Saturday, April 02, 2011

Paul Rolly: Legislators’ Privacy’ Argument for GRAMA Overhaul is a Ruse*

*English Translation: All BULLSHIT!!!

Paul Rolly this morning uncovers more unadulterated B.S. from the GOP Corporatist thug faction in the Utah legislature, who still cling to their paranoid pro HB477 lies and delusions, despite the stinging bitchslap they received from Utah civil libertarians and just plain ole regular Utah voters this week:
Full disclosure, folks. Your blogmeister is a life-long Republican who's sickened by the marked general deterioration in quality of Utah GOP office holders within the past ten years.

And no. And in spite of recent attempts by some Utah GOP "Leaders" (so called) to sway your blogmeister back onto the Utah GOP "straight and narrow," these highly paranoid GOP authoritarians will soon learn the hard way that they won't be able to bring your blogmeister to toe.

Wake up Utah Republicans! Our party has been captured by a claque of lying anti-liberty corporo-fascists, to whom we cordially invite to engage "old time Republicans" like us, so as to box their traitorous neoCON Cauliflower EARS!


Danny said...

Rudi, Amen.

But we can't reform these guys. What we need is two years of full blown democrat control to flush out the dirt.

Then we can vote in some fresh, new republicans.

It's the only way. You can't clean something this dirty. You have to throw it away and start new.

Bluto said...

No news here.
Hate to break it to you, but since 1965, the Republican Party has been the party of the cranky old assholes who want to fuck up everyones good time.
Like a bunch of busy-body PTA ladies run amok... and with someone elses check-book.

Unless you wear a cowboy hat, a NASCAR hat, or a KKK hood,...
or are clinging to some antiquated idea of the Republicans as the party of Lincoln?

Watching NCAA Hoops said...

Butler's tipping off against Virginia Commonwealth U tight now in one of the most improbable NCAA BB Final Four ganes ever! If you're not glued to the tube for this right now, you're probabbly even more out of it than the model of "ecstacy-out-of-it-ness," that self-admitted moron, Stephen M. Cook!

RudiZink said...

"Hate to break it to you, but since 1965, the Republican Party has been the party of the cranky old assholes who want to fuck up everyone's good time"

Hate to break it to YOU, but since 1965 and up until Reagan, and the during the advent of the neoCONS, the minority core of the Republican Party has always been cranky old assholes like me, who only want limited and frugal government.

Watch your dumbass, though. We (some of us call ourselves teapartiers) are storming the barricades, and planning to send FASCIST ASSHOLES LIKE YOU TO THE GUILLOTINE.

Monotreme said...

I'm rooting for the blue team.

churizo said...

Naw, Repubs always talk a game about limited gov, but when Repubs are in power, it turns into a total anti-civil-liberty Big Daddy nut job factory, with the like of Ruzika in charge of the book burnings.

If the Repubs could stay out of non-Christians personal business, they would rule the nation overnight.
But they cant. Because they are mostly interested in being Authoritarian Conservatives.
Not Libertarian Conservatives.

Authoritarian Conservatives are pure evil.

RudiZink said...

"Authoritarian Conservatives are pure evil."

Exactly right, Stephen...

Let it never be said that you don't have your occasional uses...

Danny said...

One difficulty with being LDS, and not using profanity, is the unavailability to me of the word a$$hole for general use.

There just isn't anything that works quite as well for referring to some people.

I notice on the show "Chicago Code" they use the word, "jaghole".

Not bad, but nothing works quite as well as the word, a$$hole.

Which reminds me, what ever happened to the profanity, "sh*t a$$". I haven't heard that one for a very long time.

Curmudgeon said...


I was hoping VCU, the only play-in team ever to make it to the final four would go on to the championship game. Ah, well.

Didn't watch, though. Went to the WSU women's softball game... first one, anyway. Much rather watch live sports than over-hyped commercial laden TV championship game pretty much any day, especially if I have no real connection to the teams playing, as I didn't for VCU and Butler. Similarly, give me a night at Lindquist Park rooting for whoever is playing against the Raptors over MLB on the tube any day.

Bill C. said...

Thanks to the SL Trib for their fine and dogged coverage of this monumental issue. I have to say that I'm somewhat dismayed by the lack of participation of our own top of Utah fish-wrap. Wasn't their initial attitude one of near sour grapes after not being placed in the working group? I would have hoped they'd have a veteran reporter at the meetings every Wednesday at 9 sharp.
This committee is still under the watchful eye and bad influence of the leadership which is solidly chanting the mantra of the false pretenses and well represented here in Weber County, Dee and Jenkins.
Nothing personal Rudi and Danny, but it seems the good ol GOP tactic of repeating the same ol lie over and over seems to make it seem true with much of the distracted non attention paying electorate. We can ill afford to lose this one to complacency or lack of vigilence.

Curmudgeon said...


As I recall, the SE refused to accept a seat on the "reform" committee so long as HB 477 had not been repealed. The point, I think, was that no serious discussion or recommendations were likely to emerge from a committee that held the unamended HB 477 over the heads of the participants if something was not crafted that pleased the Lockhart-Waddoups- "Free Lunch for Me!" Dee junta.

Bill C. said...

Curm, As I recall they came up with some statement like that. I didn't disagree with the premice but thought the issue too important to not participate on any and all levels within their perveiw.
Mostly I'm gratefull for the Trib and praising their sticking to it.
I just hoped that our local would care as much, and perform as well for us, mostly because of what we've heard, and continue to here from the folks selected for us by Rudi and Danny's party.
Nowhere else in this state have the statements of arrogance, hubrus and disregard for the poplulace been worse as right here at home. And we have quite a few newbies north of SLC that Dee and Jenkins need to keep in line as they see it, Their calling is to deliver and control the votes of these newbies for leadership, regardless of what's best for the people of Utah.
The most glaring examples this year being Grama and the liquor bills.
The Standard's approach to the Leg seems more like their disconnected take on Ogden City and it frustrates me.

Tired said...

I don't understand why anyone would be a Republican. I call them Republican'ts. Republicanism is nothing but pro-business and anti-individual. It's every person for themselves. Here is just one big example: You have no health insurance? Why that's too darn bad! Maybe you should have been born more healthy then? Here, go walk it off. But I can't help you with that. It's just too bad. Meanwhile, I have the greatest health insurance in the world and because I just happen to be lucky. Also because I have health insurance I have disposable income I can save or waste as I please. That's too bad you don't have money for food and you have to file bankruptcy because your medical bills are through the roof, literally. That's just too bad! I'm a Republican. I'm all for me. Me me me.

Jennifer said...

Oh that's just hogwash that Repulicant party is the party of Lincoln. If Lincoln were alive today, he'd flee from any association with "the party of me me me."

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