world/reality. It matters to me if he ski's...it matters to me if he hikes..it matters to me if comes from a real estate back ground or if he is a school teacher or lobbyist, because those are things I'll consider BEFORE I vote for him since I don't have a track record of votes as mayor. He has spent 12 years in elected office and now decides he wants to run for an office @ 71 because he still has "Political Aspirations" to become what, an irrelevant geriatric political hack like Hatch? Call me on the carpet if you want...his voting record not withstanding I'd feel better id I saw the old boy cruising by me on a Diamondback mt bike or grinding out a few miles on the Art Nord wearing Bob Marley t-shirt. And just WHO are these folks clamouring for Grandpa to run as he says? Family members? business partners? Give me a break...AND that soon to be increased mayoral $100K salary doesn't have a thing to do with his aspirations. Stay in the backyard Rob and water the roses...you had a good run

Lets Stereotype said...

I wonder at the wisdom of the leadership of our very own youthful Mayor.

AWM said...

Opps..make that "Stay in the back yard KEN".....mea culpa..

Curm..would it help if I articulated that it's not his physical age that bothers me but what that particular age group coming from Utah traditionally represents? I'm unwilling to vote for a probable republican septuagenarian, white anglo male (as I am)religious conservative (based on his bio on the net)with lifelong roots in Utah because of all the baggage that he will bring along for the ride. Now..were he to roll into a parking lot next to me in a beat up Subaru with a broken fly rod in the back window and a few faded stickers on the bumper, like for instance..the anti Peeble Mine circle, Save the Whales, PETA (I'm not a mbr but prob should be) and Republican/Democrat same crap, different piles he'd have my attention. If he was smoking a Macanudo Vintage 2000 he would probably have my vote. And lastly..if he had a track record of trying to get a pullout parking area built were the state closed off HWY 84 fishing access to the Weber River between the 89 and Riverdale I would be compelled to run the grass roots branch of his political branch of his election campaign...but I'm not holding my breath!

Curmudgeon said...


Yes, we'll have to agree to disagree on the age matter. Another way to describe the passage of 71 years is "experience." It is possible at least that someone 71 learned a great deal over the course of them that could be put to good use in elected office.

As for this --- "I'm unwilling to vote for a probable republican septuagenarian, white anglo male (as I am)religious conservative (based on his bio on the net)with lifelong roots in Utah because of all the baggage that he will bring along for the ride. "

Hell, AWM, I'm not willing to vote for a 30 year old Utah Republican religious conservative who mountain climbs on weekends and skis non-stop in the winter.

We both agree Bishoff would serve the Great State of Zion best by remaining out of office. Let's leave it at that.

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